BEIJING (Somalilandpress) — Breaking new ground in Somaliland’s foreign relations and starting a new phase in Somaliland-China ties, Somaliland aviation minister, Mr Ali Waran Adde, on Thursday led a delegation to Beijing, the Chinese capital for an official visit.

According to local reports, Mr Waran Adde, whose traveling with the mayor of Hargeisa is believed to be in China to sign contract with number of Chinese firms who would refurnish and expand Hargeisa’s main airport – Egal International airport.

The Chinese government, who has been engaged with African states in recent years, has rolled out the red carpet to welcome the Somaliland officials.

Once upgraded, Egal international airport will be one of the largest airports in the Horn of Africa and will meet international standards according to the minister.

The mayor of Hargeisa, Mr Hussein Ji’ir is also expected to sign a number of construction projects with the Chinese including the rehabilitation of Hargeisa’s neglected roads. The Chinese are also expected to deliver construction equipments to Somaliland.

Many analysts believe this is a new beginning for Somaliland-China ties and could lead to an era of solidarity and cooperation between Hargeisa and Beijing.

China’s investment in Africa has grown rapidly in the first three quarters of 2009 to 77% and the volume of projects in Africa by Chinese firms grew by 42% which is said to be worth $20 billion U.S. dollars.

Mr Waran Adde is also said to be welcoming Chinese businesses to make investments in Somaliland.
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Mr Waran Adde is seen by most Somalilanders as one of the few competent and active ministers in the Rayale government. Since taking up the aviation portfolio he has rehabilitated most Somaliland airports and is currently working on expanding not only Egal International airport [Hargeisa] but also Berbera to ‘ease the pressure on Egal airport’Β  according to him.

He brought also fire trucks and installed proper lights for night operations. He was also responsible for connecting Ethiopian Airlines, which is considered one of the best airlines in Africa to Egal Airport. However Ethiopia airlines suspended it’s flight in October 2008 after twin-suicides rocked Hargeisa.

Below you can see designs the Chinese companies have presented to Mr Waran Adde in August of last year.

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Somalilandpress, 23 January 2010


  1. Any country will not attract any international investment if it has a poor infrastructure such as airport, roads, transport, banks, government buildings, schools etc.

    Although, it is an election year and people may interpret this sudden positive movement from Riyaale's government as politically motivated but, this is a good news if it is going to materialized.

    China is an emerging Super Power that could counter-balance the United States power, it is a good move to have good relationship.

  2. Cup is half full, Gobaad. If you look at Hargeisa airport, you can see the steady progress. New facilities, new services, run way lights, etc. The only thing is that because of its location, it is hard to extend the run way, but, hopefully, with the resumption of the livestock trade, Berbera airport should become the focus. It has longest runway in Africa, the largest facilities in the region and therefore can handle more traffic and the heavier carriers.____But, you are absolutely right, without improvement in infrastructure it will be difficult to attract investment, but Somaliland has done very well, considering, its limited or even lack of resources.____I can't help but think about all the billions spent on Somalia since 1991, stolen by corrupt officials and the Mafioso from the foot of Europe.____I remember back in 1980's the European Community spent millions via an Italian contractor on a new sewage system for Muqdisho, months of work, etc, the first rainfall, and the sewage system failed, it become blocked and had to be abandoned. Meanwhile, in Hargeisa, the limited system bulit by the British in the 1930's and 40's was and still is functioning. ____

  3. atlast someone who care about the nation.This is the best inititive so seen from somaliland politician.this is what the country need to develop and stop exxodus of our young people losing there lives trying to migrate in europe.overseas is not the answer.CARING POLITICAINS & STRUCTURED DEVELOPMENT SHOULD CONTINUE.LONG LIVE SOMALILAND

  4. Inshala after 'm finished with England I will be going back to my homeland, I don't see why people want to live here when you can help rebuild your country into a fantastic land where people from all over the world will want to see. May Allah Bless my homeland, May Allah Make it safe and stable. May Allah guard it from all evil. May Allah make it a huge place where Islamic knowledge can be sought. And only with Allahs help can we have victory, Wa Alhamdlilaha, Wa Sala Allah Alaa Nabi Mohamed Walaa Alaahi Ashaabi Ajmaciin..