Many Somalianders are asking themselves what prompted the head of the Presidential Public Relations office Mr. Osman Abdi Osman better known as ‘Ina Awr Liqe’ to quit his job at the Presidential palace earlier Tuesday morning.

Mr. Osman Abdi Osman Aka as ‘Ina Awr Liqe’ revealed that he was quitting his post as head of the Presidential Public Relations office during press conference in Hargeisa citing that he has handover his resignation letter to incumbent president of Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo he declined to divulge the reasons behind his resignation but promised to do so on a later date.

During the press conference Mr. Osman read a brief note which stated as follows, As of today 19/2/2013 I want to take this opportunity to inform the President of Somaliland, minister of Presidency and members of independent media that I have chosen to resign from the post I have held for the last two years due personal reasons of which I will reveal at an appropriate time.

Mr. Osman went on to say I will hold in my keeping a government owned vehicle with registration number GT1217,until I get my refund for my personal money which was used to purchase the vehicle in the first place.

The Official is a close relative of Mr. Muse Biihi Abdi the embattled chairman of the ruling party KULMIYE, who is currently fighting for his political survival tonight as we speak in a secret closed door meeting with President Silanyo ,this after fallout between the  duo a fortnight ago after the chairman of the ruling partyMr. Muse Bihi  told the President Silanyo  not to interfere with the upcoming party convention after suspecting a sinister plot to ouster him.


  1. The powers struggle with in the ruling party will have more heads roll . The question is : are Kulmiye leaders confident that the old man will not stand for another term ? Why the sudden fuss and why the coming Kulmiye party election is causing such an uproar among the party members ? Don't they think that there are more pressing issues such as " the Al Shabaab threat " which needs more attention now?
    Let us wait and see if Kulmiye party will fall down like UDUB or survive the inner power struggle ….

  2. The power struggles within the ranks of the mainstream caucus of the Kulmiye Party is quite
    natural and should not be taken as something abnormal. Am quite optimistic that the Kulmiye
    Party is quite capable of sorting out the Party's leadership within the diligent oversight guidance
    of the Party's founder HE the President DR Silaanyo himself whose pragmatic wise judgements
    are in the end what matters most.

    • Silanyo, is an individual. It is better to say long live Somaliland and its people including its leadership.

  3. Thit has become a trend, secessionist are you not worried. Because the instability has reached the ruling party. Think about it bad elections, West advising against traveling to SL. Brits telling you join FEDERAL SOMALI, Ali Warabe son being arrested, the list goes on. Is your of seceding dream coming to end, what will happen ?

    • Over the dead bodies of Somaliland people before we re-unite with a fail state called Somalia.

  4. Shaqo kategise'e maxaad tarta? Mid kale ayaan meel siiyaa! The caravan will reach it's destination regardless who goes. This individual is veteran SNM and he did what he was supposed to do those days, but if he feels to go, he has the right and his action will not make any difference on the ground.

    You will never find a nation who are all with the government, and he will be one of those who were with her and now changed his position because of what he believes came more important than the country. There are those born to be controversial all the time, and he is one of them.

  5. UDUB is nearly gone UCID is dealing with a major embarrassment because of their chairman's son being arrested with terrorism and now Kulmiya is crumbling.

    I bet Wadani party must be rubbing their hands together for the coming election in 2015 i know i would especially when Ummada is looking to join them and maybe even Xaqsoor in the near future.

  6. The West complains about not many people are taking interest in politics and they normally call for engaging people in politics. I would say Somalis have no problem at all when it come to politics but I don't think they would have appreciated if people were as much keen on politics as Somalis as it could be detrimental, lol. I rather see politicians rangling than elders or clans. This shows politics is working again and those elected are providing the voice of the average citizen.

    By the way, this is another indication of news providers unable to verify anything and then make their opinions appear as news. The factual news is that he resigned and the reasons to why is just a pure spaculation. Adding two or three together isn't a factual news.

  7. A low level office manger leaving his job, do you call this a crack in the ruling party of Somaliland? What will you call if a Minister resigns? may be an earthquake or worst, the end of the world.

    C'mon Somalilandpress, get real for once and learn from your poor reporting mistakes.

  8. The American foreign secretary Miss. Clinton resigned few weeks ago, so do you call that cracks in the Democrats.

  9. Hanad,

    Your comment is toxic and baseless propaganda. You can say that there is a secret deal between individuals, but you can not accuse a whole clan making a secret deal with another clan.

    1. A deal between two clans is never a secret.
    2. There is no single Somaliland clan the has all its members with same taste of food or politics.
    3. I do not know if you realized that you have insulted one major Somaliland clan and one major subclan and called them herds of sheep with two sheep Shepherds leading them to water, You are about Somaliland clans not Somalia clans.

  10. I don´t know guy… Never heard about him…….. He has to a job in failed Faqash state of Somalia … Somaliland must get rid of all losers like Miss Faisa, Buubaa and the like…..