The Government of Somaliland has pardoned the anti-government fighters based in the Ga’an Libah Mountains, Sahil region.

A press statement issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Somaliland on Tuesday confirmed this development, stating, “The Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued a statement that proves the government has pardoned the young men who took up arms on the Ga’an Libah Mountain, and this matter is now closed.”

Last week, a committee of traditional elders brokered an agreement between the government and opposition groups, solving the long-standing election dispute.

The root of the political discord between the government and the opposition centers on the sequencing of the election of political organizations and the presidential election. President Bihi advocates for the election of political organizations to precede the presidential election, a stance met with reluctance from the opposition.

However, a crucial determination made by the committee is that both the elections for political organizations and the Presidential post will be conducted on the same day—specifically, on November 13, 2024.

Immediate dissolution of the anti-government rebels was also one of the conditions accepted by the opposition, while the government pledged to grant them pardons.

The clan of the anti-government rebels has been ordered to compensate the families of 10 soldiers who were killed in attacks against government forces and to hand over their weapons and vehicles to the government. The rebel group leaders said they took up arms in response to President Muse Bihi’s refusal to hold the election and use of force against demonstrators demanding timely polls.