Sheikh Almis Sheikh Yahye stated it was indebted upon the members of the community to heed or emulate words of wisdom or worthy actions in reverence to eminent personalities and leaders respectively; and especially moreso put into practice their ideas and virtues both when they are alive just as when they pass.

The cleric, who made a brief statement after the speech in pulpit of Friday Qudba, first criticized the community for neglecting the duty of a Muslim to a fellow Muslim brethren, which includes visiting when they are sick.

He lamented that no one visited during his illness the late Hadrawi.

Sheikh Almis, who was talking about the importance of eminent personalities and worthwhile leaders of the nation and what they need from their society while they are alive and when they die, said that Hadrawi was one of the philosophers of the nation, who was always amongst them, in whatever situation they were in.

“When we were hungry, when we fled, when we mingled with each other, he was always amongst us, he did not collect our wealth, nor did he asked us for a job or compensation”, he said.

Sheikh Almis noted that for people like Hadrawi, the worth of his legacy as concerns his poetry on issues he  pointed out, the awareness, the sermons, and the admonition  told that ought to be learnt and practiced was monumentally magnanimous”, stated the cleric hence lamented that by merely being fans was nonsensical.

“His works should be magnified and taught at high levels, filed in the libraries, hence the essence contained therein be adhered to and legacy engraved”, he advised

He said that the developed world like Europe, had only a handful of philosophers, but the white people have collected the ideals of their philosophers, have written them and they are still taught in their universities.