The Minister of Finance Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire has endorsed technology teaching to be included in the country’s curriculum and advised technology go-getters to emulate the governments of the world that have benefited from the use of modern technology.

Speaking at a technology innovation event in Hargeisa Dr. Sa’ad said that there are many countries in the world that are similar in many ways to Somaliland and have made great strides in technology. There are other countries pursuing labour oriented yet, not gained much, so, preferable to copy ways others prospered technology.


“Israel is a smaller country in terms of size, we are close, but it is a country that has reached great strides in technology, we need to follow its path. Similarly, South Korea has benefited from the technology, and Taiwan is a country that has immensely benefited from the technology,” he said.

“The world’s top ten billionaires, seven of them gained through technology, he noted, underpinning the importance of technology.

Dr Sa’ad said that as a nation we should ask ourselves how we can improve our country’s knowledge of technology. It’s viable to start learning from the lowest point of the Quranic School up to the universities and add technology education in our nation’s curriculum.

We have to transform our universities, which are currently teaching universities, into research universities, and develop faculties of technology, science and engineering.

A jointly collaborated event by the Ministry of Technology and Premier Bank on May 4 to award winner of innovation contest a $ 18,000 prize, were four contenders reached final and voted both participated public and jury, were at the end announced Future Tech become first winner of the contest with 8 Thousand prize while Elite Software second got 6 thousand dollar & Save Tech become third with 4 thousand prize.


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By M.A. Egge