The results of the local councils election created a whirlwind of confusion and paranoia which produced an encouraging sphere that could have tip the unbalanced and politically immature individuals to incite large number civilians into acts of violence. It had created a climate of collective uncertainty; each end of the political spectrum in the Somaliland Republic was attacking the other, albeit not in large scale, laying blame for creating a climate of mistrust and public odium that could have fostered such a division.
Looking back on the way in which the local council’s election on 28th November 2012 has been organised and implemented, I believe there has been committed serious mistakes and judgemental errors which could have been prevented by fair-minded, impartial and professional conduct and procedure of the National Election Committee.
However, out of this unfortunate and unforeseeable local council elections aftermath, we can come together as a stronger nation. I believe that the true nature, power, sprit and quality of the people of Somaliland comes when we are united and when we stand together- not when we are a splintered, quarrelling and polarized nation. As a nation, we share the same roots, history and values as we also cherish the same fate and future. Therefore, the things that unite us and keep our people together as a nation are far more important than those factors that divide us or create social disagreement.
Now the local government elections are behind us (with all irregularities surrounded it), it is time for tolerance and national unity. I believe it is the time to move forward and to make a reconciliation overture with compassionate purpose to heal the social scars that the local elections have left behind. It is the time to reaffirm our national unity, people’s togetherness and the sense of belonging and nationhood among the Somaliland people. In addition, it is important that a social justice and equality applied in every rank of Somaliland people has to manifest and reflect the values and history of our great nation.
The Somaliland citizens must also have the rights to exercise fully their constitutional rights and ability to speak their mind and have a say in how they are governed; they should have confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice. The Somaliland citizens are ardently eager to see a government that is transparent and doesn’t embezzle and pinch from the people.
At a time of growing enmity, hatred and resentment towards the existence of our nation aimed solemnly at destabilization and damaging of our home country, I believe that defending the interests, existence and the cause of our country is a moral duty and an individual obligation for each and every Somalilander, at home and abroad. We must be sensible for the way in which we criticize the leadership of our country. We should find out non-destructive ways to express our views and to make known our discontent and disagreement with regard to the way in which the current government leads and governs the country.
Although you may personally not in agreement with all of President Ahmed Silaanyo’s policy stances and the way in which his government run the country, I suppose you love your country and you care about your people. The current president is not only the president for those who have voted for him, but he is the president for all of us. That’s why you should support and respect the incumbent as the President of Somaliland Republic. We should not bad-mouth him to others (Somaliland enemies) but respect, support and sustain him as our President. If you have an issue with his policies, take a stand and have your say, use your individual rights granted by the Constitution, start a petition, and get involved in the democratic process.
After all, when it comes to the existence and sovereignty of our country as well as the aspirations and self determination of the people of Somaliland, we all know it’s the simple and only thing that counts among many other things that we may hold a different view. The future is as bright as we make it. We can choose to fight for what we believe in or not.
Long Live the Somaliland Republic
May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!
Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [UK]


  1. Hey prresto,

    Good that we stand as one nation. Good that we support our president when he is right and running the nation's affairs in the right direction. Good to know that home is where we rise and fall as one family. Good to realise that equlity is what pulls the people gogether and inqulity what pulls them apart. Good to know corruption is the cancer that leads any nation into hell. Good to recognise that peace is a tree that gives its shade to all people, without disitnction and discremiantion.

    The questions that need asking are: Is Siilaanyo running the nation in the right direct? Is He Himself really running the affairs or some others behing the scenes are running the country according to their outlook? Does know know where he is right and where is wrong? Does he have the toerance to accomdate the opposition party? Does he have courage to expell those ministers who are unfit for their jjobs? Does he have the inspiration and innovation to gain the public trust ? Why farvouratisim and corruiption are leading from one avenue to another? Why there is a hue and cary in every where in the country? We have to be realistic and answer these exisitng problems and address them quickly. We need national conversation that could define and defend vital national insterests.

  2. It sounds a wise advice but this website is notoriously known of being used a strategic platform to attack and bully Somaliland. At the beginning Somalilandpress was started out as a window of opportunity for Somalilander Diasporas to communicate openly in exchanging innovative ideas so we're able to maintain strong ties with our motherland and the first hand events. That original intent has been high jacked by a bunch of ignorant and uncivilized Somalis as they secretly infiltrated in and turned everything into a poorly ran daycare centre.

    • Osman Qaal,

      Intellectuals never attack or slander any one. Your attack and slander to those who comment or criticize what others write about an exisitng administration or an issue tells us that you are even worse than ignorant. And ignorance is not a shame. The shame is a refusal to admit ignorance and start learning. Please get your ass up and go back to school where ethics and ethos are taught.

  3. I have said it all along that , the enemies of Somaliland who were sharpening their teeth to attack anything Somaliland, were the ones who were trying to take advantages of local election dispute by trying to connect the ant-Somaliland propaganda with the election dispute. Only the Stupids and confused person will ever try to connect these two issues.An election dispute is a sign of political maturity and it comes with the territories and that doesn't means Somaliland as a nation does not exist, in fact the growth of a nation can be seen by the way its citizen involved politically without the fear of prosecution and that is what Somaliland is today and will be forever.

  4. Dear Mr. Eng. Hussein Aden Igeh,
    Xaajo nin la toosani , Nina tuur la leh. Mankind´s brain is very complicated and strange but what makes people understand each other is the COMMoNSENSE. The result of not using or neglecting the commonsense is Destruction.
    Ask a four-year old child wheater he likes playing and having fun with good friends ? We can understand the outcome of that question IF we use our commonsense !
    If you compare the last Somaliland election with many countries in this world, Somalilanders deserve a big credit.
    Mr. Hussein you are a true patriot and Somaliilanders need someone like you. United we stand, divided we fall.
    reconciliation was the tool for our peace and progress. Its time to forget what divides us and concentrate what unites us. The value of our independence is …………………………………………!
    Good save SOMALILAND…………..

  5. President Siilaanyo and his government can make mistakes, to err is human. Somalis have to understand that each and everyone them cannot be a political party. Where is the opposition? where is parliament? the debates should be at done through parliament. But with Somalis every Mafrash is a political party and Parliament. What we need is political decorum, those elected as opposition member of parliament should be holding the government accountable. The general public should use their member of parliament to put pressure. And late the leaders do the leading, we will never move forward as long as we 3.5 million politicians each one with an opinion. We cannot all be kings.

  6. One question ?

    What does the author mean by: "It is the time to reaffirm our national unity, people’s togetherness and the sense of belonging and nationhood among the Somaliland people. In addition, it is important that a social justice and equality applied in (every rank of Somaliland people) has to manifest and reflect the values and history of our great nation"

    Somaliland has a ranking system for their citizens, hmm. Or is it a clever way of saying the SL elites and the average Joe. Maybe that's why SSC & AWDAL are not enthusiastic about your struggle for nationhood. Which will never ever come, it's just not viable.

    • Just your time. Your demonizing comments have no place in Somaliland..maybe you should redirect
      such comments to your Somalia ex Italia not Somaliland ex Britania.

  7. Hanad: I believe I have the answer of your last paragraph, and I say and say it loudly, our President is in full control of the nation's affair, but the question is what exactly people you are against him. Look the progress everywhere in this short period that this government is in power? My countryman Hanad, please tell me with your heart open and clean, what he did wrong as a President?

    I personally believe this government has done a good job, but they cannot satisfy 3.5 million people who are politicians up to the teeth, and do not have anything else, except to attack those we elected yesterday and who did a job. Progress is everywhere in Somaliland and I believe there will be plenty to satisfy as, that is coming. I am very much optimistic about it. This President and his party has two years to accomplish what they have promised, and if they could not do it, according to you wish, you have the right to vote someone who is better in the next election. Blame after blame will not take us anywhere, and that is the new mania that we Somalilanders suffer these days.