A group of parliamentarians talked about the holding of political organizations and parties. Addressing the press they stated that article 14 of the constitution is clear about holding elections of new political organizations after the lapse of every decade.

They added that the constitution allows citizens to run for elective posts.

Member of Parliament Hon. Abdikarim Mohamed who read a terse statement on behalf of his colleagues confirmed that the supreme court had suspended a portion of the elections of political parties and instead allowed the elections of political organizations.

He said “According to Article 9 of Somaliland constitution Section 1 pertaining to political policy, the most important pillars are peace, democracy and consultation in a multi party setting. The constitution allows citizens to participate in the political process. The law elaborates vividly in the political parties and organizations elections.”

Legislator Ibrahim Ahmed Jama stated the political parties laws should be respected since they have been enshrined in our constitution.