By Goth Mohamed Goth
Acting Ambassador of the Republic of Somaliland to Addis Ababs and Deputy Ambassador Dr. Barkhad M. Kariye, and other diplomats at the embassy received and hosted a delegation of young people from the Republic of Somaliland, who participated in the Africa Youth Leadership Diplomatic Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The young people representing the Republic of Somaliland exchanged information and analysis related to the meeting with the acting Ambassador and other diplomats at the embassy. Dr Barkhad M. Kariye thanked the youth for representing and conveying the national message at the forum.
Africa Youth Leadership Diplomatic Conference (AYLDC) is an educational youth diplomatic conference that follows some simulations of the United Nations (UN) in which enthusiastic young people from all over the world gather to learn more about diplomacy, international relations and the UN. It is a great opportunity and exciting opportunity for young people to foster dialogue on creating change and promoting peace and youth participation worldwide, above all, coming up with solutions to contemporary global issues so as to make this world a better place and more sustainable.
AYLDC provides a unique opportunity for youth to gain more knowledge on the role, structure, and activities of the United Nations as well as promotes networking, gaining soft skills mainly leadership skills, negotiation/ diplomacy, and knowledge on the economic, social, and political security issues facing our world.