The Minister of finance Hon Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale has announced his desire to via for the chairmanship for the ruling party(KULMIYE) in the upcoming party convention today during a luncheon held at Hotel Mansoor, Hargeisa.

The meeting which was attended by almost all sub clans heads, intellectual, Elders and youth belonging to the Sacad Muse clan who had gathered at the Hotel Mansoor after been invited by Finance minister Hon Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale  who declared his intention to run for the party’s leadership in the upcoming KULMIYE Party convention.

Most of those who had gathered mainly at the luncheon from Sacad Muse Clan Pledged to support the Finance Minister at the party convention, this dashing the hopes of the current chairman Muse Bihi who also comes from the same Sacad Muse Clan and who was seen as party’s favorite in the next Presidential race .

In another development today the current Chairman of Kulmiye Hon Muse Bihi also met with the same power brokers his fellow clansman had met earlier today at the Hotel Mansoor to present his case to his fellow clansmen.

People in Hargeisa are looking forward to the much anticipated ruling party convention, with the finance minister announcing his candidacy in the race for the party’s leadership.

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  1. Is it not bit too early? Did they ask the current President if he is running for a second term? These guys must be too careful not flex their atrophic muscles too early.

  2. The current President has the right to run if he wishes so, but in the Convention venue. I believe he is now fed-up with the people of Somaliland who do not appreciate anything. I will support if he abstains from another term, unless we change and support our leader who left-no-stone-unturned to support his country. What this administration has done in 2 and 1/2 years, no government before them has done, and whoever comes after them, will never do it, but we are ungrateful people. We know how to criticise only, but we don't see things that this government has done within a short period of time.

    Any person who has a bit of patriotism can differentiate between this government and the one before. The change is great and continue to be achieved for the remain years of this President. I am sure he will not let those haters to discourage him.

    • Only the stupid and the few clannish-blinded do not appreciate what this administration and president have achieved in a very short period. I believe we have very bright future ahead of us and the president will not quit until he accomplishes everything Somalilanders aspire to.

      If he quits after one term, that will be a disaster for us, I hope he will not.

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