The chairman of political organization Horseed Mr. Abdillahi Hussein Iman (Abdillahi Darawal) has talked about the violent protest instigated by the two opposition parties UCID and Waddani where by five people lost their lives. He called them meaningless and a dent to Somaliland reputation as a bastion of peace.

He said that the opposition incitation to violence would have far reaching implications to peace the Horn of Africa region. He stated the registration of new political organizations was according to the constitution hence UCID and Waddani have to accept it.

Addressing the press he said, “The political organizations registrations committee has registered 15 political organizations. They have been awarded certificates of registrations. They will start the campaign earnestly. The opposition ploy to sabotage the registration process will fail since it is a lawful exercise”.

He added, “Only an elected official can replace the president”.

He urged the opposition to exercise restraint and stop inciting the youth to violence.

He told them the only way to ascend to leadership position is through the ballot box.