Somaliland security forces in Las Anod have apprehended two suspects involved in the recent killing of a prominent religious man in Garowe capital of neighboring Puntland.

The Deputy Commanding Officer of Police for Sool Region Captain Abdillahi Said Guled speaking during a press conference he said β€œSomaliland security forces holding two men in custody since yesterday night after were caught them as they were about to board a rented car in the southern suburbs of Las Anod en route to Hargeisa.

β€œOne of the two men we have in our custody is believed to be directly involved in the last week murder of the late Sheik Abdikedir Nur Farah (Gacamay) while his accomplice had facilitated his escape, stated Captain Abdillahi.

The Two Suspects involved in the murder of the Sheik Abdikedir Nur Farah (Gacamay) have been transferred to Hargeisa criminal investigation department headquarters and will be arranged in court soon.

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  1. What’s somaliland got to do with a neighbouring countrys muder cases? Isn’t that out of jurisdiction? Get a life somaliland police and stop wasting tax payers money. Instead go help monitor vandalsism and plastic waste that are ruining the enviroment.

  2. Las Anod is part of Puntland remember? It’s just ruled by few politically unstable individuals working against their people’s will. And yes there’s no single somaliland=ISAAQ soldier there. Plus the slain shiekh died from all Somalis and Muslims. its a war against Islam remember?

    • Are Muslim first? Did you ask yourself that? Or does your Islam promote hate and jealousy?

      What a hypocrite, if the sheikh died from all somalis why are you against Somaliland police apprehending this criminals?

      Men grow up and revisit all the nasty comments you posted on this website and re evaluate your Islam. A good Muslim is above nasty and hateful comments.
      Long life Somaliland.

      • So you claim to support Islam and classify yourself as a "Good Muslim" and advocate for the idea of land grabbing so one tribe can make gains?H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!!!!!

      • Hoodo, you just proved how hypocrite you are. If you believe in Islam, then you would believe in the right of the people. A people you hold their land and them by force, a people that openly stated that they don't want to be part of you separatists agenda. If you want to play majority / minority game, then surely whole of Somalia from zeylac to Raskamboni can play majority / minority game on you. If you refuse to respect others wishes then surely you can't expect others to respect your wishes. Simple

    • No its not sxb Lascanod is an occupied city by the unwanted isaaqs.Lascanod is going to be the commercial of khaatumo state.You cannot claim SSC because what did you guys do for us? im sick of mjs thinking they are doing something. If buhodle is part of puntland why havent you guys aided them.

  3. Are you guys crazy! the assassin was caught by Puntland government and he is Habar jeclo the clan of Mr. Ahmed Mohamed. Mr. Faroole said he belongs to Godane's terrorist group in Hargaysa. Are you planning to divert the attention of the international community to blame your wrong doing to innocent people in Lasanod? Shame to you, because you are cheating your own people's opinion but not Somali's opinion or international community's' opinion at all. Somaliland became the home of terrorist and you don't care.

  4. If teenagers can walk in and out of Gerowe the Capital of Faroole's Sultanate then i wonder how many Shabab members are hiding in plain sight ready to cause destruction?

    This may simply be a storm in a Pint province or something else only time will tell.

    Assassination have been occurring since 1991 in Majareertenia and there will be plenty of Sheiks that will take the place of Al-Ictisaam founder. Since he was Sheikh Dahir Cawey's Mentor it would be befitting to see Sheikh Hassan Dahir Caweys become the NEW grand-Mufti of Gerowe.

    As for the two men caught while boarding a vehicle in Laascanood it makes about as much sense as a Lamp in a Kebab shop. There were no indications that anyone other then One Dhubahante teenager was involved in the Murder of C/Qaadir Nuur Faarax.

    Instead of pointing fingers start looking at ways to reduce the number of holes in Pirateland security there is more chances of an assassination attempt on Faroole then anyone else in your province.

    • It is well know to IC and most somalis AL-SHABAB head office is located somalilan region. that is why UK,US, said all their citizens to leave. other thing is the man who kill the Sheikh Abdulgadir he was sent from s/land region Puntland secret service found out now.

      All these fake information coming from somalilan region, we arrested two men and so forth it's all blahblah.

    • @Buuxiye, its because of Puntland has tolerated tens of thousands of people from outside of Puntland to move in, this has to stop time to kick out all non Puntland clans out and close the borders.

  5. Good job Somaliland security forces. The people of Somaliland are very proud of your hard work. Please, continue stopping these thugs from crossing into Somaliland territory while they have a blood of innocent person in their hand.

    It is time for IC to see the fact on the ground. Somaliland security is very serious when it comes to peace and security of its people and please make sure not to confuse the sovereignty of Somaliland with the failed state of Somalia, including, pirate and criminals invested Pirateland.

    • @ Diehard Somalilander, but these thugs are you fellow clanmen. here's a few fact checks for you the assasin that murdered the sheikh in Garowe is haber jeclo from Burco and he will be put to death for his heinous crime soon . Fact. The UK gov warned its citizens not to travel to Somaliland due to terror threats. Fact. The son of one of the major political parties of somaliand was arrested on terrorsim charges. Fact. The leader of al shabab the biggest terror org in Somalia is an isaaq man from Hargaysa. Yet you try to blame all these barbaric acts on others you are a typical isaaq always denying the truth even when the evidence is overwhelming

  6. Somaliland’s UCID political party chairman Faisal Ali Warabe son was aressted by Puntland security forces.,He is now in custody.

    The kid who killed the sheikh in Garowe, said he was sent by a man in Las Anod.

    If it turns out that one of your political leaders son is a member of al shabab, what will you secessionist say then.

    It's a known fact that the top commanders of al shabab are from Somaliland.
    Do not get me wrong I believe the average Somalilander has nothing to do with that group.
    It's only a few who masquerading themselves as patriots and defenders of Somaliland.

    Believe me when I say there are many hiding in Somaliland, politicians, sheikhs, business men,and people you would never suspect.

    • Reality is Dhulos are assassinating your top Muftis, probably fitting landmines across your Bari and Nugaal.

      With GalGala Mujahidiin in Bari and Dhulo-ASWJ in covert operations in Nugaal Faroole and Mj do not need any other enemies since their own "relatives" have decided to end their power monopoly in Gerowe. In Gaalkaciyo the Omar Mahamouds themselves do not seem to care about Gerowe and ciise-Mahamoud will soon find it difficult to travel outside Gerowe.

      Tic toc the roach run in a crack… πŸ™‚ 2013 will be an interesting year.

  7. Issaq are our family they are more than welcome to stay in Las anod but I sincerely hope they drop this colonial border because there's no need for separation after all we are homogenous.

    Those brother/sisters who preach the the idea of Somaliland separation you should all be ashamed.

    VIVA Somaliweyn

    • Viva Somaliweyn original including 5 Somali territories otherwise no more BS somalinimo love. Somaliland next somali states like Djibouti.

      • Somalilanders will be ready for Somaliweyn when the strategy goes back to:

        Somaliweyn = Djibouti+Somaliland+Kilil+Somalia+NFD

        As 5-Equal members with equal shares of Somaliweyn.

        Anything else is a fraud and will never be accepted or work.

      • I want Greater Somalia so do most Somalis, so lets stop the infight and get done . Just Imagine a Greater that is federal, where everyone runs their on affairs except in Foreign affairs and National Defense. Imagine peace and prosperity, among the Somali people. The only one against this are, corrupt individuals Tribalist with their sub nationality identity. Lets give it one genuine good try and if fails this because it`s not feasible, I“m okay with that, but lets give it one good try.

        • Before we try that, let's stop those who want to destroy Somalia. We all know who they are, it is the separatists and their Al-shabaab kinsmen.

          • Telltrutruth:

            Somaliweyn based on the original intended 5-Somali regions is a valid enough political aspiration. Those 5-regions should be treated equally and respected equally regardless of Kenyan or Ethiopian claims. Federalism can only happen when all 5-regions achieve full independence. This is not a reality in the short term as only 2-Regions have Full independence. Equally breeds trust and equality encourages cooperation. Djibouti, Somaliland, Kilil, Somalia and NFD may be considered as 5-Federal partners no other form of federalism is valid or viable.

            Each of the 5-Regions must accept a unitary political model with a single government that represents that regions.

            Somalia = single federal unit of Somaliweyn as such must accept a single President and capital.

            Likewise for all the other 4-regions. The ultimate end goal being Full independence for all 5-regions so that they are full members of Somaliweyn federation.

            States that are equal form mutually beneficial Unions or Federations…

            Nobody forms a Union or accepts any form of organisation so long as they are fully represented as an equal without any compromises.

            Djibouti = Somaliland = Kilil = Somalia = NFD… Regardless of population number or land size!

            Somaliweyn Government will be independent of the regional governments and Change Presidents YEARLY.

            This is the only functional form of Federalism that will work because the borders are pre-defined and as a result will never cause any debate or misunderstanding…

            πŸ™‚ IF you are up for this so am i…

          • Buuxiye, if you want Somaliweyn, then first we should fix the damaged union between the north and south. You can not seek the rest while you are destroying what we have already. Stop destroying what we have now, so we can be in better situation to seek the rest.

          • LOOL on behalf of Khaatumo State, Waqooyi, Koonfur Bari or Galbeed ain't our concern, our main concern is LA at the moment, Number ONE PRIORITY. the days Alshabab run Laaso-Canod affairs are numbered that's for sure. as soon as Britain stop funding these militias we'll see. Ciise Muuse city of Berbera next to Djibouti and Bosaso ports won't be able to feed 25000 starving militias. they have already started selling their weapons to the Shacab . πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • @ PuntlandGeezer, allow me to correct you Isaaq are our enemy they send an assassin to murder an old man in cold blood.

  8. Very interesting article about the future Sland president Abdiaziz Samale: google Somaliland: Samale’s Embezzlement and Oblivion —Part One

    He's not only being accused of embezzlement but also of supporting Shabaab slowly but surely the truth is coming out yesterday it was Warabe son today its Samale who will be tomorrow ? Hersi ?

    + i'm hearing the Kulmiya party is having a major infighting on who will be their candidate for the presidency and might result in the break up of their party because of it

  9. puntland is much worst then the south in terms of assassinations and murders. the fake bunani-land looks like is going to implode any time. Time to close borders

    • kkkkkkkkkkk, samale project.

      You don't sound well, The formation of Jubbaland state is BULLET TRIAN and no one can stop. no Gedo community never refuse to participate creation of Jubbaland state.

      Hassan Moryaan NGO tried to stop plane suppose to pick up Elderls in Gedo, but IGAD and Jubbaland leadership sent another plane. the moryaan tried everything in the book but failed. this is another ISBARO this is the way moryaan behave.

      Shabeele & all Gedo are not reliable news.

      • Mr kkkkkkkkkkk don't be a Faqash i'am hearing the Ethiopians aren't happy with what is going on with this Kenyan lead OG conference for fear of a safe heaven for the ONLF so have called on their ally the Marehans to boycott it but we will see

        • Samale Project.

          Ethiopia have no problem with formation of Jubbaland infact their president and kenyan president met almost one year and half ago. you need to watch ETV ethiopain tv last week said will broadcast all the meeting in Jubbaland.

          ONLF they done their share, and i will give full credit what they done in the past all the hardship. because without them today jigjiga will never get all these development. whole purpose ONLF fighting against ethiopian goverment was to get development.

          80% ONLF fighters already put down their weapons, because they see good future in their, this nonsense about ONLF will make kismayo base is just MORYAAN sheeko.

          As we speak JUBBALAND meeting is going well, mareexan will never boycott because this is where their future is creation of Jubbaland.

          Moryaan led Goverment already been defeated, the problem was they did not know what they were facing . Hassan Moryaan done and tried everything in the book but failed.

          I was born in mogadishu, grew up also kismayo i know very well this area. moryaan do not even have one village.

          Jubbaland formation is BULLET TRAIN, and no one can STOP.

          • I suggest you do two things get of your high horse and stop listening to them old guys inside the marfash and start doing your own research.

            This Jubba myth that's been in the works sins Morgans days will never come to be a reality without the blessings of the federal government whether you see them as "mooryan" or not.
  … have a good listen and listen for more on that web

          • Jubbaland does not need any blessing from moryaan, also saadaal is 100% moryaan website have no value.

            Jubbaland leadership invited moryaan leadership in mogadishu to come kismayo and participate the formation of Jubbaland state, because they are trying to follow the rules governance not moryaan style one, also respecting the IC. but unfortunatelly moryaan did not come. "somalidu waxeey ku mahmahdaa kaadi badane waa loo gogol badiyaa".

            It's good start to show the IC moryaan leadership in mogadishu not ready or willing to see formation of Jubbaland, but one is for sure creation of Jubbaland no one can stop. next time will go head meeting in Jubbaland without moryaan leadership from mogadishu.

  10. Somali Muslim Scholars called unanimously for the fight against Al-shabaab. It is compulsory for all of us to fight against them and those that fund them (separatists).

    • If the separatist fund them, then why did they attack them in 2008. Stop trying to divert attension from the fact that daroods are sponsoring them with money they steal from poor Indian and Vietnamese fisher men. There are unconfirmed reports stating several big al-shabab leaders where seen walking around boosaso with high ranking officials from puntland . Also a meeting took place between farole and leaders of the terrorist group.

      I advice daroods to stop playing with fire. Stop calling for the destruction of issaq and hawiye or they will crush you.

  11. LOOL look at the DELUSIONIST, trying to deflect the truth as always. What are we12? Allah gave each of us a brain,So we so can THINK and understand what is RIGHT, just and fair. The question that begs for an answer is, what does a Barkat Khaatumist who reside in Hawd and beyond gain from killing AUN Sheik Abdikedir Nur Farah who he hardly ever heard of? It is obvious that Hargaysawi Ina Godane's Shabab are the only ones who benefit from his death since the Shiekh always spoke against their terrorism, Faroole himself said it.

    as for the two people who were arrested in Laaso-Canood, they are not two men but Faisal Ali Waraabe's son and his girlfriend who were planning to carry out a major terrorist attack either in Laaso-canod, Garoowe, Bosaso or Galka'o, and they were sent by Siilanyo and Ina Godane hence nobody looked at them when they were in Burco, thanks to the beautiful resident of Laaso-Canood. πŸ™‚

    • Hmm no wonder why they said two men. Of course, they want to hide the widely reported Son and girlfriend who were arrested for suspicious of terrorists attack. They send them back to Hargeysa to release the good old son and his girlfriend. Dad (who in the first place send him) is on to rescue him now.

      • there's a reason behind why they send them back to Hargeisa, There's a cold war between Hargaisa and Burco. Faisal ali Warabe who's known to be Qabilist doesn't approve of his son's girlfriend who happens to be Jareer-Somali so he abandoned him and took his passport which force the young man and his lover to go to Siilanyo who has allies with Alshabab leaders for help, in return before helping them with their problems Siilanyo asked them to carry out his “special task''. so out of despise angry Faisal admitted his son being alshabab, they're now under investigation. LOL things are getting better day to day..
        trust me this isn't a theory, I didn't make up any of these, I happen to know a lot.

          • LOOL Irir Samaale, I wonder where get your resources from, funny wallahi but mostly true

            About Hargaysa and Burco let's just leave it ''War Jiraaba Cakaaru Iman'' LOOL Berbera is different.

            I have read the article, I think it's just rumours, hypothetically lets say it's true horta it's upto Shirdoon to resign if he does that then President can kill two birds with one stone by replacing him Khaatumist both reer Waqooyi and the Somalia's clan power-sharing model based on the 4.5 system.

            Waqooyi will have both PM and FM,

            Koonfur will have president and speaker of Parliament

            the 4.5 power-sharing formula
            Hawiye president
            Darood PM
            Isaaq FM
            D&M speaker of Parliament.

            problem solved until next election. LOL what do you think?

          • I know it could just be rumors and if it was true the PM has to resign by his own will SHSM cant force him well maybe through the parliament.

            What makes this article a little bit reliable though is that ever sins SHSM came back him and the PM aren't getting on.

            Here's another interesting article

            I tell you one thing and that is that Somalia is one clan politicised country also about the 4.5 minus the parliaments SHSM is slightly abusing it.

          • Sir, If you believe what was written in this article is true, then you expose your inferiority complex and what you are trying to state is that, you guys cannot govern yourselves and that Somalia is so desperate for Somaliland people, which you are admitting here cannot survive without them. I didn't know why you guys, whether Khaatumoseeg or Piratelands cannot have confidence in yourselves?

            Let me tell you one more time, you can keep on dreaming, but Somaliland will never again join the failed state called Somalia. Maybe, try your luck with Djibouti or other Somali zone instead of you guys wasting your energies and time trying to get back Somaliland.

        • Shame on you inabti..instead of hosting good chandestine tol iyo xidid come together
          goodwill emissary you are engaged in widening satanic mischief. Think again and
          work towards the W/Bari regions betterments for general peace and progress
          livelihoods…is that too much asking?

          • LOOL Mohamed Cheers, It's political inabti nothing personal, Caadi iska dhig, I respect you as a person.

            I don't remember me saying anything about W/Bari regions AKA Puntland

            Waqooyi Bari =Puntland
            Waqooyi = Khaatumo State
            Waqooyi Galbeed =Somaliland

            Kala baro dhulkaaga hooyo πŸ™‚

          • Sir, this website you are using is called Somalilandpress, if you continue to use this website, that means, you are accepting the existence of a Country called Somaliland.

    • dem!!! ma sas ayaa ka daba? just listen to urself sister? lol nuff said… putting silanyo and feisal together in the same team when r actually political opponents that hardly agree on anything. even crazier that ina godane is their co-conspirator lol now thats where u loose most sane folks who hail from anywhere in the somali peninsular…. but then again keep doing ur thing obviously aint no shame in ur game either

  12. Whoever he was the Somaliland officials got him, wish we could say that for those taking hostages and raping women! If he was a Lander atleast Landers take care of their trash, you let em take hostages and rape women. Damn yall cant catch a break even when you try to insult Landers it works to our advantage.

  13. A new UN report indicates that the Provence of puntland is now more dangerous then South and central somalia. The report also indicates that Pirate activities have declined in that area since the launch of international navel forces in the area to combat it. It also talks about a meeting which took place between leaders of the small state and leaders of terrorist organisation al shabab.