The Newly Elected Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Eng. Yusuf Warsame Said has of today officially assumed office  after his predecessor Hon Eng. Hussein Mohamed Jicir handed him the Key to the city of  Hargeisa  in a ceremony which was presided by the Interior Minister Hon Mohamed Nur Arrale(Duur)and was held  at the civil services commission  headquarters.

The Outgoing Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Eng. Hussein Mohamed Jicir during the handing over ceremony touched on the many accomplishments he and his team had managed to achieve in the past ten years in office.

“Me and my team had in the past five years had made every effort in our disposal to uplift the face of the capital city not to mention the construction of more than 58 new tarmac roads in almost every ward of the city of Hargeisa”,said the outgoing Mayor Eng. Hussein Mohamed Jicir.

The New Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Eng. Yusuf Warsame Said thanked the outgoing Mayor and his team for their hard work and impeccable service that they had rendered the people and the city of Hargeisa in the past 10 years.

“I am ready for the hard work ahead of me and i know it is not an easy task which lies ahead of us, but me and my team shall introduce massive changes to the crumbling infrastructure of our urban centre and I urge the good people of Hargeisa to work with us because with their cooperation, I believe we can achieve much”, Said Eng. Warsame.

The Minister of Interior Hon Mohamed Nur Arrale (Dur) during the ceremony said, much is expected from the incoming mayor and his team by the people of Hargeisa and his ministry are ready to work hand in hand with the newly elected Mayor and his team.

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  1. I hope this guy is as good as he sound, he is a civil engineer and he used to be part of Oslo town planning.

      • You're right, one doesn't have to be an Eng. to be a mayor of a city but at least the new mayor's credentials and his previous experience will help to improve the basic infrastructure of the capital.

  2. they say aqoon baa talisa and Eng. Warasame Yusuf Said has knowledge and background experience to do the job the way its supposed to be done in order to uplift the capital city to new heights and i pray to all mighty allah that he succeeds in this endeavour.

    Unfortunately i believe he will be starting from pretty much scratch as i doubt the preceding mayor left behind any system of note because you had unfortunately people running the capital city who believe all you need to do the job was simply tarmac few roads. What happened in the last 10 yrs to setting up system of waste collection/disposal, post coding, street naming, Street Lightings etc.

    It would have been nice to have made some headway's in all the aforesaid but as they say its better late than never.

    • yep but its the big elephant in the room here ! you can't pretend to have done something as hargeisa mayor
      while the 2nd somali city in term of size is full of trash !
      Trash over new road it is a simple matter of priority !

      • ayanle lets not forget that hargaisa is probably the cleanest somali city and that it is unclean compared to first world cities.

  3. Morgan was not only a tribalist who attacked Somalilanders but he also attacked Hawyie. He hated any other then him self. Fact. See this

    • yea-yea,

      It was civil war time every war lord done the same if not worst wthether usc ,snm or ssdf……..

      • LOL at mohamed ina darood, Snm where not war lords so stop getting your facts from

        • Tell them Kaboon…

          SNM did not occupy any part of Somalia-Italia. We were fighting as two States and all the crime was committed by the clans of Somalia-Italia: SNM secured Somaliland Republic and stayed out of Somalia-Italia. They destroyed their own country and now wish to cry about it.

          – Abogaalo
          – XarBir Digir
          – Majareer
          – Mareerxaar
          – Baroweyni(Pilot)
          – Raxoweyn

          Somalilander was destroyed by you people and then you destroyed your own country. No Somaliland fired a single bullet in Somalia-Federation aka Somalia-Italia.

    • They though they could mess with the mighty HAWIYE nation only to end up beating their weak chest for no reason lol.

      Many aggressors tried to f@@k with us only to end up leaving with their tails behind their legs even including the worlds only superpower and now some of those we defeated longtime ago their sons are starting to beat their weak chest.


    • Nura, I don't think it’s necessary to know his clan, but rather what he can deliver to help the city and its inhabitants. Hargeisans are eager for badly needed services and equal distribution of development projects. I believe Yusuf is an honest and descent man; someone who can deliver the promises he made for the people of Hargeisa during the campaign. That is all.

  4. Hargeisa is metropolitan city where all the fabrics of Somaliland people reside, and it does not need a mayor from a certain tribe or group, but someone who knows what it takes to develop this neglected city since 1960, but destroyed what the people of this city have built in their own. I remember, the only building that they [former Somali governments] made in Hargeisa was and still is the current ministry of interior, and nothing else.

    Let us all pray for the newly elected council will develop the landscape of Hargeisa with the meager tax collection from the mother who sells tomatoes in the street of Hargeisa and the small business that exists now. The target of this mayor and his team should be the business heavyweights of Hargeisa to pay the tax that they always evade or avoid to pay, and should be shared by the local government and the central government, at least to some extend [that is if we want to develop the city, and made a capital of Somaliland].

  5. Welcome Hon Yusuf Warsame Said and good luck with your new role.Hargeisa is our capital and I hope you give it all the necessary attention to develop it and uplift it.

  6. The new mayor has to outline his agenda and make the city annual budget public.Since he has lived in western world, he knows what the citizen of the city demands and he has to lead by good example.

  7. Also I want to remind my fellow and beloved Landers that what folks like Kayse want to do is distract us from our mission to make this country great!

    So lets focus extra hard on how we can make this Republic stronger we owe that much to our those who sacrificed so much for this day!

    Every time they post a hateful comment, I want a Lander to put a comment with a solution to any problem we face in our nation. Every time they post some rubbish I want a Lander to post a new angle, a new idea of making what we currently have even stronger.

    Lets use their hate to our advantage! Lets make it a challenge whoever can come up with the most gets a free $100 ( or whatever) gift card to the shop of their choosing etc….

  8. I aslo Challenge Fa q@ @shawipress that instead of giving our enemies a voice on our media platforms that it once and for all prove its allegiance to Somaliland and its people by holding a online contest to its readers on how to make Somalilander better! Challenge our young and old from home and the diaspora to contribute meaningful ideas and then reward with acknowledgement on your site, perhaps even an interview! I DARE YOU! CAAARRRRR!

  9. Lol@ part of Oslo town planning!. An African cannot get a job as a janitor in the city planning department of Osly. Alla maxaa masaakiinta been lagu maaweelinayaa. Maxay u qabtaan dalka madaxda la doortaa? Waxba. Waxay qurbajoogtu u tagaan dalka inay xoogaa ka soo lufluftaan ee dalka wax u qabo uma tagaan. Caasimaddu ma haysato, laydh, biyo iyo jidad fiican, kuddaafaddana lagama guro ( garbage disposal ). Bal wax kale yayba qabanee, kuddaafadda magaalada ha ka gureen, si aanay dadka caafimaadkood u saamayn.

    • I am not sure how often the Somaliland people who had a chance to run away the war and bettter themselves in Western countries rule in Somaliland. While others either fled to Refugee camps in Ethopia or stayed close by and have done so much for the country are unemployed . Someone has to run higher office in the country not coming from Europe or worked in Europe, but having very good experience and again people stayed in the country should be given priority, as they deserve more than others.

  10. .Yusuf Warsame is the newly elected mayor of Hargeisa and he is the mayor to all Hargeisans. Let's give the guy a chance and see his work. Let’s stop these destructive clannish tendencies and build our country collectively. In particular, those so called Diaspora, who are so narrow minded and could not achieve anything worthwhile in the west. The only thing they spend their idle time is to talk about distractive clanism and the demise of our people and the peace and stability that we built for twenty years. Those against Somaliland are eagerly waiting the dissolution of Somaliland, but that will never happen “over my dead body”.
    Please. Stop this nonsensical and empty rhetoric and strive to work for the good of Somaliland.

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