HARGEISA 15 April 2010 (Somalilandpress) – A court in Somalia’s northern breakaway region of Somaliland sentenced three people to death on Wednesday and ordered the deportation of four foreigners for four bomb attacks on the security forces, court sources said.

Five people were killed in the attacks between November and January, including four police officers killed in a single attack in January.

Somaliland is proud of its relative stability, compared with the anarchy further south, but the attacks were a reminder of its vulnerability to radical militants.

The four foreigners — two Ethiopians, an Eritrean and a Sudanese — said they were not involved in the attacks, but the chairman of Berbera Regional Court ordered their deportation. Police sources said at the time of the blast in January that an explosive device had been left among milk cans near a mosque in Las Anod near the Puntland border.

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Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab — a major rebel group in Somalia — hit Somaliland and Puntland with synchronised suicide blasts that killed at least 24 people in October 2008.

A row has been simmering between the Somaliland president and opposition parties over delays in elections, and analysts said this could trigger a re-arming of clan militias and new violence for al Shabaab to exploit.

But in a surprise announcement on Tuesday, Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission said the presidential poll would take place in June.

Source: Reuters


  1. Keep looking to our way. Our heads are held high. You wanna bring us down? I dare you to try.

    Somaliland forever

  2. Swift justice is needed here, these criminals should not live on the dime of Somaliland tax payers. Put them against the wall and send them to hell as soon as possible.

  3. It was really a slap on the face that who ever was skeptical about this election to hear the words spoken from Mr. Hassan Issa ( Issa Hamari) that the Election of Somaliland will be held in JUNE , in regard to this CaseI think its fair to say that those are ready and prepared to tear down the security and the prosperity of Somaliland will face the Justice.

    Long Life Somaliland

    • Inshallah these elections in June will go smooth and honest people will be put in charge of North Somalia…….Personally i believe Somaliland should be re-named North-Somalia…why? because the British and Italians named us British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland when they owned our land. They no longer occupy our land. We are divided by clans, by borders but at the end of the day we are all Somalis in Somalia to the rest of the world. If we say North Somalia it will make sense to the outside world because the name Somaliland doesn't make sense …people in say to me …"well isn't Somali land Somalia?" lol i know many will object but think about it first. (& i know Puntland is north too)

  4. An eye for an eye! particularly when the offender committed the crime on purpose and pre-meditaited it. Who has given the right to the criminal to spend time and effort to plan the killing of innocent lives? Were these criminals thinking if they get cought they will be released because of who they are or that they will just be imprisoned for a short period of time so they can get loose again and commit similar crimes against humanities? Whatever they were thinking, they got served with the right justice. They should be glad they have got punished now, so they don't get completely roten in hell after death.
    I do believe that sentencing them to death is mostly for their own sake. If they are sane and (even half what they claim to be) Islam, they would rather die now, than live with guilty and live in suspision of who may take revenge on them.

  5. Layla,
    I know what they done it is wrong if they are guilt of these crimes, again death senteces! is not right way and we should have alternative sentences for those men. Death sentence is cruel way of dealing human behaviour and it does not prevent the crimes society believes it does or will. I hope the Judge comes into his senses and change his verdict.

  6. Death sentence is the only solution. It is written in our holy Quran. Those who kill innocent people shall be killed also. We need justice. That is the only way we can settle our problems.

  7. am wondering whether hargaysa is planning to jail whole of laas canood…??? maybe shoot them point blank…if they kill that man, even the few {laascanood} somaliland mp's will start blowing things up, this is a serious case isaaq people dont want to start

  8. Indeed, an eye for an eye and a deterrent for those who may think that they will kill innocent people and get away with it. Justice has been served. Lahum cadaab alif wal aakhira.

    Weligaa Jir oo Joog, Somaliland.

  9. I think its fair justice because its not only an Islamic law but also Somali custom law to sentence those who commit such crime as murder with death sentence.

    These people have no regard for human life and for us to also sentence them to death makes me a little sad but we gotto do justice and the court had no other alternative.

    I think firing scoud is more human than a lethal injection like in the US case.

  10. believe me,if snmland kills those guys.u will never walk peace around ssc believe brother.and i swear on allah name….

    • Bring it on, we will be ready to deal with you and with whoever tries to harm our people or disturb the peace and stability of our country.

      Min Shar Acmaalahum Ilquun!

  11. First of all these suspects have the right to appeal, don’t assume they’ll be shot anytime soon, that’s that. The other thing is who’re these guys??? For those of you who don’t know them, they hail from the most powerful tribe in Sool and also the biggest supporters of the SL cause in SSC region.
    However, if the court refuses their appeal and goes ahead with murder I think their will be a backlash against anyone involved in this trail, including judges, army officers, gov’t officials, etc. And you can kiss good-bye to the future of SL in that very region.

    • Maybe you need to witness the Days of Siad Barre if yes then get out it this giant to threat somebody and come as a man with BALLS.

        • Yea but before don't forget to have the Barre's famous book of Marxism, cuz maybe it will be the last thing to be beside your……..

  12. If that picture is the real judge I'll be scared to death! I can see how reckless and power hungry his face looks. And what's up with that "flag hat"???

    • It is means, don't ever try to mess up with Somalilanders and that if you kill innocent in cold blood. You will have the same fate!

  13. This is not justice. S/land is doing the same think Siyad Barre was doing to them. I am sure this well be deleted, so, i would not waste may time..Other views should be able be posted.

    • Darwish:

      If you're talented that enough of trash talking then you're right to figure soon or later this piece will be deleted because without asking yourself why Somaliland is doing which maybe you think those who died in that aggressive attack was CHEAP to ever avenge for them – if that whats you think of then rest assured you will face the same if you follow that PATH

  14. Libax :

    I really can't see the depth of your argument because never Somaliland was called the North of Somalia why? because as History attest in 19th Century it was when the British came to Somaliland to safegurad their gateway to India, so this means we're totally diffrent in the history of the borders as we're diffeent in mentality and system of logic and quite frankly the World now knows very much who're the Southerns who r too often linked with terrorism and piracy and the Somalilanders who found the true meaning of the Democracy,Justice and Equality that everyone was in search through this Continent.

    Long Life Somaliland

    • KKKKKKKKKKKKK, here comes the typical British worshiping Lander!!! When are you people going to stop these cheap British colonial agenda mentality? Why always bring up some past colonial mentality whenever you want to speak with other Somalis? Don't you know that it's 2010 and we're free from Britain. But Britain is now almost a third world country and powerless. WAKE UP!

  15. Is that coming from a a spaghetti -ItalianSomalian voice? well I think thats the problem – you don't know your IDENTITY because it was sad , one time from Italians who slaved you and made u a human-bridges to cross the RIVERS and others from the Curse of Somaliland people after your young lenin what he did to them – but needles to say that Somaliland is here to stay and STRONG as ever before to face the henchmen of Barres Regime – Alshabab,NSUM,The Bugland Administration and the beseiged Regime of Mogdishu so maybe you're the one who needs to WAKE UP because as Alshabab is messing with your female members you better say something – you better hide the ONE STAR that left in Somaliweyn from the INSIGHT.

    • Faisel,
      I know the Italians colonized and destroyed Southern Somalia and so did the British in North Somalia. But you never hear Somalis down South bring up the Italian mentality and think it'll work for their agenda whenever in dispute with other Somalis. You never hear them say the Italians made this and that. But, you guys seem to miss the British dearly, Note and make no mistake they're gone forever! FOREVER SOMALIA: SOMALIA FOREVER (FSSF)

      • Yeah you're absolutely right because as its part of the history of a nation we can not forget but understand that in Somaliland there was only 125 British Soldier not for keeping the security but for guiding their gateway to India , unerstand also that there who was running the contry was the Somalilanders that time so no neef for confusion about that history – but what about the South was it the same? Ofcourse NO because there was a total influence politically and socially – the Italians also imposed some of their culture to them and they were (Southerens) the victims of that direct RULE by the Italians.

        Long LIfe Somaliland

  16. These killers have no rights. They killed a decorated officer of the Somaliland army and should face the music they played in the first place. Nothing to do with their tribes, they KILLED and that is the bottomline. The court needs to scheduale the date they will be put out of their misery sooner than later to offer closure to the family and loved ones of the deceased hero.

    • Elmi,
      I thought you were more educated than this? How dare you judge people. How do you know they are the real killers behind the Las Anod bombings?
      You have no idea who was behind all of these. It could be the gov't who killed that poor guy. Because UDUB wanted him dead for a long time cus he was a big Kulmiye supperter, and they happen to do it in LA. Therefore, we can't just assume who did it, the real killers could still be out there. Don't you think?

  17. Dont argue with those terrorists and their supporters, Somaliland army has caught those responsible for the terrorism acts now they will face justice.

    Thats all, say no more.

    • "This is witch hunting." You are justifying their crimes. Are you saying that it is entitlement for them to kill innocent people and get away with it? That is ludicrous! They got what they deserve.

  18. IF YOU WANT PEACE, SUPPORT JUSTICE….THose poor guys are Skept-Goat……This remainds me of GAANI's Court, When He used to find everyone guilt. Sentences everyone Death..We Will See