On this week’s video, we have University of Hargeisa’s chancellor and author of ‘Politics of Cain: One Hundred Years of Crises in Somali Politics’, Professor Hussein A. Bulhan.

Prof. Bulhan is a  Harvard University graduate and later taught at Boston University and served as the Director of the Family Therapy Program at Boston University Medical Centre.  He eventually  started a health consulting firm whose annual revenue quickly grew to US$25-million.

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Video is brought to you by Jabril from Saafi Films Company.


  1. Watching Dr. Hussein Bulhan’ interview is far motivating than any speech made by our current leaders.

    As a University graduate, I plan to follow his footsteps once I obtain my Masters degree Insha Allaah—that is going back home, Somaliland, teaching our children.

  2. Dr. Hussein Bulhan worked hard for his achievements. He is an icon and role model for all Somalilanders. It is good that you are planning to follow his footstep be ambious to follow your dreams. Good going, Jamal!

  3. I am reading Dr. Bulhan's book, and learning great deal of Somali history, glad we have someone intellectual like him in our society. keep the good work

  4. I was amused by the interview of Dr.Bulhan; Insightful and informative for all. Further transparency coupled with savvy integritywe’re able to accomplish imposibel leaps to new territories few somalilander witnessed. I am a somailander with humility.

    Samatar Ali haji-mohamoud