“one must call spade a spade” Somaliland case and dignity has been derailed, degraded, debased and dishonored in Turkey by the wrong people delegated to fight for Somaliland case in the negotiation table there.

The prophet of Allah (scw) as revealed by Abuhurayra was asked when the time is. The Prophet (scw) said:

a) When a trust is not safeguarded as it should be and when

b) The wrong people are the decision makers, it is the signs of (the end of the world) time” Whether it is the sign of the end of Somaliland as we know her is to be seen.

What happened to the people of Somaliland fits the legal definitions of both genocide as well as ethnic cleansing which falls within the meaning of the Genocide Convention and that was what the Somaliland delegation to Turkey absolutely failed to put forward!
Every body knows that Genocide had taken place in Somaliland from 1978 to 1991. Even the goats in the streets of every city and town in Somaliland knows that. We were there, we lived in that hell, it was Genocide/ethnic cleansing and the world knows it was.

Somaliland was isolated from the rest of what was then called Somali Republic Somaliland was put under marshal law. It was ruled by Military generals from Siyad Barre’s family members. Somalia was not under Marshal Law. The only people who deny that (evil act) fact in its true trend is Somalia and her delegation to Turkey!
Somalia still denies what they have done to us and that is understandably true to their character and cruelty.
What we can not understand however is why the Somaliland representatives followed the deniers’ argument and danced with the devil! The punch has betrayed the cause and the case of Somaliland in that occurrence! However, the buck stops at Siilanyo’s desk.
Both the living and the souls of the martyrs are waiting for an answer from the President because it was him who said,” I will send any body I like to represent Somaliland case and cause in Turkey and else where” now we see what happened! The bunch he sent to Turkey failed to articulate the Somaliland case; instead they followed the argument of our adversary! That amounts to betrayal and some one must be accountable for that.
The crimes committed during an ethnic cleansing, which was happening in Somaliland are similar to those of Genocide.Some academics consider genocide as a subset of “murderous ethnic cleansing.” Ethnic cleansing bleeds into genocide, as mass murder is committed in order to get rid of the targeted people from their land and replace them with the desired community of the perpetrators. This inhuman act happened in Somaliland from1978-1991 under the “displace and Replace” policy of Siyad Barre”
General assembly resolution47/121 referred in its Preamble to ‘the abhorrent policy of ‘ethnic cleansing’, which is a form of genocide’, as being carried on in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
“The international legal definition of the crime of genocide is found in articles-2 and -3 of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide article.
Article-2 describes two elements of the crime of genocide:
1) the mental element, meaning the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such”, and
2) The physical element which includes five acts described in sections a, b, c, d and e. (see below)
genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
Somaliland has experienced all of above evil doings done to them by Siyad Bare of Mogadishu
(Sources: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Note: in the case of Somaliland they forcibly removed in whole or in part of the targeted Somalilanders in Somaliland and another group Replaced the displaced Somalilanders under the government’s policy of “Displace them as to Replace them.” The intent was replacing the targeted group with Siyad Barre’s tribal group of “Absami”a sub-clan of “Daarood” That was a classical ethnic cleansing under the genocidal activities. Some academics consider genocide as a subset of “murderous ethnic cleansing.”
Shockingly the Somaliland delegation did not put these evil acts committed against the innocent people of Somaliland on the table, a job they were supposed to do. Somalia delegation, which always deny or minimize and degrade what can not be minimized or degraded denied the fact that genocide and ethnic cleansing was committed by Mogadish regime of Siyad Barre. Somaliland delegation failed to contest that with all the proofs they had!
To Somalia delegation’s glee, Somaliland delegation followed their argument which was that atrocity which they said it happened to them as well, and that started in 1991!
[Atrocity is an actor circumstances, the quality or state of being atrocious, in executing harmful acts, against peopleAn atrocious and appalling condition, situation, quality, or behavior(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright)
To Somalia, their civil war started in 1991.Unlike Somaliland which was a victim of government initiated, sponsored and executed genocide/ ethnic cleansing, Somalia tribes were fighting among themselves as to who will take over the government in Mogadishu after Siyad Barre fled from the scene.
In the case of the Somaliland people the genocide and the ethnic cleansing which started in 1978 ended in 1991, whereby Somalia’s clan wars started in 1991 after the defeated genocidal regime of Mogadisho had left Mogadishu.
Ironically unfortunately, Somaliland delegation acted as though they were representing Somalia, and the whole exercise in Turkey ended in agreement with Somalia’s contention which was the denial of the genocide/ethnic cleansing against the people of Somaliland! Somalia delegation argued that atrocities happened to Somalia as well, more so to Somaliland! Somaliland delegation accepted that ridiculous, unfair and wrong-on-the- facts argument. They did not represent Somaliland case well. They betrayed Somaliland and they have to answer for that now or later.

However peace and prayers
By Ibrahim M Mead



  1. Your problem, amongst many, is that you bark too loud and bite too hard. A degree of grown up calmness, use of more mesaured tones and avoidance of bile-venting wherever possible usually helps in fruitful adult discourse.

    The issue of the existential negotiations with Somalia, Turkey's role as a not-so neutral mediator(Ambassador Shinn, a man I hugely respect was wrong to claim Turkey is neutral) and who should best represent our cause are all important topics for dscussion but this is not the way to do it.

  2. I think that atrocity and genocide works together. Atrocity is the subective and the genocide
    is the objective. Atrocity is the adjective and genocide is the positive overall total analysis of
    the heinous crimes committed. Yes, atrocity and yes genocide. IMO the Somaliland
    negotiators did a wonderful job by using atrocities which genocide emanates from?
    What will support genocide is ethnic cleansing against the people of Somaliland.
    The most important thing is the establised causes which the FGS side accepted.
    The cleansing and Genocide are now clearly easier to define within the mainstream
    framework of the atrocities committed on a mass scale. In the upcoming meetings
    in Turkey, such more clarifications could be deliberated upon if necessary.
    Contrary to the writers report, I think that the Somaliland delegation has done the best
    that could come out in such circumstances of both sides and that everything looks so
    far so good.

  3. My view Mr Cheers, is that pursuing this Atrocity vs Genocide issue, is leading us a blind alley. What is we are trying to achieve from it anyway? Lets say the non-govt in Mogadishu, accepted what hapepned was genocide. Then what?

    Are we going to demand the handover the lliving perpetrators like Morgan? Do you believe the Hawiye-run non government who only survioces because of Ugandan tanks paid for America and Britain has got the strength, power or the inclination to hand anyone over?

    On the downside by pursuing this issue we will divide ourselves, probabnly dangerously. The genocide was against Isaqs and committed by the Somalia State but if I were a Samaron Somalilander or Darod Somaliland hero like Colonel Mahad Ambashe, I will feel uncomfortable to say the least. In fact i might feel I or my clan is being accused.

    So I will say lets drop this matter for the time being and focus on the future.

    • Kabocalaf told you before"no calaf for geeresh lover's" coming back to your point i totally disagree with you,this is not to please or make happy some clans in Somaliland or what not. It's about telling the truth on what really happen to those insect people who lost their life's because they are from this clan or that clan,
      Isaaq,Samaroon,Darod, all Somalilanders have seen what happened in the past should never ever happen again. by doing that we have to accept the reality and talk openly as Somalilander.

      • Ok Bullale. So we tell the truth. Somalland suffered genocide. Then what? How will this help us achieve our goals for survival, recognition and development?

        You may not have noticed that I did not say we should forget about the genocide. Most certainly not. I am only saying what is the point in pursuing it in the current discussios with the Somalia in Turkey?

  4. In my opinion I'm not sure that FGS would recognise the genocide done by milatary rule to Somalilanders. That was surely genocide not atrocity and that bunch technically alluded. BTW the negotiators couldn't satisfy each other to the main point , the deciders are Somalilanders and referendum will be on way soon or latter.

  5. To Mead anything done by the current administration is bad. If a dame is built to irrigate his Gabiley farm that is bad, because his grandfather once sat there. If a road is built that is too bad for Mead , because it will eventually change to river. If you arrest Morgan and Maslah Afweyne that will be wrong, because they were friends with his cousin.

    Damn if this administration does something and doom if it doesn't. This subject of atrocity vs genocide has been discussed here and in many place more than thousand times and people finally agreed that the two were the same. If the holocaust was good enough to be called an atrocity than what took place in Somaliland was an atrocity.

    I think the thunderous weather in Ottawa has finally waken-up Mr. Mead. Who would he recommend to go with the delegation? may be Faisal A Warabe, who watered-down the previous agreement by insisting that it be signed by the ministers and the the two Presidents and latter on meet privately with Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and others in the UAE and later attended the London dinner party for Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

    The only time Mr. Mead said anything positive about Somaliland was when he met Hersi and wrote a long article entiteled: "Mr. Hersi the misunderstood hero". Perhaps Mr. Mead is bitter, because Hersi didn't help him to be appointed into a government job. We will soon find out.

  6. Mead, a former teacher of mine, said it well. What happened was absolutely genocide. Our government failed us and does not want to recognize this egregious error on its part. It is a well known fact Siilaanyo never accepts or admits his errs.

    Instead of trying to debunk your argument logically they engage in personal attacks and name calling which points to their fragile level of maturity and intellect. The irony is that they don't even understand they are exposing the state and level of their intellect which is awfully shameful.

  7. Somaliland delegations chose the best possible option in order to put the wheels on motion. Playing the blame card would only spark a stall-mate in negotiations. We should put these colluded legal terms and hair spilling aside for now and try to focus on the bigger issues.

    • And what is the bigger issue pal? Why care about stalling the negotiations if you are not winning anything at the end of the day and returning back home empty handed. Mead is not breaking down any administration putting things in their right perspective.
      They chose the best possible option ha? Our option is Somalilanders is clear, and that's is Somaliland first and Somaliland always, so what's yours? osman Qaal or osman Gaal?
      Have a wonderful night!

  8. Ibrahim mead is just another sour loser who is mad that he wasnt included in the government thats why he always writes trash like this. Get a life

  9. If Mead et al care soo much about what happened to us then let them stop constantly trying to break down this elected administration and instead start to work with it!

    Make a difference by making suggestions and putting forth solutions and proof of wrong doing if you have it or get out of the mut h a fra cking way.