HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in the main hall of Ministry of Labour in Hargeisa on Thursday for Fairland University, a private university based in Uganda.

The head of the new establishment in Hargeisa, Mr. Abdisalam Isse Farah who spoke there gave a brief history of Fairland University and private-education in Uganda in general.

Mr. Farah stated that the Fairland University is among 22 private institution in Uganda and that it was established in 2001 and has six campuses in Uganda.

He also stated that the university is partnered with other continental leading institutions such as the University of South Africa, which is among the top 20 ranked universities in Africa. It also has linkages with leading universities in South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania.
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Fairland University will be offering certificate, diploma, degree and post-graduate courses in Economics and Management services, Education and sports, Law, Science and Technology and Art.

The Vice Education Minister, Mr. Ismael Mohamud, who was also present welcomed the new institution but warned them they must meet education requirements of Somaliland and that very soon his ministry will be establishing a committee that will review all education institutions in the country. He said all institutions will have to meet their tertiary institution requirements in order to continue their operations.

In August of 2009, the National Council for Higher Education of Uganda issued a notice to the Fairland University accusing them of lack of sufficient infrastructure and human resources and warned them of taking new students.

Fairland University is now part of growing number of private universities in Somaliland including a number of colleges and universities from neighbouring Ethiopia. Despite the growth of education, many local and international analysts question the quality of education in the country.

Other guests in the ceremony included vice-mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi, Spokesman of UDUB party, Mr. Ali Gurey, vice-chairman of UCID party, Mr. Adan Mohamed Mire, as well as members of parliament and the Gurti.

Photo: Fairland University in Jinja, Uganda

Somalilandpress, 16 April 2010


    • brov
      let me tell me, life of ugabda, how somailand"s peapl life in ugada
      if i pic up may transfer in udagda
      how is cheaper in life of over there
      i went know some inf, of where iam heading, thanks

  1. Well it seems many countries are exporting education to Somaliland now; first it was almost monopolised to Ethiopia. I don't see how such a appatly small market is so lucrative it attracts outside investors in such numbers.

    This is a waste of the money sent by the diaspora as all the money frlows out into the economies of Ethiopia and now Uganda (i.e the money spent on these private schools)

    Increased competition should mean cheaper prices… let's hope quality is not the compomised factor!

  2. If people are willing to pay for these services why does the government not open 'private schools' were, being a non-profit organization, t could put money back into the schools. This would increase the number of student who have access to schools, it could in the short term also raise money. If there are now so many private educational institutions, the government should step in and make the most of this opportunity. Sometimes governments need to think more like businesses; the only difference being they reinvest everything (in theory, there is the `corruption issue).

    The Somaliland also Diaspora needs to take advantage of this opportunity and see this as any other business. This way the money would be kept flowing within Somaliland. It is clear we needed better laws and regulations about who can open educational institutions, what they teach, background checks on who its taught by (with all these issues about the pedophile rings within the churches).

    And they are like any other business so they need to be taxed !!!!!

    • I agree – we should be pursuing a policy of supporting Somalilander-owned services/institutions/products. Otherwise, we will be eaten alive by those foreigners who have more money than we do.

      Remember: If given the choice, buy/support Somalilanders over others.

  3. To the editors and writers of the Somaliland Press and people in Hargesia who read this…can you please post more pictures of this new campus and the other university/colleges for those of us who are intrested around the world and want to see the development back home. I would love to see a picture section in this website and im sure many Somalis worldwide would love it too. Pictures of Hargesia in the beautiful mornings and sunset would comfort us and inspire many to go back and join the re-building of Somalia. If you can Inshallah it would be very much appreciated. & Inshallah our brothers and sisters can see peace in the South soon.

  4. Am I the only one who is outraged at the rate these universities are popping up every few weeks. Let me say am not against the increase in higher education facilities but this rapid number of universities within a short period of time might not be in the best interest of the Somaliland youth. The ministery of education have an obligation to check these new universities, and asses wether there exsist a genuine need for it. What I see is a whole lot of supermarket style pay as you colleges with inconsistent ciriculum. We need more engineers and less journalists.

  5. Selective good education is what we need not 10 or 15 new universities in Hargeisa alone. The University of Hargeisa is doing a good job so far and we should limit it to a few good ones instead of a lousy 20.

  6. What kind of a name is Fairland for a university????? No one will take a graduate from that university—what are the going to do read fairytales all day?????

  7. Forget about our neighbors, Ethiopian vocational schools pop up here without a basic understanding of University Curriculum. Admas,Rift Valley, and so many others…..The weird thing is that, Somalilanders just solicit so called Ethiopian Colleges, as business men…..without giving any thought on what they offer to the youth.

  8. It is just another bogey four classroom 'university' imported from another country with the objective on cashing it on the young poor Somalilanders.

    The government needs to control this illegal business, and develop strong regulation for this important sector. Otherwise , Waxbarshooy yaa ku leh!

  9. Totaly rediculus, and stupid of Us, we have so many universities in somaliland, every town, city and village wants one. I dont think these many universities are in the good interest of SL, We need Politechnics and institutions wherby your man & women could learn trades i.e. Carpentry, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical etc, which are trade which could immediately on completion would start earning a living for the individual and the country needs these trades for its development.

  10. I am not sure about Fairland University being an accredited University.

    The Ministry of Education in Somaliland should not always give the OK
    for foreign body to open a University in Somaliland. It is their responsibility
    to check on the background of these Universities. Of course students
    are going to flock to them because it is a foreign University

    How will it affect those students who might need to study further at a
    European University/North American/USA or find jobs in an international organization, only to be told that their diplomas are not in order. Imagine
    how heart-breaking it is going to be after having invested so much!!!!!!

    I have posted a link here, not very convincing to me!!!!