The chaos surrounding the recently concluded local council elections and the administration’s track record over the last two and half years, have proved one thing, although Somaliland has a democratically elected President in Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” it does not have a strong leader.

President Silaanyo could not have reached this exulted position without talent and drive, but one thing is clear, he is and will always be bureaucrat, a follower but not a leader. There is also the question of his age and infirmity.

Some Somaliland analysts have stated that President Silaanyo has come to the presidency too late and too old. They argue that if he had reached this position early in his career things may be different. Maybe and maybe not.

Somalilanders know each other very well. We know who we are. We know are abilities and our limitations. We know our lions and our hyenas.

Somalilanders have always known that President Silaanyo was never in the mould of dynamos like the late Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, nor the countless heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice in freeing the country from the defunct union.

Don’t get me wrong, President Silaanyo has many fine attributes. He is first and foremost a decent person, always was and always will be. But he is not a leader. He is not someone who engenders either respect or fear, and that is a fatal flaw in a politician.

Does anyone imagine that President Silaanyo could have managed with the late Egal did and disarm the community militia? Survive an internal conflict? Cajole, threaten and pacify countless armed men? Build consensus through dialogue and discussion? Create institutions? No, I don’t think so.

Some would argue that they are differing Presidents for differing times. This argument has some weight. At the time of the late President Egal’s tenure, Somaliland was a devastated place. It needed a strong leader to survive and thrive. And now the country requires a different leader to navigate the different political climate in the region.

But, how can one explain the descent to chaos, corruption and foreign policy failure that has taken place under the administration of President Silaanyo?

President Silaanyo inherited a nation with deeply laid down foundations for democracy, progress, inclusion and tolerance. Yet, under his administration at this both our internal and external policies are in a mess. Not only has this administration manage to botch a fairly routine low level elections, external forces are running rings around us in terms of international exposure.

Not even the much maligned administration of former President Dahir Riyale Kahin had reached such a nadir. After all, he kept the peace, strengthened the nation, moved forward the democratic process and gracefully relinquished power.

It all comes down the fibre of the man or woman holding the position. If you are not the decider, the final decision maker, then countless non-entities will make the decision on your behalf and plunge the nation into chaos.

And this is exactly what is happening in the in administration of President Silaanyo. Out of touch, infirmed, elderly, he is merely a figure head.

The father of the nation has fallen asleep at the helm, and the children are steering the ship of state. But, rest assured, this too shall pass. As with all things, good times, bad times and tough times all shall pass.

There are two years left on President Silaanyo’s mandate, let us hope that, Insha’Allah, Somaliland will reach the 2015 presidential vote intact, strong, united and progressive.

By C.M. Abokor


  1. Being the old and distorted, and suffering from ,muultiple diseases he keeps so secret, Siilanyo already decided to hand omaliland to to the falied state of Somalia, before he die. iilaanyo will trick the nation of Somaliland into an agreement which, he will elusively call federalism, to disguise his conspiracy and treason he is commiting against the statehood and independence of our country. This dead man walking is suffering from inferiority complex which he he is not even aware of, and think that Somaliland is just another region of Somalia. May Allah the great save Somaliland from the conspiracy of Siilaanyo the triator.

    • @Gudabiirsi
      Somalia is already recovering and improving especial south and central of Somalia.There was a time when International community used tha name " Failed State,"but not anymore.The question i have here is why the Northern brothers or sisters most of them always wishes that some calamity fall upon us?

      Remember this….as long as you wish that something bad happen to your brothers in the South nothing will work for you and you will never achieve your dreams.

      • we dont somalia to fail, at least the non darood parts lmao, but we will never return to a union which will be bas for the both of us

    • First you should be a shame of yourself using whole clans name. Second you committed wicked reprehensible and heinous crime again almighty creator Allah Sir you Mr Siilaanyo are even ground when comes to death doesn't matter what he's age is and also I see distributing sing in this place how actually people use Almighty Allah to shine on them or what ever they advocating while they wishing on the other hand bad things to happen other people or places which is a big no no not only to Islamic faith but to Avery other faith known to mankind. Third It's just a warning we really have seriously people who're suffering real inferiority complex I see a couple of typo error and couple of double writing not a big deal at all but we got people in this website that anything goes to stop when they feel losing the argument and would start looking any advantage they can get so don't be surprise if you see a one or two clowns who're pretending to be English literature Teachers but do not worry we have all done it even the Teachers.

  2. Bashing Siilanyo and calling him names will no change the facts on the ground. Siilanyo has achieved in his short tenure of little more than two years more than what Somaliland has achieved from 1884 to the end of Riyaale administration. Make no doubt, people in Somaliland can see and feel the precedented progress they have made under Siilanyo's two year leadership.

    If the author and his clannish cohorts are looking for someone who throws hot balloons each time a child throws a stone at a passer by then that is no Siilanyo. Siilanyo has short comings like any other politician, but one must score politician for their achievements.

    Unless you are outright stroppy you must give credit where its due, but calling an elected president names and denying his good deeds based on clannish arrogance is disgusting to the best.

  3. I do not read articles written by authors who sign up their names with Psudo-names or abbreviations, because they are outright liars lacking confidence. If this author has balls he must then write his full name under this piece. I doubt he will in thousand years, because he understands that he is lying and does not want to become the political clown he is.

  4. 1) what common things does president ahmed silaanyo and dictator bashar al-assad share together?
    2) does the kulmiye party look more like the syrian ba'ath party?
    3) who is believed to be the heir-apprent to the throne of the presidency after silaanyo's death or retirement: is it (A) xirsi ali haji hassan (xirsi-gaab/tooriile); is it (B) baashe cumar farah (moorgan)(silaanyo's son in law); or is it(C) daahir cabdi jaamac (gaani) (silaanyo's first cousin)?
    3) what would you describe the current government lead by president silaanyo: a democratically elected government OR a habar-jeclo dynasty?
    4) are habar-jeclo the new alawites of the horn of africa?

  5. I do not usually praise politicians and I hate to do that to the bone, but the hard truth is Mr. Siilaanyo is a great achiever under a very difficult circumstances. In two years he increased the national budget by 180%, he increased the salary of the government employees by 100%, he brought to us a national TV and a Radio that can be watch and listened to in five continents, he reformed the justice system, he made schools free, he has made a tangible changes in our healthcare system, he has for the first time in Somaliland history established the ranking system of our armed forces, regained the territories previous claimed by Puntland and many innumerable projects. Well if you call this man names, I do not know what to call you.

  6. Siilanyo Walks among his people because they elected him, he attends Friday prayer with his people and he visits his schools, hospitals and is able to pay his respects to most projects that are being launched in the country.

    How many African Presidents can walk freely among their People?
    How many Arab league Presidents can walk freely among their people?
    How many World Presidents can walk freely among their people?

    🙂 Now if you know anyone who is enjoy being a President More then Siilanyo on this planet name them and show us how and why you believe what you believe about Siilanyo. Siilanyo is human and he is not perfect and Allah(SWT) created him with imperfections and to complicate matters he is LEADING a country that has incredible political RESTRICTIONS as a result of the ignorant and stupid 1960UNION created by the Somaliland people because of their Love for Somalinimo.

    Siilanyo deserves the Noble peace price for leading Somaliland to FULL international recognition Insha'allah. When his term of office is finished instead of fighting to remain for another minute he has already made it clear he does not wish to hold onto the seat of the President longer then is necessary.

    🙂 There is nothing anyone can do to Siilanyo he was voted in by the Majority and he had lead his people even when they make it difficult by attempting to corrupt the choices that were given to them.

    "A President is merely as good as his weakest link" Somali people are not willing to protect their institutions nor their STATE-APPARATUS yet they demand justice. It is easy for the enemies of Somaliland to make biased claims and sensationalize events because they lack the opportunity to effect Somaliland in any other way.

    🙂 Remove the Amisom troops guarding your teenage daughters from your country first!

    • You are either mad or a habar jeeclo adan medowbe guy! Silanyo has put us back years, lets get real!!

      • These guy talks as if him and Silanyo are best friends and he is clearly ignoring the recent problems in Somaliland… wake up and smell the coffee son, Silanyo isn't a real leader but one of the most respected men amongst all Somalilanders. After seeing images and videos of Silanyo in Djibouti with Hassan Sheikh Maxamoud and President Gulleh, his body language tells me he isn't happy… and I think we know why. Buuxiye, Somaliland is great…YET

    • I agree, our President is a human being who can and will err perhaps even hundreds of times however, the country has never enjoyed such development since its inception. Whether you are qabil driven or not its hard not to see the brilliant cabinet and the progress thus made. I commend our President and his cabinet for the work they have tried to do in such a hostile environment. Instead of supporting our leadership, we seem tobe always looking for fault. Only Allah can help our people to love and accept each other. I think its time we women took some critical roles in managing our own country instead of letting people like yourselves, who obviously dong see beyond your qabil, to ruin what we have all sacrificed for!

  7. @Hargeisawi

    Insulting ppl who are not public figures and whom you do not even know their names, demonstrates your shallow mindedness.

    I think you are calling them names like Morgan and Gaani, because you are longing for your former customers. Why don't you bring the girls as you used to do for Mogan and Gaani. Remember you had packages to go with these name.

  8. A crook is always a crook. This people are not crying out for leadership, but they are crying for some one belonging to their clan, while accusing others from other clans for poor leadership. There are of course, thousands of good leaders, but people are so wicked and evil to govern. A good leader is the one who flogs them up with strong whip.

  9. There aren't a single somalilander who could be described as a lion as you Mr author claim, but all of whom you name them as somalilanders are dirty hyenas who of course, love to live on the destruction of others, they see a failed somalia an opportunity to lick some westeners' boots, they would not hesitate a minute to whipe all somalis from the face of the earth had that been an option. They lie, they live a lie, they sleep and wake up with a lie. They're ashamed of their orrigin, they feel embarrased to speak somali language in front of arabs, only to say we are too, orriginally arabs. They always hide their true intentions/beliefs but when together they reveal their real hatred for anything called somali.
    This all, in short, in one word, could be replaced as "somalilander"

    • Somalilander could have march all the way to Mogadishu and annihilated all those who stood in its way after they defeated Afweyne's murderous army. But they chose the more human way of wishing Somalia all the best and extended the helping hand when your people were starving, because of your ignorant man-made disaster. Now you have the guts to slander us after we feed you and you got the energy to talk. Shame on you! you are ungrateful beast and have no class whatsoever!!

      • You are a young boy and I understand that you were told by an ignorant and a pathological liar that "somalilanders" could have marched all the way to anywhere they wished to, but they've chosen not to do so.
        Omar, my advice to you, stop using the word "WE". You are nothing, you don't even exist, you are waiting for a recognition from me. Somalia is here to stay whether you, or your abti like it or not. When our priorities are accomplished you'll be sent back to your abti in Addis because that land is a gift from Allah to all Somalis and you don't belong to it.

        • Waaryaa nin dhulbahante wax iskula hadh, cidna naf uma hayside. Waa la wada ogyahay waxaad ku sameyseen Majeerteen, Isaaq iyo Hawiyaba dagaalkii ugu dembeeyey ee Xamar ka dhaca idinkoo Afweyne daafacaya. Idinku waxaad doondooneysaan axmaq Daarood ah oo idinku shaqeysta oo lufluf idiin tuura kolba in yar, Somalina idin bartay dibna u helimaysaan wixii aad ku ceeshi jirteen ee taas ku abshir.

  10. None Mr. Buuxiye. They scare to go out, but our President can walk in the middle of the night, and he did it several times. God protects him and we shall re-elected him to reach the goal.

    Kanaxow nafta waa.

  11. Folks, out of all these HJ powers haters including Kayse, am surprised by the new addition Hargeysawi..maxa quush qarmuun kasoo fooxahaya? HJ wa beeloo sharftooda mudan leh
    ee beelahad ka kasoo jeedo kula noqoo ceebahad fidinaysoo.

    • Adeer, hadaladdaa aad tidhi orod oo dameeraha u sheeg. Hadaan is ba-bar dhigay beesha HJ iyo calawiyiinta suuriya, adiga maxaa kaa galay? Maxaa kaaga shan-iyo-toban ah? Anigu rayigayga uun ayaan cabiraayay. Maxaa ceeb ah hadaan inta sameeyey? Mida kale, odaygaa asaasaqay ee aad ka daba ooyaysan nimankiinan HJ waa nin kaligii-taliya, oo dhigma bashar al-assad-ka suuriya ee dadkiisa laynaaya hab isir awgeed. Taana waa waxa uu ku wado oodaygan kharfay ee qabaliistaha ah ee isnacay.

      Waxaanan ugu bushaareynaaya shacbka reer somaliland ee xorka ah iyo intii nabad iyo wanaag doonayasa in xisbiga kulmiye looga tir-tiri doono wadanka sida xisbul bacsaka (Ba'ath party), hadii uu Illaahay awooda leh yidhaahdo.

      Ugu dambayn waxaan jeclaan lahaa in aan inankan yar ee la magac baxay "mohamed cheers" ku idhaahdo: STIFF UPPER LIP.


  12. Also I want to remind my fellow and beloved Landers that what folks like Kayse want to do is distract us from our mission to make this country great!

    So lets focus extra hard on how we can make this Republic stronger we owe that much to our those who sacrificed so much for this day!

    Every time they post a hateful comment, I want a Lander to put a comment with a solution to any problem we face in our nation. Every time they post some rubbish I want a Lander to post a new angle, a new idea of making what we currently have even stronger.

    Lets use their hate to our advantage! Lets make it a challenge whoever can come up with the most gets a free $100 ( or whatever) gift card to the shop of their choosing etc….

  13. I aslo Challenge Fa q@ @shawipress that instead of giving our enemies a voice on our media platforms that it once and for all prove its allegiance to Somaliland and its people by holding a online contest to its readers on how to make Somalilander better! Challenge our young and old from home and the diaspora to contribute meaningful ideas and then reward with acknowledgement on your site, perhaps even an interview! I DARE YOU! CAAARRRRR!

  14. I am the author of this article. My name is Cali Maxamed Abokor, for those like Jamal who don't read articles with abbreviation. My brothers and sisters, the article is my own opinion. Agree or disagree, debate or don't, but, freedom of expression is a precious thing. I am glad to see that this article has created such a good debate, kudos to the likes of Buuxiye, Hargeysawi and so on. It is a credit to all to use valid arguments instead of resorting to name calling and so on. The e-mail address is at the bottom of the article, so feel free to let me know what you really think. It is not about hating Somaliland or giving comfort to our enemies, it is about being free and expressing our believes in order to make our country stronger.

    • Thank you for your article. I would encourage you to try writing an unbiased piece that might generate more constructive debates. I understand there is freedom of speech and peoples views must be respected and encouraged however, there are those who use and abuse these rights in a way that brings fitna to the people. May Allah show us the path. As a woman, i try to look for leadership in our men but each time i read these disturbing comments, i get discouraged from believing in them. I think women should take on more leadership roles.

      • Thank you for your feedback. But where is the bias? I gave my opinion, it does not mean I am biased. It means I don't think that President Silaanyo is a strong leader. That is not being biased, it is my opinion. My sister, do not be discouraged. No man is perfect. No human being is perfect. Only Allahu subxaana wa tacaal is perfect. We must get over this image of putting our leaders on a pedestal. They are merely human, as we all are. That is the whole point of the article

        • Thank you walaal for your clarification. Thank you for the respectful way you responded and your points are well taken:)

  15. As far as leadership in every field is concerned, it is the capacity to lead. President Siranyo this capability and it is proven by the change he effected in running the country. He has a competent cabinet of ministers, has a good working relationship with the parliement and congress of elders. One of the important features of leadership is decision- making. The president is a strong decision-maker and does not vacillate when serious solutions are needed for the sake of the country. The author compares Siranyo with Egal. The latter saved Somaliland from ending up in problems like the South but his management was ancient and depended on tribal elders for everthing. It seems that Siranyo's age doesn't affect how deals with the day-to-day tasks.

  16. Please show me a single road, school or single government building that was built during the reign of Siilaanyo's predecessors. We all the remember the dirty civil wars of Abdirahman Tuur's and Egal's reigns, we remember the civil servants and members of the armed forces not being paid by Riyaale administration for month and how the Silaanyo administration found Somaliland in debt. the Somaliland economy is growing and there has been improvement in all aspects of government.

    If you are looking for someone who is flashpoints, flamboyancy, traitor and an empty bragging-head then Siilaanyo is not the leader you looking for. Make no mistake, Siilanyo is getting better as years pass by and we will certainly elect him for a second term even if he decides not to run.

    • i concur with Yusuf. I was impressed by the roads and infrustructure in both Hargaysa and Burco and have heard that more development is in the works. Why cant people give constructive criticism instead of cheap shots that will continue to undermine the good work. I am sure the government is not PERFECT but i would encourage people to think before they continue their divide mentality of pitting one qabil against the other!

  17. Why do you we consider opinions or constructive criticims as being biased? There is nothing biased about this article. I simply stated, as a decent person as he is President Silaanyo is not a strong leader, neither charismatic nor able. I have mentioned several areas in which I have, in my opinion, found him lacking. Let us get over the so-called bias element based on the qabil card. President Silaanyo is the president of Somaliland, hence he is my president for time being. I just don't find him to be a strong leader. Agree or disagree, end of discussion.

  18. Abokor,

    You do not simply criticize someone for the sake of criticism alone. You need specificity and knowledge of issues before you start criticizing the president of Somaliland. It is unethical and a blatant ignorance to diagnose the President's mental capabilities without meeting him or even having a basic medical knowledge. Even if you were a medical expert you shouldn't discuss ones medical history in a public forum like this one, that is morally wrong and unacceptable.

    All you did here is throwing blankets of accusations without a single evidence. You have not been specific in a single issue and you intentionally ignored the obvious contributions of this president since he came to power. Thus do not get surprised if people disagree with you. I think you are taking everything personal, since what you did was nothing but a personal attack on the president.

    You can criticize the President's policy and be specific on issues, but you can not defame the president of Somaliland and expect people to stand up applaud for you. Keep in mind that this president was elected by landslide and he is more popular than when he was elected.

    Mr. Abokor (if that is your real name) Please be specific on issues next time, do not give us attacks on the president in person and try to develop a thicker skin.

  19. In fairness Mohamed Ibrahim Egal (AUN) was a one off, simply a gaint among men, a libaax, so its not fair to compare him to President Siilanyo because if that was to be done he would simply not come out looking good.

    I believe your point is correct when you say that President Siilanyo is essentially a beauracrat rather than a great leader, but i would further add in that Somaliland has not reached the point were a stand alone beauracrat can rule the nation, we are still a long way off from that perspective.

    In my eyes Siilanyo's essential problems thus far has been that he has surrounded himself with inexperianced but good beauracrats who do not have the political acumen to foresee potential problems and he need to address this glaring problem ASAP.

    I think he needs first of all to bring back Gen. Nuux Ismaciil Taani as the new defence Minister and shift Mohamed Nuur Caraale (Duur) from interior Ministry to some were else and in his position he should apoint a political heavy weight as i believe Duur, who is good upcoming politician , is at present far inexperianced for this role.

      • Sorry, it is obvious to all that you are advertising your uncle. Nooh was tried once before and he is no match to Mr. Duur. Mr. Duur is young energetic and charismatic. We are happy with the Ministry of Interior as is.

        Will you mind if we bring in Sifir instead of Mohamed Abdillahi omer and replace the Minister of information with someone with better experience from Sanaag region?

    • You are right Madar, we can not compare someone alive with a dead person, Mohamed H Ibrahim Egal is long gone. Therefore, you should pickup someone alive to compare with Siilanyo….. OK there are none, I understand and that is why you are digging the graves.

    • Madar, you are right I am being unfair comparing the late Egal (AUN) to Silaanyo. You are also right that Silaanyo has surrounded himself, and you are being generous here when you say "inexperienced", non-entities. With the exception of Sa'ad Ali , there is not a single minister to compare with either the Egal or Riyale cabinets and that is a fact. Take a look at what happened with the Defence Forces, three commanders within three months, is that the mark of a strong leader? The good thing is, politicians come and go, but the state carries on.

    • Madar, there is no such thing as overtly critical. You are either critical or not. But, once again the issue is about the strenght of President Silaanyo's leadership which is non existence. As for the individual ministeries, I know Sa'ad Ali, and in my opinion he is the only minister doing his job and not filling his pockets. And you cannot be serious about the these ministeries being better run that during the Egal(AUN) and Riyale, in fact, they are going into the ground. These ministeries were built during those administrations and are now in danger of being downgraded. As for ministry of planning, take a look at its reports and get informed.

      • Your argument is lopsided, you only see whats bad in this government and fail to acknowledge its achievements.

        Your judgement is being clouded by your hate for President Siilanyo, which is not healthy as one should all ways critize with balance.

        The problem with Somalis is that they never show balance, they go from one extreme to the other and this is true in their life in general. In the time i have been on this site there have been very few people who have shown this character trait most are invariably like you and that other doqon called Dhugtame.

        PS. In the future min fadlak iska ilaali hadalada adag ee xanafta leh.

        • Madar,

          KKKKKKK From now on we will call you: Keligii fariid! how dare you call me DOQON and then ask me: In the future min fadlak iska ilaali hadalada adag ee xanafta leh.

          You are really pathetic! You better watch out I am about to destroy you with reasoning. I am just kidding, I enjoy when people resort to name calling, that is when I realize my opponent is cornered and has no other exit but to offend.

          • In fact i was not referring to you but rather to Mr Abokor however your doqonimo comes out when you blindly cheer lead for Kulmiye and this president at every opportunity, you wrongly believe you are doing a good service when in fact the opposite is true.

            A true supporter much like a true friend will be the first to praise you when you do something right and at the same token be the first to criticize when you do something wrong. In fact i would go as far as to say you are no better than that second doqon Keyse.

            I would not go as far as to say Keligay baa Fariid ah, however i would say i am of the FEW here that apply fairness and are not infected with sickness of qabiil.

        • You guys confuse criticism with hatred. Brother read the article carefully. I don't hate President Silaanyo, I just don't think he is a strong leader. We must learn how to debate without bringing in strong words like "hate" "qabil". I simply stated in my opinion President Silaanyo is not a strong leader and I have made some points to back up my arguments. Agree or disagree. I still state President Silaanyo is not a strong leader.

          • But brother Abokor, you didn't give enough reasons to convince us, you just went on Siilanyo bashing trip and I think that is below the bar or below the waist as they call in boxing sport.

          • People, one again read the article clearly. The argument for President Silaanyo's weak leadership is there. If you wish to close your eyes to the obvious that is fine. I don't think I hit below the ample belt of the President, perhaps a few knocks around the head, but certainly nothing below the belt. If you want to see below the belt, you should read some of the other Somaliland websites, or visit Amin Amir's website.

  20. Here are some points for Ali, who has says I have thrown a blanket of criticism. 1. The President is unable to stem the corruption within the administration. 2. Our foreign policy is a mess. We have committed ourselves to talks with Somalia without even a mention of Somaliland in any of the meetings. 3. There is rampant nepotism in the administration 4. Our Defence Forces have been hindered by interference from the President's kitchen cabinet 5. The press is under attack, unwarranted arrests, censorship 6. The democratic process has been compromised by an attempt to select opposition parties 7. The political institutions, House of Reps/House of Elders have been neutered. 8. Inter community agitation is now the norm..and I can go on and on..Is that specific for you, Ali. As Harry Truman once said "the buck stops here", well, "the shilling stops with President Silaanyo"

  21. Mr. Abokor,
    I concur with others on this page. Again not being specific, you have stated corruption, nepotism, defense, balabala. You still failed to give a single specific case as an example. You can add that he eats people, believing people will take you serious and do something funny. No my friend, your argument does not hold water no matter how many times you try to window dress it. I would advise you to quit and to rethink your strategy, because this isn't working, intellectually speaking.

    • Traditionally the Somali GeelJire Debate structure was an art form not a debate based on logical discourse or facts. The man who sounded the best usually scored the highest and gained the audience's applause.

      Western DEBATE is rather crude and is merely based on Logic and facts and a debate is won on the basis of soundness although i prescribe to western debate methodology and framework at times i see greater reason for appreciation of our ancestors illogical debate styles and their artistic forms more rhythmic and bravado then factual.

      Nomad DEBATE is to this day detectable among Somalis and it is no surprise a western method Biased debater will always find the Nomad method inefficient even though out of the chaos there results a more passionate and memorable discourse.

      Logic Vs Chaos

      Who is to say which method is superior when both have served different societies for centuries/millennia to resolve social conflicts?

      • Asha, please, what do you call the theft of food aid! Never in the history of Somaliland has food been stolen from the poor until this administration. What do you call the miss-appropriation of revenue from Berbera port and every other income stream? What do you call the debacle of Egal International Airport?. What do you call the resignation of the finance minister Eng. Hashi Elmi due to ministers taking goverment income and putting it in their accounts? What do you call the fact that every major contracts goes to the those with close ties to the President? No, I think I have been specific enough, but the issue is about leadership. Without strong leadership this stuff will always go on. And President Silaanyo is not a strong leader

  22. Buuxiye,

    Your comment reminds me of a book I read decades ago called "profit's camel bell" by the late Margarette Lawrence. She was Canadian that lived in Somaliland in the 50s and marvelously described the Somali debate and its emptiness of facts.

    We are going in such a moment of going round and round against specific subjects and drifting more and more away from the specific questions on specific subjects. This author is gifted in Somali debate and can easily beat professional Mafrish debtors.

  23. Mr. Abokor,

    Mr. Abokor,
    Please allow me to address your points one by one:

    1. No food aide was stolen according to the Somaliland courts and all accused were acquitted. FYI food started coming to Somaliland from the early days of Abdirahman Tuur's administration. The first Shipment was from Sharijah and was brought in by Ahmed Hassan Muse and Mr. Abokor, but its distribution was not heard of before the Siilanyo administration. At least we know that it is now distributed to the poor and has lately been moved to the ministry of resettlement headed by Xaglotooje. I call this a great achievement.

    2. What miss-appropriations from Berbera port? please state dates, amount and who did this miss-appropriations? this is another unspecific and unproven accusation.

    3. Works in Egal airport: are still in progress, wait for the outcome before you throw accusation, will you?

    4. Mohamed Hashi Elmi resigning,This is not true. He was fired by the president, because of his incompetency and nepotism. He is replaced with more competent and respectful Somalilander.

    5. Major contracts being given to members of Silaanyo clan. FYI government contracts go through rigorous tender procedures and is managed for the first time in Somaliland history by a transparent and independent tender board. I do not think Silanyo clan should be excluded in participating to compete fairly in government contracts, they too have rights in this country. I think you have problems with Silaanyo clan, but I don't.

    I hope you will be happy with this response unless you want to keep ranting. Congratulations! you commented on your piece more than anyone else. This is an induction that you were not able to put your points straight to the readers and you are now struggling and making rounds to drag people down to your standards. Good luck!

    • The fact that the debate is still going on proves that my article has legs. The fact that you took the time to respond proves that there is room for debate. That is the whole point. A well written article creates feedback and debate, and brother Dhugtime, you have proved that. You say "tomato" I say "tamata". You have a right to state your arguments, I have the right to statement. And if I commented on my article, surely, I have the right to defend my argument. kkk.No food aid was stolen. I guess all that food was eating my mice, eh! brother Dhugtime..

      • @C.M.Abokor,

        How about if I tell you that you are debating yourself and we just feel obligated to support you to come to your senses. At least that is what I felt. Get off your ego and move on.

        • Thanks for the input. But, why move on when there are still people debating this issue. The opinion is still remains, President Silaanyo is not a strong leader. I have not heard a single opinion to the contrary, it is just shout at the author. Come on! Show me the strenght of President Silaanyo

    • In point No. 4 you state that Muj. Mohamed Hashi Elmi, an honourable man who was one of the founding fathers of the SNM movement, was sacked because he was incompetent but in your comment to this same article dated 4 days ago you praised Siilanyo for increasing the national budget by 180%. Who do you think was responsible for this?

      Ps. Dont you ever call a man of the stature of Muj. Mohamed Hashi Elmi incompetent, for he may be many things but certainly incompetent is not one of them.

      • I agree, I might have gone overboard on that one by calling him incompetent. But still he was fired by Silaanyo. I do not know the man in person, but people who know him say that he has chip on his shoulder and behaves wired in cabinet meetings. For instance when he was Riyaale's Industry Minister he tabled a budget of his own, which contradicted Mr. Awil's budget plan, Awil was the finance Minister.

        I apologize for the incompetent word.

  24. You know, since this debate began I have not read a single comment on this forum refuting President Silaanyo's weak leadership. I have not read a single argument for his perceived strength. It is just shout the author down. "Come to your senses, get off your ego, move on, lopsided criticism" and so on. Folks this a forum for debate. Instead of trying to shout down the author, how about a counter article to highlight the President's strength. Perhaps then we can move on.