WAABERI officially started the memberships registration process for their supporters

Four political organizations and their supporters joined the Waaberi political organization, a widely organized event that took place on Thursday in the city of Hargeisa.

The event was attended by the Chairman of WAABERI Political Association Mr. Abdirizak Ibrahim Atash, Deputy chairman of WAABERI Hon. Mustafe Qodax, Secretary General of WAABERI Ms. Salma Abdirahman, officials and their supporters and Chairman Abdirisaq Kujare of HAYAAN, Chairman Abdulqadir Hamoud of HANAQAD, Chairman Miss. Suhur Hassan Abib of UGBAD and Chairman Abdirashid Sheine, of MURUQMAL and their supporters, have all vowed to support the WAABERI Political Association.

WAABERI Political Association Chairman Hon. Abdirizak Ibrahim Atash who spoke on the occasion welcomed the Chairmen and their supporters of the four organizations that joined WAABERI.

Mr. Abdirisaaq said that it is a joy that the talented girls of the country have the notion to join the political stage of the country, like Suhuur Hassan Abib, UGBAAD Chairman.

Mr. Atash who was talking about the political situation of the country said that the four organizations and WAABERI have joined to unite the country’s society to take full advantage of the opportunity in every aspect of our country.

“You have joined the WABERI organization whose vision is for young educated girls and boys to lead and be the future leader of WAABERI and the country.

He said that 15 organizations among WAABERI have been given the certificate to participate in the country’s politics and elections. It is a fundamental right of every person in the Somaliland constitution enshrined, not a right of a particular party or organization.

He called on the people of Somaliland to unite for development and unity and to avoid division and tribalism. We need a nation, not tribes.

Similarly, WAABERI political organization has started registration of members of the organization, and it was said that yesterday up to a thousand members were registered in the offices of Hargeisa.

The process of registering members and establishing offices in all regional capitals is a requirement for every political organization.