By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon Abdullahi Abokor Osman , Somaliland Minister of Transport and Roads has revealed a ceremony marking the groundbreaking ceremony for the road linking Berbera and Wajale towns will be held on the February 28th and that construction work will officially begin on the 15th of next month.

The minister of transport and roads authority speaking to reporters said, β€œThe Vice President, myself and several members of the cabinet recently visited the UAE whereby we meet with Mr Anwar Qarqaash, the state minister of foreign affairs officials from that country in which we discussed the issue of the construction of the Berbera corridor.

On the other hand, the transport minister announced that the government plans to build seven new bridges in Agamsaha, Dacar Budhuc, Dhubato,Barhadle, and others which we expected to be completed and usable within 22 month time.