Yorkshire, 23 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) — MURDERER Mustaf Jama tried to escape justice even after he was captured and brought back to Britain from his African hideout, it can be revealed today.

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A James Bond-style snatch and grab mission was carried out in the Somali desert, where he had fled weeks after a bungled armed robbery in Bradford in 2005, during which two unarmed police officers were shot in the chest, one fatally.

Ironically, he chose to lie low in the lawless state of his birth where British officials had declined to deport him as a younger man when he picked up a string of convictions – because it was deemed unsafe to do so.

No official figure has been put on the cost of the operation – and Jama’s defence team claimed the Somalis demanded a large sum.

After he was snatched, Jama tried to challenge the legality of the extradition, arguing last July at Woolwich Crown Court that the process amounted to kidnap.

Questions about the cost were raised at the hearing, which can be reported for the first time.

Jama’s barrister, Owen Davies QC, said: “A very large sum of money was being demanded by the requesting state in terms of costs and I still do not know what those costs represent.

“I cannot imagine it costs that much for petrol from one city to the other.”
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West Yorkshire Police picked up the bill for bringing Jama back from Africa, with the Home Office and Foreign Office sharing the cost of the operation in Somalia.

Mr Justice Simon threw out the challenge, and ruled Jama should stand trial for murder.

During the hearing, details emerged of the daring mission, which would not have been out of place in a spy novel.

Secret intelligence indicated he was lying low in Somaliland, a region fighting for independence from Somalia.

The British authorities deemed it too dangerous to enter the failed state, so agreed to pay the Somalis to get him out of the country.

The process began with a direct approach to the country’s president from a junior Home Office minister, and although no formal treaty between the two countries exists, diplomats agreed a “memorandum of understanding”.

In October 2007 the 29-year-old was stopped in his Land Rover at a road block near the village where his father is a warlord, then held overnight by a 15-strong militia in a cell.

A pilot initially refused to fly him to Dubai the next day from a remote airstrip, believing he was being asked to transport an al Qaida terror suspect.

He was then shown official documents signed by senior Somali officials and the British Ambassador to Kenya to persuade him to undertake the four-hour flight to Dubai in a six-seater plane.

British and United Arab Emirates police met him at Dubai and put him on a scheduled Virgin flight to Heathrow.

Jama claimed during the Woolwich hearing that he was mistreated and hit with the butt of a gun – but a photograph showed him smoking happily among his captors.

One Somali heard him say he had been “with some friends when a policeman had been killed”.

He was found with a gun in his waistband at the roadblock – but did not try to blast his way out, unlike the robbers he joined for the Bradford raid.

Jama explained how he fled to Africa despite being Britain’s most wanted man.

He used friend Mohammed Gulled’s passport to travel to Somalia from Gatwick, via Dubai and Djibouti.

Contrary to reports at the time that said he wore a woman’s burkha as a disguise, Jama said he travelled in ordinary clothes.

He claimed to have been given £2,000 by friends and said he drove the final stretch from Djibouti to Somaliland.

Asked why he fled, Jama said he “panicked” after seeing his name in the newspapers and did not want to be arrested like his brother.

He came to Britain aged 12 in 1992 after his family claimed they were being persecuted in a tribal uprising, and he was given permission to stay six years later.

His younger brother Yusuf and their friend Muzzaker Shah were jailed for life in 2006 for murdering Pc Sharon Beshenivsky.

Mustaf Jama’s criminal record began in 1997, aged 17, when he was convicted of affray.

He has since been jailed several times for a string of offences, including robbery, affray and driving matters.

He was jailed again in 2005 for burglary, and in the run-up to the failed Bradford raid, he lived at a hostel in Harrow, North London.

Though married, his wife lived with her mother in Edgware.

Source: Yorkshire Post


  1. The person who wrote this does not even know what he/she is talking about because first of all, Somaliland is not fighting with Somalia. Wrong. It is not either a "dangerous to enter the failed state," once again wrong information.

    "village where his father is a warlord, then held overnight by a 15-strong militia in a cell" once again another wrong information; there are no warlords in Somaliland, no one has militia and definitely not 15 not even 5. Once again this writer proves how misinformed he/she is, maybe he/she should do some research before writing some BS.

    Finally the writers already decided to judge Mustaf to be "guilty". They are not reporters they just writing wrong information and letting their emotions and hate towards Somalis get on the way, its clear.

  2. Dear Yonis

    Who told you,…….There are no warlords in Somaliland have you been to Sool en Sanaag region dude….? probably not. Let me break it down what the western worlds definition of warlord is on wikipedia.

    A warlord is a person with power who has both military and civil control over a subnational area due to armed forces loyal to the warlord and not to a central authority.

    I mean this is a common thing in somalia luckily not in somaliland bot there are a small minority who oprates like this. It's all Qabiil ( clan/tribe ) based and you and i can't deny this, don't just come in gun blazin this wrong that's wrong because you like to defend somaliland. Talk to people before you open your mouth and you can't stop writing whatever you started.


    • Name one "warlord" in Somaliland, this isn't about Somaliland it's about writing something legitimate and correct, the truth is coming out and this guy was not even arrested in Somaliland but in Puntland, here is another information this guy is from Gedo regions in South Somalia bordering Kenya's NFD region so how can his "father" be a warlord in Somaliland?

      Now who needs to read before they quote "wikipedia" that anyone can write on once again.

    • Name one "warlord" in Somaliland, this isn't about Somaliland it's about writing something legitimate and correct, the truth is coming out and this guy was not even arrested in Somaliland but in Puntland, here is another information for you – this guy is originally from Gedo region in Southern Somalia bordering Kenya's NFD region so how can his "father" be a warlord in Somaliland?

      Now who needs to read before they quote "wikipedia" that anyone can write on once again?

      I don't apppreciate anyone writing anything without finding the facts.

  3. This guy was brought to justice not from Somaliland but the place the only place criminals like this guys hide which is Pugland.

    Please, the the writer of this article has to correct his or her mistake, the event took place in Pugland. The home of pirates and Human trafficing.

    • Mr. H.M

      And you don't have to expose your brothers bad side do you wish them bad no wish them luck. Inshalla they will come back from this bad habits whatever they are ( pirating trafficing ). Read the story of the four Cows and a wulf if i can remember correctly the KAFIR likes disunity among the ummha and muslims why because then we operate as 1 and are strong.

      We somalis should support each other, the only thing that separates us are borders nothing els.

      Salaam brother

  4. Hahahaha

    Funny again, have you seen my command brother did i say anything about this dude who was arrested NO….. where he's from NO where he is arrested NO. See that's what i mean you are just jumping all over the place i've noticed that ….

    I've been reading articles on Somalilandpress for a short period and you and a guy called jubba make rediculious commands. I have only explain what the west thinks is a warlord.

    Again talk to people before you place a reply pleace….

    Obsiye is the only other person who replied read what i wrote and be the judge.


    The reader who upservers and processes before he writes, awaiting your lovely and peaceful reply.

    • The whole purpose of the discussion was whether you agree with the article or not, whether the information is misleading, accurate or not.

      No one asked you to define a warlord, this isnt an English class room, everyone knows an online dictionary.

      I disagree with the information and I have stated why, you failed to do the same, all you doing is repeating your self. Do u agree with the article or the information? don't worry about me, this isnt about me.

  5. Yonis

    First and foremost i will answer your question: NO this article is not 100% accurate i don't know if it's 50 or 20 percent accurate i'll let the experts decide this.

    Now let me twist your wordings did you ever read an article which is waterproof ( i thought it. )

    Again you are right: This isn't an English classroom

    Let me now show you where you go wrong Yonis, the way you pick words and put them together.

    You use these words look at your reply

    * (everyone) knows an online dictionary. *
    * there are (no) warlords in Somaliland *

    If you stand on weak ground there is no way you can defend it, You sound confident when you wright and use strong wordings.

    Again Not everyone knows an online dictionary; The World Population estimate 6,7 Billion Mmmmm…….


    Gol Janno

  6. The Yorkshire Post can't even get anything right, they are claiming that Somaliland is still in war.. who the heck does their research… you think they would get that right. and By the way because of this little man Jama lots of young people were stopped and searched, arrested and watch at school and from home.. its people like him who are giving our young boys bad name and putting them under spot light.

    He was captured in Puntland not Somaliland they need to get that into their thick skull as well…