LAS ANOD (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland Police chief, Colonel Mohamed Saqadi Dubad, told Somalilandpress by phone on Monday that a remote landmine explosion has killed three police men and wounded further two in the town of Las Anod, the administrative capital of Sool region.

The remote bomb which was hidden among milk cans was placed near Las Anod’s main Mosque, according to Col. Dubad, the explosion went off when the police went to investigate the cans.

The two wounded police-men, who sustained minor injuries were immediately taken to Burao General Hospital in the neighbouring state of Togdheer for treatment.
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No group has claimed responsibility but it is suspected that groups opposed to Somaliland presence in the region, who have close ties with neighbouring state of Puntland and Al-Qaeda backed Al-Shabab could have carried out the blast.

Some of the groups Somaliland suspects include traditional clan Chiefs from the Sool region known as the “Garads” or “Isimo”, it was just Sunday, when it stopped them from a meeting out side Las Anod. Somaliland security forces suspected the group to be gathering in the town of Holhol to mastermind similar attacks against the security forces.

In a separate incident, masked gun man has shot dead a senior Somaliland police man as he left the Mosque after evening prayer on last Sunday.

In recent weeks, there has been an increased attacks in the two of Las Anod as Al Shabab militants forge ties with groups in the region against Somaliland by supplying them with explosion materials and technical support.

So far, Somaliland has not responded to the ongoing security threats in the Las Anod town, it keeps military presence in the region but the military is kept out side the town. The residents have expressed great concern about the lack of security in the town in recent weeks and the Rayale government seems to be failing.

Somalilandpress, 26 January 2010


  1. Here we go again, why is the Somaliland and those who are incharge of it's security forces are not learning lessons from the previous attack?

    They government should deal with these terror group with Iron hand. It's not a secret that two groups are responsible for these attack, either the terror group in Southern Somalia or the Terrorist group who met in Nairobi, kenya last year are behind all these bombing the government has to bring these enemies to their knees before it's to late.

    Allah bless Somaliland and it's armied forces.

  2. Sadly, they have been killing local police offices…this strategy would definitely backfire because when someone who lives in Europe or in North America devices the killing of ones family members in Laasaanood people would be pissed off at those carried out the killings.

    Many of the killings are the results of the recent meeting held in Kenya by the terror groups against Somaliland.

    As soon as the meeting ended, bombing starts…and remember the primary agenda of the meeting was to kill Somaliland security forces and officials “by any means necessary” as one of the ill-advised Garaads told the BBC.

    Traditionally, leaders call for peace, not for detonating bombs. Sool traditional leaders are now becoming like Southern traditional leaders who failed not to mix their responsibilities with dirty politics.

    Many of NGOs won’t go to Laasaanood. Neighbouring countries such Ethiopia would also be concerned about Alshabaab and its friends gaining ground in Las Annod. This is all bad new for Laasaanood.

    But in the over all picture, the bombings won’t affect Somaliland that much. In fact, Somaliland would get much military aid needed to defeat terrorism.

  3. Riyale administration is not failing, but insecurity can trigger anywhere inthe world. however, the security should use the secret intelligence to spot the masterminds of such bombs, and eliminate who ever responsible of such terror attacks including any suspect Garad or Ismo, or any other individual.

    At the end, Riyale administration should remember the safety of the people in Lasanood is his responsibility.

  4. Riyale is sleep at the wheel. We need a leader who puts these criminals on notice, you will not kill SL soldiers and get away with it

  5. You don't need to be rocket scientist to know the old men from Puntland, the so called garaado of Dhulbahante were behind this hideious crime by hiding behind clan affiliation, thus Somaliland securiy forces need to round them up and throw them behind bars.

    In the mean time Somaliland needs to request assistance from International community to combat terrorism in the framework of "war on terror".

    We are the only democratic region and international community needs to understand a democratic and free Las Anod will influence central Somalia and Puntland region – thus its international war on terror. The Americans and Kenyan government need to know many of the financiers of acts like this live in US cities like Minneapolis and Kenyan city of Nairobi.

    Somaliland needs to go after these criminals and together we need to round all of them up.

    We also need to invite security forces from Ethiopia into the town because historically the garaads of Las Anod have always sympathized and supported ONLF.

    This is unholy alliance between ONLF, Al Shabab and Garaads of Sool.

  6. Kayse & the likeminded,

    One would have thought that Somaliland has been seeking international recognition on the basis that it is capable of standing on its own feet, of looking after itself and of being able to run its supposed country on its own.

    However, if when a relatively small incident like this one can expose its inherent weakness and begin to cry and seek help from the likes of Ethiopia then you should say goodby to the long soughtafter recognition.

    Recognition doesn’t come when you are babysitted by another country. You will not be recognized when you can exist only in the womb of another country. In other words, in the incubating pouch of your neighbour for the time being.
    Basically, an Ethiopian protectorate!

    What is happening in Laascaanood is a political problem that needs political solution. You don’t despatch police officers to what in essence is not policing job. Police is to keep peace or deal with normal criminal activity. In Laascaanood, you have none of above two. Instead, you have a political grievance which needs political solution by skillful politicians and sound policies which I suspect are not forthcoming.

    For close to two decades of Somalia’s vicious civil war, you cynically boasted and jocked the inability of rest of Somalia to find a solution and bring peace back to the country.

    Now Laascaanood incident is a test to see if the peace you enjoyed while the rest of Somalia has been in chaos was either pure accident and luck as a result of your geographical location or was in fact due to real hard work and enough political maturity practised by your leaders. In due course, it will be seen both your people and leaders compentency or incompentence in dealing with this case which I am afraid doesn’t seem to go away easily.

    Furthermore, since you are betting on Ethiopia doing the job for you you certainly are doomed to fail. Ethiopia remembers very well the outcome of its venture in southern Somalia, particularly in Mogadishu. It was only two years ago that they have been humiliated and unceremoniously chased out of Somalia. Don’t be foolish and expect them to go to Laascaanood on your behalf and pacify the people there. Ethiopians know that Laascaanood will probably not be different from Mogadishu and why would they sacrifice their lives for you any!

    Moreover, since you had the audacity of reminding Ethiopia of ONLF activities you would be better off minding your own business. When it comes to ONLF, Ethiopia does not need your advice. And for your information, it was only last week that ONLF fighters engaged TPLF army at Ma’eso and Hawash valley and over run their base at Ma’eso. Try to pay attention this: Ma’eso is located less than 200km from Addis Abeba and is in close proximity of Ethiopia’s lifeline railway from Djibouti. In other words, ONLF has the capability and already positioned itself within striking distance of closing the railway line whenever it wants.

  7. Ali πŸ™‚

    Do i detect excess misplaced emotional discharge in your above essay?

    There has only ever been one enemy of all somalis, only one United Evil. An Evil without Morality or fear of the All mighty. These Evil have been behind every conflict on somali soil from before the colonials gave us back our independence.

    These Evil have no regard for life or liberty. They have no interest in the peace of anyone not among their collective. They have stopped at nothing to gain a foothold and have spread themselves across the horn of africa like a plague. It is their believe non other then their Kin shall rule over the Horn of africa, non shall find peace other then those that submit to them.

  8. They crave power and have the indoctrination from birth that only they have the right to rule over all somalis. They detest the notion or mention of peace without their rule.

    They happen to be the collective with the least education in the horn of africa and have always been yet they promote themselves as the true intelectuals of those with somali hetirage.

    They are puritans and discriminate without reservation, they will have one believe they are working for the good of the people while they dig your grave. They will negotiate peace while they build their arms. These Evil collective are without honor in peace and less during war. They will kill every one even children and elderly.

    I call these Evil collective the Assassin Clan.

  9. Their obejective is :total control of the horn of africa and parts of Ethiopia and Kenya. In my view every conflict was initiated by them sustained by them and only benefitted them since we gained our independences.

    There is no chance ever for peace in the Horn of africa, why?

    – siyad bare – Dictator that destroyed us
    – abdullahi yusuf- Illiterate TFG leader
    – all the conflicts in the south
    – all the conflicts in somaliland
    – all the conflicts in puntland
    – all the conflicts in ogandeen region of ethiopia
    – all the conflicts of NF kenya
    – all the pirate activity
    – all the fraud in the usa
    – all the fraud in Europe
    – all the fraud in australia
    – Al-shabaab in africa

  10. All of the above have something in common, one Collective of Evil Fascists with aspirations to Rule the whole of East africa and murder all that get in their way.

    EAST Africa must unite against these Evil Fascist before they return East africa back into the dark ages.

    How can the whole of East africa(Djbuuti, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya) become Victims and prey for the Evil of Puntland???

    They have even spread into Yemen and have become part of Yemen's conflict!

    The Money they have gained from piracy they have spent on weapons and these weapons have spread to cause conflicts in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya.

    You were warned…