The minister of constitutional affairs and parliamentary liaison Hon. Mohamed Haji Adam Elmi  urged Somaliland youths to protect and engage in the development of the country.

He told the youths to exercise patriotism and adoration of their country and avoid anything that could disturb the peace and progress of the nation.

The minister was speaking during a ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of Organization of Patriotism Development in Hargeisa. The Organization brings together the youths of Somaliland and promotes patriotism.

The minister of constitutional affairs requested the youths to love and believe in their country. He also asked them to participate in national building.

He said, “Patriotism is very dear, hence it is very important for the country citizens to love and believe in their country. We can only develop through creative solutions of the challenges facing our country”. He continued, “Are they in the same league the youths who have organized this function and those engaging in demonstrations and destruction of properties?”

He went on to say that it was prudent for every Somaliland citizens to love and adore the development of their country.

He added that in the past 31 years since Somaliland became independent from the rogue Somalia government it had prospered immensely thanks to the peaceful coexistence of the people of the country. He reiterated to the youths of the country to continue with the spirit of national building and patriotism.