Helsinki, 22 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) — Chairman of Somaliland’s second largest opposition party, Faisal Ali Warabe, expressed concern over Somaliland’s current uncertainty while on tour in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

He warned Somaliland could be in for difficult times unless President Rayale backs off from his current position and leads the nation in a new direction.

The chairman accused the president of economic mismanagement and weak leadership.  “The President has carefully orchestrated a criminal corruption scheme and exploited the nation’s limited resources. As a direct result of the weak leadership, inconsistency and vacillation he is directly responsible for the unrests in the West since it falls directly under his leadership and administration” he told reporters.

Mr Faisal declared that he had spoken about the dangers in the horizon in the past and that there is no imminent threat from outside the country; he worries Somaliland is fast deteriorating under the strain of the present “debauched” regime. He said the only danger threatening Somaliland is the one within.

“Today, President Rayale has clashed with the international community after he refused to respect his people, his unwillingness to abide by the constitution, will not spare those that elected him, he crippled the nation and he refuses to replace corrupted commissioners as suggested by the donors” he added.
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He signaled that he would not go quietly into the night if Rayale fails to meet election date-line and donors demand. He warned if funds for the election are suspended or frozen, “this would be the end of him.”

He concluded President Rayale will follow Abdullahi Yusuf and late dictator Siad Bare’s suit if he fails to meet election expectations as increasingly people are tired of his seven years of disastrous rule.

Who is Faisal Ali Warabe?

  • Born 1948 in Hargeisa, Somaliland
  • Chairman of UCID (Justice and Welfare) party
  • He earned an MSc in engineering at St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Social Science at the Helsinki University, Finland
  • Speaks Somali, Finnish, Russian and English
  • Regional director, Ministry of public works, Somalia
  • Director of Planning and Building, Ministry of public works, Somalia
  • Chief Engineer of Mogadishu city, Somalia

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. This guy is the only politician along with Ina Warancade in Somaliland that I admire. I think if this guy, Ina Warancade, Sheikh Sharif, Abdirashid Omar Sharmarke and Farole were the leaders for Somali people, Somalis would be living in prosperous nation, I really think so.

    This guy single handly created party systems in Somaliland, he is a reformist, he is a new school of thought, he broke the qabil or so called 4.5 system in Somaliland.

    My hat is off to you Mr Faisal, even though UCID party is the smallest party in Somaliland, it is the only party with a leader of quality, quality over quantity.

  2. i agree with you yonis this guy should be somalilands next president. for real, riyale needs to go!

  3. I couldnt agree more…

    he is honest…and says what is on his mind.. now.."Honest" has lost meaning , and its a Rare commodity in Politics..especialy in SL Politics,

    the SAD reality is..that Our people (Voters) dont like Honest and people with fresh Ideas and approach,

    they rather vote for someone who is old, Tribalist, Liar, Corrupted, uneducated, have dark background, and most importantly unreligious.. pretty SAD..but true..

  4. I agree with yonis but why our people are blind to see the reallity or what is good for them..what is the somaliland goverment done for their people..nothing..nothing..

    Peace..what peace people wants the peace what else….I think anyone else will make the differences not the current president …give Faysal or Silaanyo and a chance….
    Education need to be improved, Health need to be improve…Transport and roads.. and reduce this khat making everyone…

    Overall i respect somaliland …but it is time for change with fresh mind….

  5. Faysal Cali Waraabe Wuxuu Ahaa Ninkii Gaani Xamar Ka Soo Kaxaystey Si Uu Dhalinyaradii UFO Ugu Maragfuro

  6. No one respects the constitution and the law in Somaliland and the president is the worst offender. The courts are corrupt, the police forces are corrupt, the parliament is corrupt, the elders are corrupt, the political parties are corrupt, the government is corrupt, and the election commission is corrupt. But the saddest thing is, most of the voters have no fear of God, no understanding of the democratic processes and are awfully tribalistic. I despair for Somaliland.

  7. Fayal warabe is ethiopian puppet himself, have u guys even seen his comments regarding streghtening relations with ethiopia. If this guy gets in office he probably will make somaliland kilinka 6aad of ethiopia. Silanyo is the best choice for somaliland.

    But we shouldnt be bothering about talking about warabe or silanyo as of yet, we need to hold an election first which seems like it is not going to happen and even if it does i am certain it will be corrupt election like the one that happened in iran.

    So the last thing we should be talking about is warabe and silanyo

  8. It is very sad indeed that all our leaders are corrupt! no one will be different than others. I guess election or no election we are going to be same corrupt nation. there should be something done, unless otherwise we heading for unknown. I cry for somaliland.