By Goth Mohamed Goth
The Somaliland Civil Service Commission hosted this week an award ceremony to recognize and honor civil servants who have devoted decades of service to the nation. Esteemed officials, including ministers, CEOs, parliamentarians, directors general, and other government dignitaries, graced the event with their presence.
Commending the remarkable contributions of 13 civil servants, the awardees were acknowledged for their outstanding work in extensive years of service, and various commendable achievements. Each recipient of the awards has tirelessly dedicated thirty years to serving the nation, playing pivotal roles in shaping the current government system.
The ceremony included the presentation of medals and a monetary reward for each individual, along with a detailed account of their contributions and service history.
The Chairman of the Civil Service Commission also announced at the function that the President of the Republic of Somaliland would personally meet the awardees soon to express gratitude.
The meticulously organized event concluded on a joyous note, filled with emotions as attendees learned about the challenges the awardees faced and their unwavering work ethic throughout their service to the nation.