By M.A. Egge

A ceasefire has been declared following a recurrent skirmish whose clashes has resulted in fatalities in El Afweyn.

A delegation from the government of Somaliland, which was on a pacification mission in the El-Afweyn district of Sanaag region, where two communities have recently been involved in violence, has enabled a cease fire between the two communities and sternly warned them against re-kindling animosities.

The delegation was led by the first deputy chairman of the Somaliland House of Representatives Hon. Saeed Farah Mire Giirre, and Hon. Sheikh Abdirizaq Hussein Ali Albani the Minister of Religion and Endowment of Somaliland, the governor of Sanaag region Ahmed Abdi Musa, members of the House of Representatives, and the administration of El-Afweyn district.

The authorities issued directives to both sides of the conflict, which in recent weeks have left people dead and others injured in the communal war.

These decisions are a crucial step for the region to enter into a peace agreement between these clans, as it is expected that in the coming days, various delegates from the El-Afweyn district, including traditional leaders, and delegates from the Senate are expected to bolster the pacification efforts.

The minister who read the tentative declaration noted that the general security in the area is under the security apparatus who would enforce the law as expected of them.

He pointed out that the intellectuals and the elderly on both sides have been instructed to assist the national army in maintaining security, and that it is forbidden for any individual or groups of persons to organize or assemble an army of tribes.

On his part Hon. Saeed Giirre said that they welcome the decisions made by the government to bring peace between the two communities.

While he called on all concerned to adhere to the decisions and play their role in the pacification efforts, he asked the residents to welcome the other peace emissaries expected to arrive in El Afweyne for the calming of the tensions.

On the other hand, the governor of the region, Sanaag Ahmed Abdi Musa also gave details on the ceasefire clause that the government issued in the conflict between the El-Afweyn clans, pointing out that the national army has orders to take action against those who are seen organizing war.

He said: “We are announcing a complete ceasefire and we are ordering both sides of the conflict to accept, implement and fully accept the decision we have made. We are informing the community of El-Afweyn district that the security forces have completely taken over the security of the district and no civilian can be seen carrying a gun”.

MP Omar Jama Farah, a member of the Somaliland House of Representatives, and elected from the Sanaag region, who was also part of the delegation, indicated that they are sincere in how to bring peace to the clans.
This is the umpteenth time that the two communities living in the area have had fatal clashes in senseless battles that has likewise been calmed severally.