The Director General in the ministry of Fisheries’ and marine resources Hon Mohamed Elmi Ilkacase Has distributed fishing gear in form of nets, fishhooks, and motor engines to fishermen in Lughaya and Saylac both in salal region.

During the handing over ceremony of the fishing equipment to the Mayor of Saylac Hon Saleban  Idle Barkhadle  thanked the director general  and the Somaliland Red Crescent for generous donation which will benefit  youth in Salal region by creating much needed employment.

After accessing the potential of developing fishing activates in the country starting in Saylac ,Bulhar and Berbera  we found that the infrastructure that supports commercial fishing to be almost non- excitant  in this coastal areas hence  with the need to develop  this sector, that’s why we are trying our best  to equip local fishermen  with  this gear ,Hon Ilkase stated.

Hon Ilkase further said “with little or no suitable infrastructure in the three major ports of the country to support commercial fishing, much is needed to be done to develop this sector so as to realize the full potential of utilizing this natural resource.

The Director General of Fisheries said that it was time to develop sustainable fisheries management strategies, and a secure share of fish to individual fishermen, co-operatives, Facilities for fishing communities for their exclusive use in our coastal areas.

Goth M Goth


  1. notice how whenever something decent is reported the haters dont post! lol haters keep on hating Somaliland keeps getting better.

  2. It is pity that whoever posted this makes it a notable thing to do for these resilient people. Two little of the resources offered by aid donors reach these areas. Iam certain that whatever is given are the leftovers not needed by the central community. It also pity to see the ignorance of whoever posted this insulting offer doesn't know that lughaya is in the awdal region and not Selel, though I for one don't recognize Selel as a region but will remain within Awdal.

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