A ceremony was held at the Ministry on Friday night attended by the Minister of Information Hon. Saleebaan Yusuf Ali Kore, Deputy Minister Hon. Abdirahman Ali Abdi, Chairman of Civil Service Commission Qodah, Good Governance Agency Chairman, Marodi Jeh Deputy Governor, Director General Mohamed Yusuf Ismael, Directors of Departments of the Ministry and members of the staff.

DG Mohamed said that the awardees were selected based on their ability and performance, comprising all departments in the ministry, from the regional staff to those in charge of sanitation, totaling 35 men and women, among staff selected from Sool, Togdeer, Awdal, Gebiley regions, and there are also specifically selected 5 employees to take part at the National competition award to be conducted by the Somaliland Civil Service.

Civil Service Commission Chairman Mr Kodah speaking at the ceremony commended those given awards, and urged the remaining to increase their diligence to get awards in future. Mr Kodah also elaborated reason why the Ministry of Information is the most talked about ministry in the country, adding that was due to the ministry’s job and the responsibilities expected of its staff.

Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Minister of Information Hon. Abdirahman said that the staff of the Ministry have done a lot of work, whether it was Radio Hargeisa, Dawan Newspapers Group, Television or other departments, although they do not get enough resources and care, because of meager resource of our nation.

Speaking at the event, the Minister Hon. Koore said that the responsibility for selecting staff was assigned to departmental heads in the ministry.

Hon. Koore stated that when he was transferred to the ministry, he was told it was an unconducive place to work, but found the eerie to be on the contrary.

“If the conversation sometimes gets heated, it does not mean that there is a conflict, but rather that it is a matter of jointly working together for the national duty”, he quipped.

Ministry of Information awarded the best staff for the last year 2021, where the Dawan Media Administrator Deeqa Ahmed, reporter Khadar M. Hashi, and Haibe shine, amongst a 35 staff selected.