By Goth: The Deputy Commander of the National Army Brigadier General Abdirisaq Said Bulale has stated that the National Army is not only responsible for maintaining the national security but also works in the field of agricultural production and other welfare activities such as encouraging the youth of the army to indulge in the field of sports.

Commander Abdirisaaq said that Awdal region is the only region without an active armed forces sporting team but plans to set up one soon. All other regions including Gebilay have formed their own sports teams.

The National Armed Forces have formed sports teams in all regions and we were able to win many tournaments, with the latest national soccer championship being the latest of their triumphs..

“By implementing the policy of the National Army to promote sporting activities, we managed to gain success in a variety of sports such as football, basketball and athletics”, he said.

“I would like to congratulate the armed forces basketball team, Ghashaan, for their achievements”, he said.

The National Army basketball team won the annual national basketball cup held at the Tima’ade Stadium. A day earlier they won the cocker championship.