Good leaders encourage people to move forward with excitement, inspiration, trust, and vision. A common thread that consistently comes
What makes a good leader?

Good leaders encourage people to move forward with excitement, inspiration, trust, and vision. A common thread that consistently comes into discussion is leading by example. As a leader you can say whatever you want, but the actions you take show who you are.

Every decision you make; every word you speak, no matter how little, has an impact. Whether or not that impact is good one or a bad one is dependent solely if your actions run parallel to your words.

A good leader looks closely at his own behavior and fashion himself into the kind of person that others will want to follow and emulate.
So far, Somaliland doesn’t have a good leader, and I don’t see a good lead from the horizon.

In conclusion, Eleanor Roosevelt said, Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” After 21 years, our political leaders are wasting their time for finger pointing at each other and they are not discussing ideas that are beneficial to the nation.

Somaliland Ha Noolato

Omar Yousuf,
Oakland, California


  1. HE President DR Silaanyo fits more or less the qualities of a good leader. A good leader
    is one that takes good care of his Govt Cabinet to do their designated powers, also takes
    care of working diligently with the lawmakers and takes good care of the Nations top
    security and progress in maintaining the Country's sustainabilities in all aspects and
    dealing with the media and opposition parties in ways that do not rock the Govt executive powers.
    A good leader above all is one that listens to everything mindfully, takes the best out of everything
    and ignores the bad. A good leader after carefully weighing different strategies opposing each other
    takes his unilateral decisions on certain difficult political issues. A good leader is he who is for
    the people who elected his caucus to lead the country for the better and respects other Worldly
    Nations. In all aspects and respects I think that DR Silaanyo is quite naturally a good leader
    and basically the Somaliland Nation areby far better off and more progressive than Somalia.

  2. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilanyo's leadership style boils down to school of thought of nepotism, winning by deciet, nit-picking and dweling in the trivial; what can we say about a man who would send people to prison in droves because they did not cheer him in the airport? That is pathetic!.

  3. Secessionist bad leaders have been your problem a long. I'll say this with all honesty, if the you the average Joe secessionist choose a good leader that brought together all the people of Somaliland (meaning every clan and all minorities) together and made sure no one in Somaliland was neglected (meaning development, sharing of resources ) or treated unfairly. Then today you wouldn't have the SSC situation or the bad elections, and the recognition problem.

    So it's simple either make Somaliland something for everyone that live region or let other choose where they wish to go. Because this limbo is good for no one of that region. If you choose to ignore and continue on this path just know, non-recognition, hostilities among clans and all other forms of instability will continue. It's up to you, continue with corrupt, inept leaders or choose something different.

  4. I prefer a united Somalia and dream of it, but that does not mean if my bothers and sisters in SL choose in unity(all 4 Clans). I would have no choice but respect their wishes, but the current SL, I can not support or except and that is every Somalis problem. Hold a genuine and inclusive referendum with U.N, So no can say it was unfair pro or against. But before you do that I suggest you start with reconciling with other communities of the North West. Because no one communities willing go with the current SL so they can 2nd class citizens. That is the simple truth.

    • In Somaliland North there are no 2nd class citizens. Everybody is free AJI who are TOL iyo Xidid
      qaraabo is dhalay, dhiig iyo dhaqanba…Even the Govt policies have no different standards
      between the AJI and the SAAB of the Somaliland tribalist fabrics mainstream civilian populations.
      The Somaliland North cultural traditions are so uniquely universal networks hybrid rich and takes good care within themselves in dealing with intercommunal conflicts unlike Somalia South ex Italia.

    • I will give you One good example in 1980 in Zimbabwe the founding Father of the Nation was the Honourable Late Joshua Nkomo with his party called ZAPU and his opposition was Honourable Gabriel Mugabe,and his party was called ZANU Patriotic when the campen of the election became heat it has turned into tribal and Honourable late Nkomo lost the election just because his tribal called Ndebele were only 20% and the tribe of the Honourable Mugabe called Shona were 80% so Mugabe had to make the govt in order to have peaceful Govt he made a good coalition Govt and the govt is still surviving up this present my brother.

  5. "discussing people" is what the author of this short piece is doing . I think you should look yourself on the mirror before you cast any stones my friend.

  6. So far this administration seems to be the best one we have had, next to the SNM freeing us from tyranny this administration is the only one actually building the country…..I mean just look at the State of the Nation they have given us.

    Somaliland and Somalia will be moving on as two nations and the haters of Somaliland and Somalia will have to settle for two happy nations that will move on finally giving all Somalis every where two nations to go to with new hopes.

  7. His Administration is the best we ever had end off. No government before it achieved what they have achieved in the 2 1/2 years they were in office.

  8. He is the best President we ever had, after late Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal who built the grassroot of our country and the democracy we enjoy. So let the man do his job. He is doing fine and the progress is continuing since he came to power. He is statesman and good one, but a punch of wolf like you, are holding his sides, and crying loud tribal all the time.

    Those who say he gives special privileges to his clan, should know that the people of Somaliland share what we have equally. Challenge me Allemagan, and tell me HJ got more of the meager few we have, and they get better than your Dhulos? You will not, because we are equally share what we have. It's only people like you are blinded by tribalism.

  9. I am a true and native Somalilander…… Mr. Siilaanyo is not my tribe……… He is the only SNM leader that i have……….of course he is a great hero who deserves to lead this nation. He fought for it……………….
    If you think that you are better than him THAN try to chalange…..
    God save the KING..

    • Say whatever but silanyo is nothing more than what he is: an octogenarian with a conceit less past history and is best known for his naivete and hipocracy. Ask those who knew him well, the likes of eng hashi