COPENHAGEN (Somalilandpress) — The Danish Shipowners’ Association has donate a significant amount of money for underprivileged kids in Somaliland through Save the Children’s development projects. The donation worth about DKK 1.5 million ($270, 000 USD) is said to be part of a new initiative of fighting piracy in the region with new methods and strategy.

The Director of the Danish Shipowners’ Association, Mr. Jan Fritz Hansen, told local reporters that his organisation believes fighting piracy on several fronts was the best solution.

“The warship is doing a great job chasing the pirates at sea, but we strongly believe that a support and education effort ashore will help as well,” he told local media.
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According to Shipgaz, The Save the Children project has been selected after a consultation and a recommendation from the Dannish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The funding will support educate young underprivileged children achieve education in the fields in the country.

The funding is said to be donated by Denmark’s five largest shipping firms; Maersk Line, Torm, J. Lauritzen (JL), Clipper Group and Scandinavian.

The Danish Shipowners’ Association, which represents Denmark’s shipping industry was established in 1884. Shipping is Denmark’s second most important export earner, with a turnover of more than $18 billion and 500 ships registered under Danish flag.

Photo: David Hazell

Somalilandpress, 31st March 2010


  1. They should have donated the money to generate work for the young educated people who could join Payracy if they did not get job in thei country [Somaliland]. Safe Children has to encourage this kind of projects, otherwise the money will be wasted.

  2. I think the Danish shipowners association has made a wise choice because this will support grass-roots projects that support tomorrows decision makers and players in the region.

    Hopefully others will join and will support similar projects.

    This is what we need not money going to corrupted leaders. We need people directly supporting the youth, social projects, sanitation and water, health and education. The rest will fall in the right places.

    Good job!

  3. This is classic, at least its better to go the States and come back with empty hands.


  4. it's about time they supported those who are doing the right thing instead of pouring money in alshabaab infested area that ends up in the wrong hands.

  5. Lets hope the money makes it to needy children before one of Rayaale's ministers pocket it.

  6. thanks tothose who donated I think already Save the children have been training youth in those areas providing them with vocational training for them later to be linked with business and private companies for work


  7. @Elmi lol why are you aganist Reyale bro are you H.C….Trust me the dude is doing his part and we should be thankfull to him.anyways i personaly consider this move by The Danish Shipowners’ Association as a wise one! atleast they Contributed//-)