Somaliland Minister of Health Dr. Hussein Muhumed Mohamed (Hussein Hog) today attended the closing of a three day workshop aimed at improving health care in the country at Hotel Mansoor, Hargeisa.

The three day workshop aimed at highlighting the dangers of Hepatitis B which a potentially life-threatening liver infection is caused by the hepatitis B virus. It can cause chronic liver disease and puts people at high risk of death from cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer.

Dr. Hussein told those participating in the three day workshop, said the disease is a major global health problem and the most serious type of viral hepatitis and much need to be done to counter the disease.

Worldwide, an estimated two billion people have been infected with the hepatitis B virus and more than 240 million have chronic (long-term) liver infections. About 600 000 people die every year due to the acute or chronic consequences of hepatitis B, said Mrs. Asiiya Osman WHO Country Representative.

Mrs. Asiiya Osman said, there is currently available a vaccine which has an outstanding record of safety and effectiveness. Since 1982, over one billion doses of hepatitis B vaccine have been used worldwide. In many countries, where 8–15% of children used to become chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus, vaccination has reduced the rate of chronic infection to less than 1% among immunized children.

WHO is working with Somaliland ministry of health in order to counter the disease by implementing measures to prevent and control viral hepatitis such as Raising awareness, promoting partnerships and mobilizing resource and collecting evidence-based policy and data for action in order to prevent transmission and screening, care and treatment, added WHO representative.

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  1. Health is very important. Up dating a healthy community is a big challenge.
    Dr. Hog please be aware what kind of vaccination you get from WHO ( The so-called UN that denies RIGHTS, existence and self-determination of our Nation sence 26.06.1960 – 18.05.1991).

  2. if minister hear me i would like to say him you need to hire public health program in order to reduce communicable disease i am public health expert based on burao. i went ministery of health in hargiasa guards did not allow me to inter they said you should use another road to inter ( what is the another road ?)
    corruption,clan elder,laaluush,tolayeey. i despair and come back burao regional minister of burao same .
    i can say somaliland corruption is out of range , every where you will see same action . rag cadaalad waayey sidii cawsha kala yaac.i could tell you many more every side of institutions are corrupted need to discard all.