By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Mahmoud Ali Saleban(Ramah)the Internal Affairs Secretary for the Opposition Justice and Welfare party ”UCID”, has strongly criticized the government of President Muse Bihi, saying it has repeatedly violated the law, regulations, and constitution of the country and continues to unlawfully detain lawmakers and members of the media for no reason. We have already said that more than 1500 middle-class families have left the country and settled in Turkey where there have bought homes.

The Secretary of Internal Affairs for the opposition Justice and Welfare party “UCID” Mr. Mahmoud Ali Saleban(Ramah)went on to say, “We are witnessing many shocking and alarming things nowadays, things never seen in the country before, Hargeisa, we have witnessed the migration of 1500 middle-classed families where they’ve relocated as foreign expatriates, such mass immigration to me translates into something, in terms of finance, people fleeing out fear or insecurity , the economy of this country depends on middle class which generates most revenue. “They’ve now bought more than 1500 homes in Turkey, homes which would have been built in Hargeisa with each costing a minimum of fifty thousand dollars to a maximum of one hundred thousand are now been abroad, what are the financial consequences and how does such a trend harm us economically”, he said.

The Secretary of Internal Affairs commenting on the recurrence of intercommunal violence in Eel-Afweyn and the continued unlawful imprisonment and harassment of journalists and lawmakers he said, “We are aware of the recurrence of intercommunal violence in Sanaag region, especially in Eel-Afweyn district, which the government bears responsibility for all the failures and cant brush aside the blame, the continued suppression of free expression, persecution and detention of journalists on fabricated charges though there are few who have broken the law has resulted to many journalists to flee the country, surely what’s going on this days isn’t good. The unlawful detention of lawmakers in recently in Borame or Gabiley and previously in Oodweyne and even one has done wrong the right procedure have not been followed which clearly shows the government is violating laws, constitution, and rules that govern the country, and therefore the government is in breach, this results to people to fear and feel insecure.

Mr. Ramaah on the issue of Hargeisa Municipality failures,  “The current Kulmiye government, led by the President Muse Bihi Abdi, has totally failed in mandate to govern whether it is the local government and whether it is the Ministries and other public institutions to fulfill their responsibilities to the people. It is unfortunate that in Hargeisa, you can see that every road is full of potholes, but worse still is that Hargeisa city council has rented its roads repairing equipment and vehicles the construction of roads that connect Berbera –Burco, and Berbera-Hargeisa, while the roads in the city of Hargeisa are in state of decay and dire need of repair, which shows the unwillingness in fulfilling their duties to the people, but the government also share the blame and the opposition must address this issues.