By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of National Planning and Rural Development appearing before the House of Representative subcommittee revealed that the government of Somaliland shall in the coming month commence on the construction of the Maydh Jetty after the signing ceremony which is due to take place in the course of next week.

Mr. Hassan Mohamed Ali, the Minister of National Planning and Rural Development briefing the House of Representatives Sub Committee on Sunday said that building of the Maydh jetty will enable exports from the regions of Togdheer and Sanaag to thrive and at the same improve the lives of hundreds of people by creating jobs and unlocking the regions economic potentials.

He added, “The Maydh Jetty will improve interconnectivity by sea between Berbera and the 750,000 people living in the hinterland of Sanaag and parts of Togdheer, spurring regional economic growth as well as facilitating the transport of fish to markets. This support will boost food security, employment, and incomes.