Assalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

We all thank God for allowing us to be here again in this new year of 2013, in a time that we recall what we have achieved last year. On behalf of the Wagosha clan of Jubba land in Southern Somalia, I am greeting you and congratulating you on the new year of 2013, bearing in mind that our country has a long way to go to end the prolonged civil war. A lot have been achieved last year nationally, like the creation of the new Somali government after 22 year of civil war and chaos in our beloved country. I would like to congratulate President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, his Prime Minister Abdi Shirdon Farah, the entire cabinet, and the parliamentarians for their tireless efforts to help the country out of the current mess.
After that our country faces many challenges, politically, economically and security wise. All these challenges can be dealt with the unity of Somali people, leaving behind their differences and holding sincere talks, with the participation of genuine representatives of the concerned groups.
Somalia and International community
It has been a very crucial victory for Somalia to reappear in the international stage as a formal and official government legally elected by Somali people. The President has shown his mature manner in dealing with the international community, specially the regional neighboring countries. I believe all his visits abroad since coming to power were important to the country and to the people of Somalia.
The international community on their side, despite carrying the burden of helping a country, that is beginning everything from the scratch, yet they are expected to recognize and respect the sovereignty of our country, which is a full member of the UN.
Somalia is part of a wider problem that exists in the Horn of Africa and the international community needs to get more effective at conflict prevention, better coordination by the international community as a whole. Some may think that the issue of Somalia is the hardest ever in this world, but always the approach of the international community was not well evaluated or not well coordinated, because of listening views of one side and ignoring the others.
Social Services
Somalia has been without a strong central government since 1991, and its not going to be an easy task to fulfill everything in one day. We know the country needs services like education, health, security and other important things.
We must expect many disappointments, and many unpleasant surprises, but we may be sure that the task which we have freely accepted is one not beyond the compass and the strength of the Somali people, who showed bravery and generosity during the 22 years of ordeal and endless fighting.
Early in 1992, After his visit to Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, the British Foreign Affairs Secretary had to say these words, given the extent of the destruction our country is facing until today
“One million people have died in those 20 years, out of an average population of nine million. More people are dependent on food aid – literally kept from starvation – than the entire population of Edinburgh, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool put together. If you are born in Somalia today you can hope to live to the age of 48, roughly the same average life expectancy of people in Britain in 1880. Large areas of the country are controlled by extremists and militants. Most people live without access to justice and human rights, and Somalia has become a haven for the some of the worst criminality and terrorism in the world. Piracy has flourished and innocent British holidaymakers have been seized in neighboring countries and surrounding waters, including Kenya and the Seychelles”.

I believe that we must expect many disappointments, and many unpleasant surprises, but we may be sure that the task which we have freely accepted is one not beyond the compass and the strength of the Somali people, who showed bravery and generosity during the 22 years of ordeal and endless fighting in their country.

Regional states, Jubbaland crisis
According to the constitution, Somalia has to adopt a new political system based on federal states within the Somali Republic. To my understanding in some cases few people have misunderstood the kind of federal system the constitution calls. For example for the case of Jubbaland, people from Ethiopian region of Zone Five and others from Kenya’s North Eastern Province have gathered in Kismayo to set upo a regional administration based on clan. Its obvious that these people are violating the country’s constitution, because they are officially foreigners who are meddling Somalia’s internal affairs.
Ahmed Madobe, Mohamed Abdi Gandi, Kenya’s state minister for defense Mohamed Yusuf Haji, his son Nuradin, and other Somali Kenyan politicians have made up a clan project supported by other warlords from Puntland to invade Jubbaland and exterminate the real inhabitants of the region. As President Hassan Sheikh of Somalia earlier said that all conflicts in Jubbaland were created by outsiders, this project is not different from previous wars that destroyed the lives and the property of Jubbaland indigenous people.
The aim of the Ogadeni clan mongers is to take over by forces the entire Jubbaland area, while Puntland warlords have revenge motives against Marehan and also a repeat conspiracy of massacring other communities in the region, including the Wagosha majority.
Kenyan government is being used to pursue clan interests, while the international community funded the Nairobi military operations in a bid to eliminate Al Shabab militants. With the instructions of Kenyan Ogadeni officials, Kenya Defence Forces helped only Ogadenis to capture Kismayo, deliberately neglecting Marehan clan militants in Gedo region. Its clear that the Marehan militants are under Kenyan military sanction, because there is fear that if they move ahed and liberate all areas in Gedo region, they will also come to Kismayo, something that will annoy the Kenyan Ogadeni politicians and the entire Ogadeni clan.
In this case there is no any genuine operation against Al –Shabab in southern Somalia, and instead there is one clan being helped by a foreign country against other clans in the region.
Opposing to the stand of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Jubbaland crisis, which is to adopt a bottom up approach of reconciliation, Kenyan Ogadeni politicians launched an operation to deport Somalis from Nairobi, and this operation caused looting of Somali property and other damages.
The Wagosha clan has been calling for genuine reconciliation and talks, but that does not seem possible at the moment, because of the obstacles set up by the invaders from Ethiopia’s Zone Five Region and those from Kenya’s North East Province and Puntland.
We managed to hold talks with many Somali clans, who fully understood our case, and in support of Wagosha people to have the absolute rights of their land, prominent Hawiye clan elder Mohamed Hassan Had accused foreigners from Ethiopia and Kenya’s North East Province of being obstacle to the peace of Jubbaland.
Self defence call to Wagosha people
In 1991, when the Wagosha clan faced the worst genocide ever in the Somali history, carried out by an alliance of Darod clans, the Wagosha clan organized themselves in different forms. More than twenty years now these efforts have resulted public awareness among the Wagosha wherever they are, and everyone is ready toi die for his land. The world listened to the lies of the criminals, and even helped in creating false history against our people with the aim of destroying completely our future and our rights.
Thanks to the situation on the ground that facilitated our people to arm themselves with only one and genuine reason of self defence and liberation.
We will not only fight to save our people, but to save the Horn of Africa Region and the world.Region and the world.
As the former British premier Churchill said during the world war two.“This is no war of domination or imperial aggrandizement or material gain; no war to shut any country out of its sunlight and means of progress. It is a war, viewed in its inherent quality, to establish, on impregnable rocks, the rights of the individual, and it is a war to establish and revive the stature of man. We are sure that these liberties will be in hands which will not abuse them, which will use them for no class or party interests, which will cherish and guard them, and we look forward to the day, surely and confidently we look forward to the day, when our liberties and rights will be restored to us, and when we shall be able to share them with the peoples to whom such blessings are unknown”. (Winston Churchill).
We know that the invaders considers themselves as heroes of or born to be fighters, but I tell my people no aggressor has the right to be respected at all.
Stalin the Soviet leader during the war said “Of course not! History shows that there are no invincible armies and never have been. Napoleon’s army was considered invincible, but it was beaten successively by the armies of Russia, England and Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm’s German army in the period of the First Imperialist War was also considered invincible, but it was beaten several times by Russian and Anglo-French troops, and was finally smashed by the Anglo-French forces.”
In every war, the enemy uses tactics like dividing people or wooing them with money and other valueless materials, so we have to bear in mind to wage a ruthless fight against all dis-organizers, deserters, panic-mongers, rumor-mongers, spies, enemy followers and anyone who is undermining the blessed and the legitimate struggle of the Wagosha people.
In this kind of struggle we should not forget to adopt all forms of combating the enemy, lime fomenting guerrilla warfare everywhere, to blow up bridges, roads, damage telephone, all sorts of communications.

For the complete destruction of the invaders!
Death to the invaders!
Long live our glorious Motherland, her liberty and her independence!
Under the banner of Liberation or death
Victory  To Wagosha!

Engineer Yarow Sharif Aden
Leader of Wagosha people


  1. Excellent article. The Somali government supports the freedom of Wagosha people, and rest assured these zone5 & NFD foreigners will soon be ejected. The government is working on that.

  2. Waa nasiibdarro in beesha Darood qeybta dalka Somalia degta inay xasuuq uu geysteen beesha Wagosha. Welina waxa ay doonayaan inay dhulka beesha Wagosha iyo beelaha kale ee koonfurta Somalia ka qaadan dhulkooda taasi waa nasiibdarro. Reer Somalia nasiibdarrada haysata waa beel aan ogoleyn in wax lala qeybsado oo doonaysa inay wax kasta xukunto.

    • 90% Dadka dage Jubada hoose,Jubada dhexe iyo Gedo waa darood xaqiiqdu waa taa qofkii ku farxayo iyo kii ku naxayo. somalida 10 million Qabiil walbana meeshu dago waa la garan. waa sheeko moryaneed iyo saxiibadooda dadka dhahaya darood jubbaland uma badna. waxii hore laga bax ma soconeyso mardanbe in hal meel somaliya laga xukumo. wagoshaan aad ku dul mareysaneysaan waa less then 5% population in jubbaland get your facts right.

      Dadka u badan dhulka Jubbaland iyagaa u talin waa xaqiiq taa.

  3. the real parasite is the majerten, just check they are in every corner of corner instigating and killing.
    aidid and the snm should have exterminate them back in 90's.
    even the sea can't get away from the dark devils….

    • Your just BIG German shephered Dog. MJ they are too sophasticated for you…………………….

  4. Who looted Mogadishu? Who’s trying to decide the country? Real person admits his/her mistakes.

  5. Who looted Mogadishu? Who’s trying to devide the country? Then blaming MJ. Real pple admit their mistakes.

  6. I want tell everyone who is in doubt about the reality of jubbaland, forget it! jubbaland state is done and dusted. Gedo (Alto jubba) and mddle and lower jubba is undergoing the final touches. as i speak awlibaax of Gedo is touring gedo towns to inform people about the new administration. as bardhere and buurdhuubo falls within next week or so elders will be going to kismaayo to vote on parliament and leader.
    Wagosha kkkkkkkkk you make me lough could'nt you come up with something like isaq cousins biyamal? also they are not many they reside in jamaame and are known residents.
    jubbaland residents are 95% absame,marehan and harti minorities. the rest 5% are shikhaal,galjecel,biyamal and bantu. al of this could not contribute to 300 soldiers to the struggle against alshebaab. jubbaland anaa iskaleh so ciil u dhimo.

    • After darood, shiikhaal are the majority. They are not part of the 5% as you seem to indicate. Shiikhaal are also bigger than Hawiye in numbers, in case you wasn't aware of it.

  7. Stop blaming each other starting from Banaadir to Jubba land it is time for everybody and I mean everybody to get there land and their property back. If we are going to make it as nation we have to let go of this clannish attitude or lets call it game over. Why are we bothering other people if we can't do the simple task of giving there property back these people have already lost so much. This problem is all over Somalia no particular clan to be blamed what happened happened lets start a new beginning.

  8. It looks this "Wagosha group it's ghost",my believe is someone from secessionist camp wrote this artical.

    The author should understand writing fiction stories no one will buy it. in Jubbaland there's majority and minority like anywhere else in the world, always majority will lead.

    Folks who are controling kismayo+all jubbaland are the rightful owners of this land. there is no such think call someone from out side control kismayo it's all fabricated lies from ppl who destroy somalia and their affiliate. Jubbaland faith already been sealed, majority will take in charge and the minority will get their appropriate share nothing more or less.

    IC told Hassan NGO to follow the formula or somalia could go back civil war, today he has no choice but to accept the wishes majority of jubbalanders. indeed big hummilation.

    • thats right hassan NGO got the typical HAWIE IQ the guy tried to tell the international to to ignore the somali constitution and dumb federalism. now he realized he is nothing but temporary president to calm down the hutus in mogadishu for 4 years and when we have proper army to controle the nomads who occupied mogadhi someone with normal IQ will be president again either from the ruling class or the secessionists.

    • If you argue for majority rules in Jubaland, I do not know whether your clan is majority in that land or not, however, why is it that your clan or the clan you speak on their behalf always deny the right of majority when it comes to Somaliland? Think please!

  9. I wonder why they are smiling as they cruise through the streets and back alleyways of Koonfur?

    30,000 Bantus can have 3million Children who speak Swahili in no time!

    • Did you know more than 24,000 children born in Hargeisa their fathers are ethiopian, because almost 10,000 ethiopian spies live in Hargiesa and burco.

      • 🙂 lol

        I know it hurts you but don't worry the Nigerians are sending their MEN to help you build your country. In Liberia the Nigerians produced 250,000 Children in 10years when they helped Liberia as part of an AU Mission.

        🙂 Somalia = Fufu country

        Look at the Picture those men are smiling for a reason… 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • It looks your out of control always keep repeating AU forces will have one million children in somalia while you don't look back your neck of the woods. i was wondering, if yourself left behind by the ethiopains in hargeisa.

  10. As a believer in freedom and Justice, I whole heartily agree that the Wagosha people and other minority's have suffered at the hands of Somali's, who believe they are better and more important, to sum it up they are dealing with racism. I feels sorry for the minority's of Somalia , because we are so racist that we dived and mistreat each other, what chance do these people have.

    When ever a foreigner comes from abroad we kiss their ass, yet we can't treat each other and are non Somali brothers and sisters with respect, this is disgusting and shameful.

    Here's a recent incident where i learned something new from strangers, I was at the Hospital, while i was waiting to see the doctor, i seen this lady and her son, they looked Somali so i approached them and greeted them, as turns out they were from Harare a city in eastern Ethiopia, the people of Harare are 100% Muslim and they inter marry with Somali's, every now and then they would speak their language and some words sounded Somali, when i asked them about this they said since they inter marry with Somali's they picked a few words here and there and sometime it doesn't have the same meaning.

  11. kenya way tagaysaa laakiin waanu arki qoloda u harta kismayo. sababtoo ah uma maleynayo ogaden kaligii inuu dagaal ku qabsan karo . mida kale marehan ayaaba u dhaarsan haday kenya baxdo somaliyey soo ogaada. viva somaliland

    • Kenya Haday joogto iyo hadii kaleba DADKA udhashey Jubbaland iyagaa Gacanta ku heynaya kismayo. waa heshiis dadka ugu badan deeganka jubbaland. ogaden keligii kismayo gacanta kuma hayo si QALAD baad wax u fahamtey.

  12. it is first time, I heard Wagosha, who are they by the way? It doesn't sound like a Somali tribe.

  13. at ayanle….
    where do you get that bantu are from kismayo?
    bantu are not even from east africa, just check online or go to the library.
    they migrated from around cameroun to central, north, south and east.
    so if you look back in history the rightfull owner of kenya and tanzania are cushtic people.

  14. Folks, where's the Hawiyeland and all the othersland out of all these Jubbaland, Puntland, Ogadenia-fatuushland and God knows allSomalialand under fire? Who actually calls the big picture shots in all inclusive Somalia whose capital is Mogadiscio?

  15. Insha'allah one day Wagosha people will live in their motherland (Somalia) where they will not be judged or discriminate by the Qabiil/Tribe they are. 🙂

  16. The OOJI people, not Wagosha, thats what we used to call people are grew up with in Jilib, Somalia. The writer must have lost his mind by claiming there are or were any Ooji or wagosha people in Kismaayo, the wagosha as he claims inhabit, Jilib, mareerey, kamsuuma, beledul amiim, and so on. They lived in small farming lands in Jubaland and the majority were alwayz others. To be honest and fair, the wagosha were the majority in those small towns that i mentioned' but when it comes to Kismayo they were none. Jubaland is not for one clan, it has never been. each city had its majority so to be fair gtive kismaayo to Daaroods, Majeerteen, marehan and ogadens and give the rest hawiye and ooji or wagosha. the wagosha people have denounced somali cititenship when the fled to kenya, claiming to be Bantu, i simply cannot trust these wagosha people, some have converted to christanity,


      Upper juba region.
      – Baardheere
      – Balet Hawo
      – Ceelwaaq
      – Doolow
      – Garbahaarey
      – Luuq

      Middle jubba
      – Bu'aale
      – Jilib
      – Sakow

      Lower jubba.
      – Afmadow
      – Dhooble
      – Badhaadhe
      – Jamaame
      – Xagar

      All these districts Majority over all are Darood 90% or i may call ( Darood Wamo ). ofcourse there are other ppl live there, but they are minority. Wogasha folks originated zanzibar infact some of them stack in mogadhsu the civil war time they been evacuated the UN few month's ago from mogadishu and flew back to Tanzania.

  17. Also I want to remind my fellow and beloved Landers that what folks like Kayse want to do is distract us from our mission to make this country great!

    So lets focus extra hard on how we can make this Republic stronger we owe that much to our those who sacrificed so much for this day!

    Every time they post a hateful comment, I want a Lander to put a comment with a solution to any problem we face in our nation. Every time they post some rubbish I want a Lander to post a new angle, a new idea of making what we currently have even stronger.

    Lets use their hate to our advantage! Lets make it a challenge whoever can come up with the most gets a free $100 ( or whatever) gift card to the shop of their choosing etc….

  18. I aslo Challenge Fa q@ @shawipress that instead of giving our enemies a voice on our media platforms that it once and for all prove its allegiance to Somaliland and its people by holding a online contest to its readers on how to make Somalilander better! Challenge our young and old from home and the diaspora to contribute meaningful ideas and then reward with acknowledgement on your site, perhaps even an interview! I DARE YOU! CAAARRRRR!

  19. The truth is emerging gradually. I remember the case of Rahanweyn, when they launched their struggle in 1990ties, people did not took them serious, until they liberated their land. This had been done in Somaliland, Hiiraan, Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia, so keep going on, one day the goal will be reached beyond the beliefs of the aggressors.

    • Your memory looks fiction one here is the fact.

      Nothern somalia or s/land region fought barre regime same to all other regions in somalia.

      Mogadhsu did not liberate anything from it self accept causing more distruction to their city up now.

      Hiiran liberated it self 1992 from warlord Osman caato his millia.

      Baydhabo liberated it self 1996 from the MAD MAX Aideed his millia use to set up check points money extortion took their farm away moryaan style.

      Galkacyo also kick them out few moryan millia try to set up check points.

  20. kismayo is our god given land it belongs to majerteens and only majerteens and those former Jareer bantu slaves should relocate back to congo or we will massacre them.

    Jareers will never ever live in our cities, towns or villages.

      • Suufi STOP!

        PuntlandGay is a Looma Ooyaan so he must be of the Madheerteen bloodline specifically Ciise Mahamoud the same people the MAD-MULAH called Kaafir and murdered thousands of them by pushing them still alive over the cliffs in EYL.

  21. Folks, Puntland, Gedoland,AIAI-ONLF,Ogadenialand,Jubbaland? What the hell are all these
    suppose to mean for Hawiyeland and all othersland of Failed Somalia proper since 1991, without
    peoples elected functional Govts? How President HSM could bring about comprehensive reconcilation
    between all these fiefdoms with opposing conflicting conspiracies to one another?

    • Mohamed cheers

      I like how nonchalant and care free it comes to you to discuss Somalia affair but when it's your neck of the woods all sudden this kind of talk appears folks none of your concern so let me remind Mr cheers there's a famous saying what's good for the goose is good for the gander I hope you remember that always darling.

  22. @punt king or puntlgzr
    the majerten devils are the parasite of the somali race period
    from somaliland to kenya…from land to international water.
    you people are sick

    • lol sis caanab your a real bred marks A+ ..some day, probably would know your world to invite
      you to Garadagland superpowers?

  23. Jubbaland aka the fake promised land for the OG refugees (don't mistake it with the indigenous OG) will never be established until given the go ahead by Mogadishu simple.

    Now you might argue otherwise by saying it will "SOON" and that Mogadishu cant do blah blah this and blah blah that but the evidence is right there smacking you in your faces Kismayo was captured nearly 4 month ago.

    How many more meetings does these so called "united elders" need to establish an administration unless they've done it longtime ago but proofed to be futile due to the disapproval of Mogadishu.

    I believe because of the huge influx sins the 1970's the Daroods are maybe the majority in the Jubba but only from a clan wise and if all the other clans come together are a minority ill give you an excellent example Somaligalbeed.

    Don't believe in this myth neither that the Hawiye are insignificant because its been proven the lower Jubba use to be mainly inhabited by us and maybe still are unless you've got a census to proof me otherwise.

    • Samale project.

      Your getting the wrong information. kismayo was captured three month's ago to stablish state it take maybe another two month's, because first must be liberate all Upper jubba (Gedo) and Middle Jubba (jilib-sako) it's on the way very soon.because these regions are part of JUBBALAND STATE.

      No doubt Jubbaland state will be create within next two month's. Hassan NGO he knows and was told to stay away jubbaland affairs very big hummilation. the ppl of jubbaland will select their leaders. hawiye moryaan don't have number in all jubbaland it's been that way more than 100 years.

      • Irir Samaale the propaganda your spreading about jubbaland be owned by slaves jareer Bantus from Congo has to end now. I am fed up with your BS.

        • To (PIS)

          I've never claimed that the Bantus own Jubba far from it but what i did say was that the Jubba area is a hotbed for many clans Daroods Hawiye Dir Rahanweyn Bantus Bajunis etc etc and that the Daroods could be the biggest but not if other clans came together.

          + Why i don't trust this so called Jubba initiative lead by IGAD and its OG refugees

          • Samale project.

            Even if put together all the other tribes live in Jubbaland still Darood clan have bigger number. what you need to do is read the history of Jubbaland before you jump on this wagon, because it looks your clueless.

            – Majority inhabetant in Jubbaland are Darood (wamo).
            – If compine all the other tribes live in Jubbaland still Darood clan have larger number 3x.
            – Jubbaland consist eighteen towns,sixteen of them 100% inhabite Darood.
            – it's in the final touch creating Jubbaland state whether Hassan NGO come on board or not.
            – Jubbaland initiative is led by local folks not IGAD or Hassan NGO low level governance.
            – The majority in Jubbaland will decide the future of this state.
            – Hiiraan online is media web like anyother media outlet, anyone can post their view.

  24. jubbaland is hawiye land and have been hawiye for the past 1000 years, daroods flooded the place in the 60s and 70s do to their big mouth siyaad. jabba is hawiye and will always stay hawiye.

    • No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.
      statement of purpose writing