Right ho! Goes the rallying cry of the cattle herders in the Wild West as they bark orders to embark on their normal chores and daily duties.

Right ho! We say to fellow Somalilanders for it’s a new chapter in a new period in the local governance sector for national development.

It is our aspirations which should reflect upon our lives such that we should always remind ourselves what the best ways in store for us are indeed supposed to be.

We have to steer away from all turbulent currents in order to get our vessels home in one piece.

Our esteemed readers may wonder some aloud, as to why we emphasize repeatedly the need for peace and stability maintenance. Such noble causes need the steady and sober minds to assert it at all costs and opportunities.

No development or prosperity can ever be achieved under circumstances that are not conducive in the first place.

Whereas we should pull together concerted efforts to put our factors of production into good use, we rather opt for retrogressive ways.

The culture of tribal oriented and clannish mentality is something well known to all as devilish. No positive steps can ever be achieved if such innuendoes are injected into the mainstream social fabrics.

The parliament and the Guuurti should take care not enter the wrong chapters of history. They shouldn’t give raw deals to their subjects.

We have perpetually asked them to be at the forefront of national cohesion, harmonious inter-communal living, development oriented projects and all aspects that are a plus as far as lifting up of the socio-economical and socio-political standards of the populace is concerned.

By the way, are our people really aware of the painstaking efforts our foes out there take to and jump on every tiny opportunity available to undermine SL with hopes of blocking sovereignty all together? Do our readers know how many dogs of war are out there in our foes’ payrolls soldiering on through the powers of pen to diminish our integrity just as they hire assassins?

On the contrary, how much moral or material support do we inject to pep up our aspirations and/or counter such offensives?

We should support the government at all costs for it is incumbent upon us to do so. No country or nation achieves aspirations without the unconditional and selfless support of her populace.

Our readers may not know that enemies of this country are at pains to come to terms to the fact that SL and Somalia are to have talks.

This is because they know what the talks entail all about. Our people should be rest assured that when the real talks begin it will be to call the spade by its rightful name.

We were bound with no holy communion before just as we aren’t now. This is what all our enemies should be reminded without living in inept wishful thinking.

The state needs the socio-eco-political support from its subjects so as to reach its ideals.

This is what we have been reiterating to the chagrin of many.

We surely elected our President and we should rally around him, come rain come sunshine.

Perhaps the hardest talks for the southerners are how to deal with Puntland and Jubaland.

Thanks their own funeral.

Ours is to keep peace and stability in search of prosperity.



  1. Excellent reading!

    The inevitability of 2-Sovereign States as a solution to the dialogue process is not only Shunned profusely the mere notion of it stupefies the people of Somalia. They neither desire Equal political distribution along a 2-state divide nor do they have any intention of creating a functional state on the basis of inclusivity and consensus. Their only vision is to prolong somali suffering by a sustained entanglement of political affairs of the 2-states of Somaliland and Somalia.

    Our Population must be educated in understanding these vile vermin that believe they will be allowed to witness a single moment of peace in their dustbin state until they are willing to respect all their neighboring states. I am predominantly offended by the shear Naivety of Somaliland politicians and Media outlets that tend to avoid the proper demonizing of our true enemy. In a War of words Somaliland has not retailed even once in 22years of us reclaiming our independence from the 1960Union. Silence does not equate to chivalry, silence has not stamped out the filth that emanates from the enemy, silence has not and will never convert that enemy to our friends. Somaliweyn is dead since Djibouti, Kilil and NFD no longer wish to be part of that Dreaded Union and as such our enemy is fully aware of the importance to Somaliland of regaining is full international recognition. After 22 years of unadulterated animosity they are finally faced with a penultimate anticlimax of their 22years of self delusion and blatant lies. It is the most crucial time in the history of Somaliland and this even upon us should be used to unite the Majority.

  2. As long as we're aware of the fact who our foes are, we're in a good shape. We're in a race so we need to row the boat in the same direction and respect the rules of the game….As it stands right now we're a candidate for the gold metal.

    Somalia, in the meantime is not even in the race, it's on the side lines holding a secret poster that reads "fail Somaliland faill" whereas the rest of the world is cheering up for us..

  3. Perfect and upto the mark..Couldn't agree more. Man you are a solid unwavering prick to the
    lyks of Kayse the maverick dissenter cheap cowboy. Where is he hiding? Your commandeering
    universal facts are proving effective resounding treats to look after this Kayse chap and his devilish
    evil adds.

  4. Y'all talking what seems a far fetched dream. A child should first learn how to walk before running and that is exactly what Somaliland needs at this junction. Charity begins at home first and so as the justics we are demanding from others. Let us first treat our SL-ers equally, give all the opportunity to serve their country, stop xenophobias against certain sectors of our populace, and once we do all these good deeds and others y'all eloquently talked about then and only then we will be in a strong position to demand our independence in unison. If not we will bite the dust, Iam optimistic though

  5. far soomaaliga siyaad barre iyo nin marexan hirgaliyay. siyad barre funded the project and the shire jaamac axmed of marexan clan from galgaduud region founded the system. i see the haters are using my invention to conduct their "election" campaign

    • Tell that to 50-Cent who toured the Gheto and it's Bantu offspring majority. Dude your people left Somali soil bare-foot thanx to Caydiid 🙂 Bah dil intaa ka xun lama arag.

      According to the recent convention held in Djibouti there were no credits given to any Marerxaraan. If Siyad bare could he would claim first Moon landing in the name of Marexaar.

      • you don't know nothing buuxiye ! did you even know that syad wasn't so popular in his
        own clan ? Syad legacy is full of mistake and crimes but Qabil is not one ! if he were a tribal leader
        he would have developt his home region of bay and bakool !

  6. salum alaikum muslim brothers and sisters can you plz help me because i dont really know which party i should pickplz help me with this decision my mum said all of em are izaaq and am a darood infact am from laascaanood i respect somliland very well but again its a hard decision which one to pick

      • LOOL Mo Cheers, what's Leeban on about, waaba nin walan. help me with this decision kulaha, bal wuxuu ku mashquulsan yahay eega.

  7. @osman Qaal

    are you nuts, i guess that's why more international delegates are flying to Somalia and pledging support Somalia. Also most consider Somaliland State of Somalia. So please stop touting your own horn when your not even winning. That only makes you seem desperate and losing sense of reality.

    • This International delegates are flying to Somalia because of their on interest not for the interest of the Somali people.

    • tellmanutz,
      That's your take, my is different. You've probably been in a comma for the last 21 yrs. As I'm typing up this piece right now, I consider Somalia is a hell hole politically, I have no bad feelings about it's citizens though, I always wish them well.

      If your theme is a support from outside, we're totally in a different league. I would be more interested in your argument if you could brag about the long coast, untapped natural resources, determination of your fellow citizens etc…

        • You seem like a piratical person, So please explain to me why you think leaving Somalia all together is such a good idea.

          Why is it, when asked questions like these, pro secessionist tend to bring up Siade Barre. We all know what (good and wrong) this man has done. Why is it pro secessionist tend to blame all Somali's for the past grievance committed by a group of soldiers that usurped the people and the Government of the time. We all know that this man and group he lead ,governed in a authoritarian fashion fashion.

          Why can't the secessionist group work just as hard and diligent to better Somalia, and make sure crimes of the past don't occur again, or that no Somali suffers biased policy's ever again.

          Why is it that secessionist claim to speak for all the community's of the North West, yet alienate and side line all other community's to the point that they have established their own regional states.

          How will you stop other community's who perceive this whole notion of independence as a one tribe Government, who wishes to impose political dominance.

  8. Also I want to remind my fellow and beloved Landers that what folks like Kayse want to do is distract us from our mission to make this country great!

    So lets focus extra hard on how we can make this Republic stronger we owe that much to our those who sacrificed so much for this day!

    Every time they post a hateful comment, I want a Lander to put a comment with a solution to any problem we face in our nation. Every time they post some rubbish I want a Lander to post a new angle, a new idea of making what we currently have even stronger.

    Lets use their hate to our advantage! Lets make it a challenge whoever can come up with the most ideas gets a free $100 ( or whatever) gift card to the shop of their choosing etc….

  9. I aslo Challenge Fa q@ @shawipress that instead of giving our enemies a voice on our media platforms that it once and for all prove its allegiance to Somaliland and its people by holding a online contest to its readers on how to make Somalilander better! Challenge our young and old from home and the diaspora to contribute meaningful ideas and then reward with acknowledgement on your site, perhaps even an interview! I DARE YOU! CAAARRRRR!

  10. @ComeAgain

    I am the biggest and baddest Fa q@ @sh ever walked on this f**kig earth. when I was little boy me mum used to showered me with the blood of a dead animal which I assume was a freshly dismember goat. whenever me mum cuts the throat of goat I was usually given a bucket full of blood. I thought I was a vampire. how cool!!!

    One day I asked me mom why am I so different from other boys and she said other boys are useless hawiya morons and I am the chosen one AKA the next Fa q@ @sh leader.

    I have almost completed my mission.

    First infiltrate the Hargeisa locals = Done

    Second marry a native hargeisa women = Done with Three kids.

    Third become the mayor of hargeisa = Almost

    Fourth Destroy The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) = In the near future

    Fifth seize power in a military coup in (Mogadishu) = In the near future

    Sixth revive the idea of a Greater Somalia ideology = In the near future

    Seventh Destroy Ethiopian ad Kenya = In the near future

    Eighth Strong and United Somalia = In the near future

    LONG LIVE Fa q@ @sh

    • But how all that could workout when Mogadiscio new Govt supported by foreign powers have
      almost succeeded in pushing the Alshabab fighters to the Puntland Regions where the fighters
      are now engaged deadly battles with the Puntland Districts? Looks the Shabab fighters woudl
      concentrate on Puntland, Jubbaland, Gedoland etc?

  11. Iam reer koonfur from Mogadishu to reer waqooyi, i believe that all somalis are happy to see maamulka Somaliland and our brothers dir isaaq to live in peace. Dirta waqooyi, Hawiye, Darood, Raxanwein are brothers and sisters. Allah swt adviced the muslims to unite, therefore i urge my isaaq brothers and sisters to strive for unity and peace amongst all somalis. A clan cannot break down somalis, and terrorist group cannot continue to terrorize us in our country.

    Waxaan u rajaynayaa Soomaaliya guul iyo midnimo buuxda.

    • instead of coming on the internet and telling issaqs to help other somalis (hawiyes), why dont you help your people yourself.

      • kaboon, iam helping my people and they are all somalis. We must help to rebuilt our country. Mogadishu is welcoming many isaaq seeking work mashallah.

        • How about mogadisho takes it's 100,000 refugees in hargaisa and burco instead of welcoming issaqs. Why can't you hawiye and daroods live without issaq.

          • We hawiye and darood cannot allow isaaq to break down our country. Without Xamar signature you wont get recognition.

  12. Iam reer koonfur from Mogadishu talking to reer waqooyi, i believe that all somalis are happy to see maamulka Somaliland and our brothers dir isaaq to live in peace. Dirta waqooyi, Hawiye, Darood, Raxanwein are brothers and sisters. Allah swt adviced the muslims to unite, therefore i urge my isaaq brothers and sisters to strive for unity and peace amongst all somalis and not to strive for hatred and disunity amongst somalis. We are one nation, one ethnic group, we are muslims, speak one language.
    A clan cannot break down somalis, and terrorist group cannot continue to terrorize us in our country.

    Waxaan u rajaynayaa Soomaaliya guul iyo midnimo buuxda.

      • All clans need to stick with unity of Somalia. We can and will not allow disunity. Minister Fowziyo is proof that many isaaq want unity.

    • Somaliaunity bro what you are saying may become the subject for future talks between the two
      only Govts of Hargeisa and Mogadiscio, if and when the reer Koonfur from the capital Mogadiscio
      central Govt includes Djibouti into the fold of one nation. Without this happening forget de jure
      Somaliland to simply become reunited with the Mogadiscio Somalia Govt.
      2 way state solution is on the table. This time and space the Govt of HSM has a good open ended
      chance to seriously deal with the legit position of Somaliland or else like the C/salad Arta TFG,
      another hawiye Mogadiscio opportunity would twist into another failure!, where Somaliland would
      stick hardcore to their legit demands thus losing nothing except maybe short of recognition which
      could come about from other directions bcos of many options supporting the Somaliland political

      • nice said Mohamed i never understand why walanweyn always welcome traitors somali of Djibouti even accept their soldier in their ground (sic!) while they request SL to keep fake and unfinished union becoz of BS somalinimo! Really hypocrite reer koonfur..

  13. @ tellmenuttz
    you are right bro we cant separate from the south without other minority approval i agree with you.
    and then again i don't like the UN.

  14. puntlandgeezer cousin I'm with you 100%

    that's Every Darood's ambition, Bring back Greater Somalia, destroy Kenya and Ethiopia, make Somalia the strongest and the wealthiest nation, give the minority's rights and rule Somalia until doomsday.
    don't worry Hawie are just temporary in Mogadishu. Only Darood can lead Somalia, next four years we focus on uniting the children Abdirahman bin Isma'il al-Jabarti.

    LONG LIVE FAQASH AKA the chosen ones.

    • Lulu lala..AL-jabarti in Yemen means saab of Yemen..Does that explain that Darood is really
      from the Yemeni Saab untouchables?

    • I heard Abdirahman bin Isma'il al-Jabarti aka father darood was a thief from Yemen who escaped Yemen after he stole a pair of sandals from a mosque one day.

      • lol what's going on kaboon? I also heard Pharoph was a thief aka funeral graveyards gatekeeper
        to look after the dead rituals and lyk Kayse planned his subversive overthow campaigns conspiracies
        against the King of Egypt? Do you think that he was another Al-Jabarti who also escaped from Yemen?

  15. mahamed cheer/kaabon I heard isaaq was a black slave in the middle east who was shipped as slave to somalia's costliness, that's why people call you iidooors. maybe if you stop worrying about the noble duriyad of Doorad you will able to find your roots somewhere in Cameroon

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