The last phase of the re-carpeting, re-habilitating and modernization of the EgalInternationalAirport has begun.

The disclosure was made yesterday by the Minister of Aviation Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi in a press conference held at his office.

The Minister who was flanked by his Director General Mr. Ahmed Dalal Farah said that he was happy that both public and private media fraternity were at hand to witness the beginning of the works on the last construction phase of overhauling the airport to the tremendous facelift.

“The solid works going both at the prioritized Hargeisa and Berbera airports is a great plus for the nation”, said Hon. Hashi.

He said that despite a minor setback at Berbera airport perimeter fencing, the work would continue as soon as some sighted mine explosives damped there were cleared.

In an apparent retort to the recent UCID allegations of misappropriation of funds, the minister was dismayed that distracters “tend to blabber about issues without verifying them”.

He said, “When people should talk then they should speak truth”.

He said that it was disheartening to see baseless allegations peddled that were far from factual evidence hence without any gradients of truths.

On his part, Mr. Farah gave a history of the airport which was commissioned back in 1958

Works are expected to be completed by June this year.


  1. Hopefully they'll do a good job. If not, then we need a Somali Matt Allwright (BBC Rogue Traders) to investigate any corruption allegations and then to named and shame.

  2. Where were those so called media groups who keep on writing negative things about this airport and other development within our country? Can they now recant their lies and write facts instead of fiction?

  3. I hope the Airport will finish on time and all to Somailanders remember : "Haybad waxaad ku leedahay dalkaaga hooyo, waan lama huraanke hagarli wax ugu qabo"

  4. The tar that is being put down is not worth £5 million, where has the rest of the money gone. Also do you think cheap tar will not break up when planes start landing……Cutting corners cost lives….

    • I agree with you bro! That minister is, notoriouly. corrupt dude! I hope this airport will service the nation again.

  5. It looks awesome to me…I guess Allemagan doesn't have that much to say about it though as he realized this motorized and state of the art technology asphalt sealer used for in rejuvenation of the Egal international Airport.

  6. It should be Hargeisa Airport, not named after Egal who took part in civil wars and destroying Somaliland independence in exchange for a cheap couple of farms in Baidao so Somaliland would become nothing but a little administration under illiterate Muqdisho.

    • Agreed, Egal indeed was a weak link to Somalilanders's existence in the 90's so was he in the 60's but removing his name from the only place that bears his name in the entire country won't change a thing.
      Egal's dead body had decayed in a grave now, we won't gain any thing by beating on a dead horse.
      You should pay more attention to his son who contributes mediocre articles on this site.

    • Exactly & thank u for that! Or at least to be named after an SNM hero! Egal airport, what a joke! He sold us out in 1960 people!

  7. First of all the proof is in the pudding. Let us some real pictures of the work in progress. Secondly, some folks don't know their history and spout any old rubbish. Egal did not sell Somaliland down the tube in 1960, it was a bunch of so called "elders" who overcome by "pan-Somali" jibo threw soveignty down the tube. So, please AUN give Cigaal some respect

    • Undoubtedly, Late Egal AUN and other Nasserites from Aden were mainly responsible for the hasty union with no pre-conditions, because the political programs and campaigns of the allied parties of SNL and USP before the referendum of 17 February 1960 were always being to join Somalia on 1st July 1960. As I was a small boy, I still recall the SNL's popular campaign songs against the main rival supporters of NUF, by singing during the evenings at Khairia in Burao;


      However, when SNL and USP won the vote, Ali Garad and M. Egal who were the leaders of their respective parties wanted to postpone the union date, which was in fact contrary to their campaign promises, then the immediate public reaction was that NO YAA GARAAD. Also, the NUF that lost the vote campaigned against their proposal by saying that it was a misguiding as well as public cheating and against what the majority voted for. Anyway, that was a history, but let us think about today, tomorrow, the decades and centuries to come without emotions and for the sake of ……….

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