GUURTI Deputy Chairman on Legislative, Justice and Human Rights Committee  Mustafe Mohamed H. Dahir, who is a lawyer himself, welcomed the US President signing the NDAA Act; and the commended the defense cooperation agreement between Somaliland and the United States.

Lawyer Mustafe, speaking at a meeting of the House of Elders elaborated on foreign policy praised the significant changes introduced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Deputy Chairman of the Senate Legislative Committee, Lawyer Mustafe, spoke at a meeting he had with the delegation from the US Congressional staff and stated that the US delegation would return to Somaliland, while their priority visit was to work with this country on security issues at a critical juncture in the Horn of Africa.

Hon. Mustafe also praised the Ministry of Energy for its efforts in signing an oil exploration agreement between a Taiwanese company and Genel Energy.

Similarly, he commended efforts the Ministry of Investment is making to attract international investors to the country’s infrastructure, a step furthering the bilateral relations of Somaliland.