By Goth Mohamed Goth

The drilling of two water borehole in the district of El Afweyn in Sanaag region by Somaliland Trading Company is near completion.

Eng. Ashur representing the company drilling said , “We have been luck to find water in this otherwise arid area referring  of the two water boreholes in El Afweyn district is been funded by the Kuwait government donations,

“We Have reached water in 200M depth and produce up to 60mq or equivalent to 300 barrels of water per hour, that why we are pleased to announce that the one of the well holds a vast amounts of water in fact this is the biggest underground water reservoir the company has struck since we started drilling in the country’, stated Eng.  Ashur.

Sheik Esse is representing the government of Kuwait said, “This is part of the project by the government of Kuwait to fund the initiate the sinking of more than 13 water boreholes in the country which aims to drill strategic boreholes for the pastoral communities to alleviate the effects of the ever recurring droughts.

Residents of El Afweyn District thanked both the Kuwait government and Somaliland government for initiated the water boreholes project.


  1. Kuwait funded the SL Airports and now these water projects in EL Afweyn District.
    Let's see how the other GCC peninsula could be as serious as Kuwait by investing on
    sustainable projects helping the SL people as a whole big picture progress.

  2. We thank our Kuwaiti brothers and sisters from the bottoms of our thirsty hearts. As descendants of fellow desert people, they know what it means for a roving bedou family to find water. It si the difference between harsh but noble survival or death.

    We hate to beg, despite our reputation as perrennial beggars, but Kuwait, perhaps in conjuction with UAE, could do help the nomads in a more strategic way too. The biggest single threat to the nomad of Somaliland today is not so much drought or lack of water, important as these are, but charcoal burning by the city dwellers.

    If restaurants in the five big cities were forcded to convert to gas, the now dying countryside of somaliland will recover giving the nomads a shot at survival. All it needs is subsidised gas to restauranst for 20 year period. Estimated cost: $20 Million dollars. That is to save a nation of 3.5 million.

    • Agree wih kabocalaf, no more burning trees, it is hearbroken to see our land nearly turned into desert.!

  3. Also imagine what impact this could have on the global debate on the burning of fossil fuels. If Kuwait/Somaliland/UAE pull this off, it will not silence the Western NGO Fossil Fuel haters, but it will certainly give weapon to those who occassionally point out that fossil fuel burning isnt always bad.

    I hope our Kuwaiti brothers read SomalilandPress