The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi was the guest of honour in the 19th graduation event at Hargeisa University.

The graduation ceremony was for 1419 students, who had completed the studies at the institution.

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The event was graced by members of the cabinet, chancellors of different universities, politicians from the ruling party Kulmiye, leaders from various sectors, graduates and their parents. They all sent congratulatory messages to the graduating students and wish them well in their future endeavours.

Addressing the students vice chancellor of Hargeisa University Mr. Mohamud Yusuf Musa congratulated the graduates and urged the to benefit their people and country with the knowledge learnt and acquired.

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Varsity dons from universities in Ethiopia and Turkey  praised the University of Hargeisa for their ardent effort to produce quality academicians whose impact can be felt across the globe. The Ethiopian and Turkish universities partner with Hargeisa University.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony the Mayor of Hargeisa Mr.Abdikarim Ahmed Moge congratulated the students and thanked their parents and teachers for their tirelessly to nurture and support the students to succeed in their academic journey.

The minister of education Mr.Ahmed Mohamed Diriye (Toorno) who briefly addressed the graduates congratulated and advised them to make use of the acquired knowledge in development of their country and people.

President Musa Bihi Abdi congratulated the graduates and urged to participate in the development of their country. He stated it was their responsibility to uplift and upgrade the country through the application of their knowledge.

The head of state said that universities are where policies are drafted to lead countries to prosperity. He stated, “Higher education learning institutions are places where development agenda like economics, laws, security science and technology for a country are researched to direct a nation to the development road map.”

Speaking about the election impasse with the opposition parties the president revealed that he had a fruitful discussion with a delegation of businessmen, and he reiterated that he had taken their counsel into consideration.

President said  “ The election impasse is a law matter, that can’t be breached, but should be applied as the businessmen saw it.”

In development the president cut the ribbon to a one floor building, with the state of the art equipment and latest technology. The head of state awarded degrees to the graduating students.