MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A Somali police officer says a car bomb detonated by remote control has killed one person and wounded two others in Somalia’s capital.

Mohamed Hassan said Saturday the explosion took place in the parking area of a popular beachfront restaurant in the Lido area of Mogadishu frequented by Somali officials and city residents. The restaurant called Lido Seafood was opened last year following the ouster of al-Qaida-linked militants from the seaside capital.

Hassan says the blast also destroyed cars. The attack was likely carried out by al-Shabab, a group of Islamic extremist rebels who have been fighting the Somali government for nearly six years. Africa Union forces pushed the al-Qaida-affiliated group out of Mogadishu in August 2011 but the rebels continue to carry out attacks in the capital.

Source : Associated Press


  1. I hope you separatists terrorists supporters end up in Hell, and very deep insha Allah. Your Al-shabaab kinsmen ordered and fulfilled yesterday, the killing of Shiikh C/qaadir Nuur Faarax, a well known Shiikh who spent over 70 years studying the hadith, and well known for speaking out against Al-shabaab. And today, your kinsmen ordered the bomb blast of Lido Sea Food, to demoralize the new found progress and prosperity. It will not stop us, it will only motivate us to fight back even harder. The world already knows that you fund and created Al-shabaab. And you Silanyo was threatened with exposure.

  2. actually the boy who killed the sheikh is isaq his mother is dhulbihente it is found out if it matters to you

      • That Kid claimed he was Dhulbahante and there is no twisting his claims into anything other then what it is… pure and simply.

        We will not accept your forgery no longer…

        It was a Mafia style Shabab assassination of a Senior Shabab leader.

        Stop pretending it is anything else, we will not accept a coverup.

  3. Truth10
    I hope you don't answer back to this sick individual, who's trying to malign shiikh C/qaadir Nuur Faarax good name, This person doesn't know where to draw the line and if that serve his purpose.He will cross all or any boundary of decency. Just to validated his hate of puntlanders. So my advice to you is ignore him'

    • You know, I'm Shiikhaal and my dad knew that Shiikh. That Shiikh is one in a million. For Buuxiye to talk about that Sheikh like that, purely for his hate for Daroods shoes how low the separatists are. May Allah punish him (Buuxiye) in this dunya and aaqira for talking about a true Shiikh like that.

        • Truth only yesterday you claim you were Majareer suddenly you are Sheikhal?

          What is the difference between the God-Father of Al-Qacia birth in the Horn and other shabab leaders who were all students of C/qaadir Nuur Faarax?

          If a dead Shabab leader is Darood we are supposed to feel sorry while we wish dead on the Hawiye and Rahanweyn Shabab leaders?

          In Gerowe dead Shabab founders are given state burials C.Qaadir Nuur Faarax is among the Founders of Al-Qacida operation in Somalia from 1993.

          If he was Hawiye like Hassan Dahir Cawys his assassination would have been proclaimed a victory for the Somali people… Hypocrisy it it's best?

          The Root cause of all Evil for the past 20 years was the BIRTH of Al-Ictisaam in 1993. All other derivative Terror groups were off springs of this God-father's creation. On the anniversary of the creation of Al-Ictisaam he was retired by his own students from Shabab.

          There is no befitting termination of a God father of terror in Somalia.

          • Everyone knows you separatists are the founders and creators of Al shabaab. Keep barking while you leaders face terrorists charges.

          • buuxy.

            GODANE his and his cousins days are numbered, we hope you don't hide in your house because large arm forces are on the way founded back by the west.

          • Bossaci

            Ina Godane was a fictitious character created by senior shabab leaders after Cayrow was assassinated. Since the Merger between Xisbul-Islam and Al-Shabab the Most senior ranking terrorist is Hassan Dahir Caweys. There has been no sighting or speeches made by the Fictitious Ina-Godane. If Hassan Dahir exposes himselve as the mostr senior leader suddenly he will become a drone target.

            If international Media agents and Tv networks can make phone calls to Dahir Caweys and his other senior officials then his location is easily triangulated and it is most worrying that they are confidently exposing their locations as they hold conferences with media networks. It does not look like there is an operation to target senior shabab members like Hassan Dahir and Abu Mansoor.

            The strategy is the Western powers cannot assassinate the terrorists Leader again if their leader is a fictitious character that is invincible ghost so to speak. This strategy gives the likes of Hassan Dahir Caweys the freedom to hold press conferences without the threat of assassinations.

    • Agree with you Sahra,
      Delusional individual eh! Somaliland supports Alshabaab, what a stupid notion. I am trying to figure out this Truth10 person now.

        • Sorry, if I misunderstood whom she is referring to .Certianly you lost the health argument , I can not call you fool as it is cheap insult , but definetly you are someone far away from reality.

  4. For you to talk about a beloved Shiikh by Allah, just for the hate you have for Darood's shows how low you and separatists like you are willing to go. I'm Shiikhaal, and I and all of my tribe loved him. Because he was one in a million Shiikh. You will suffer for the rest of you life if you do not repent Buuxiye, mark my word.

    • One day you are Dabadhilif Majareer the next you claim Sheikhal 🙂 who are you from Sheikhal and where do your people settle… I know Sheikhal more then you can imagine.

      As for this old fool that was Assassinated by his OWN Shabab students i don't feel any pain he is gone and he will face his maker for creating AL-Ictisaam, AL-Ixtixaraam, AL-Shabab and every other Ali-Papa outfit that have been destorying innocent civilian lives for 20years.

      His assassination comes on the ANNIVERSARY of his creation of AL-Ictisaam in 1993… It is a sick world we live in and shame his students did not spare him.

      This man should have been put on trail a long time ago for being the Master mind behind the politicization of ISLAMIC religion in Horn of Africa.

      Tell me i am wrong:

      – Isn't C/Qaadir Nuur Faarax the teacher of Hassan Dahir Cawys?
      – Isn't C/Qaadir Nuur Faarax the teacher of Fuad Shangoole?
      – Isn't C/Qaadir Nuur Faarax the teacher of Kabakutugade?
      – Isn't C/Qaadir Nuur Faarax the teacher of Indha cade?
      – Isn't C/Qaadir Nuur Faarax the teacher of Sheik Atom?
      – Isn't C/Qaadir Nuur Faarax the teacher of Aadan Ceyrow?

      This man is among the Early FOUNDERS of ISLAMIC Jihaad in the Horn of Africa…

      One man's Angel is another man's Demon… I am not judging him for that his his creator's job but let us not shed crocodile tears for a Terrorist that has gotten what he deserved.

      "If you live by the Bullet then you shall die by the bullet"

      Shabab have threatened the lives of those among their top ranks in the past, Abu Mansoor, Indha cade, Kabaku tukade, Hadan Dahir, Turki, abu roobo, Cali dheere to name a few if you set out of line then they take you out Mafia style.

      May Al-Ictisaam, Al-Shabab and every other derivative of the terrorists suffer at the hands of their victims like this old terrorist dying at the hands of a poor Dhulbahante pre-teen.

      03-May-2010 Fuad Shangole was targeted by Al-Shabab when he denounced the aggressive tactics of Shabab against civilians… Later when he accepted beheadings and harsh punishment of civilians he was accepted back into mainstream shabab top leadership.

      It is Shabab tactic to discipline among their ranks even their most senior ranking members with attacks mainly at mosques.

      • Mate you are beyond wrong, and Al itixaad was mainly founded by Shiikhaals and my Shiikhaal uncle Ali Baashi was Gudoomiye of it till last year. You despicable non Allah fearing idiot

      • For the Shiikhaal question,. After Shiikhaal I'm loobage, then mahadale loobage then hassan mahadale then diini hassan, I can go on and on and on. My mum was born in Hobyo and my dad in Galkacyo. They both Shiikhaal :). When have I ever stated I was majeerteen? show me if you are a man. Just because I defend Khaatumo you think I'm darood? The same way you believe only darood is against you fabricated one clan state, you assume I'm darood. Typical pathetic separatists.

        • Thruth10
          Why do have to go in details who you're? When we know you never one said you're majeertaan.
          If you know the funny feelings I have about this person. You will be shock. I don't even think him himself is who he claims to be. I really don't , anyway whether he believe or not the young man family are traveling to there.As we commenting at this moment and next person would have been shiikh cali warsame in burco and all his unsubstantiated allegation he levy against shiikh C/daaqir nuur Faarax will not harm the shiikh but what it did is to show. How this person is unbalance. oh another thing .You should see the outpouring of love that is coming from every corner and every clan for this shiikh. He must have done something right.

  5. Mate you are beyond wrong, and Al itixaad was mainly founded by Shiikhaals and my Shiikhaal uncle Ali Baashi was Gudoomiye of it till last year. You despicable non Allah fearing idiot.

  6. I'm Shiikhaal then loobage, then mahadale loobage then hassan mahadale then diini hassan, I can go on and on and on. My mum was born in Hobyo and my dad in Galkacyo. They both Shiikhaal :). When have I ever stated I was majeerteen? show me if you are a man. Just because I defend Khaatumo you think I'm darood? The same way you believe only darood is against you fabricated one clan state, you assume I'm darood. Typical pathetic separatists.

      • I know Sheikhal well if you are telling the truth that means you are related to

        Prof. Ali Sheikh Ahmed the founder of Al-Islaax 1997 and the best friend of Al-Damu Jadiid founder Hassan sheik Mahamoud???

        Your uncle is a student of C/qaadir Nuur Faarax the founder of Al-Ictisaam.

        Al-Ictisaam is a parent group to … Al-Islaax, Al-shabab, Damu Jadiid and former Xisbul Islam. All these groups were originally funded by the Wahabi movement of Saudi arabia.

        P.s You are a sheegato group and not pure Somali. Your sub clan was only included into the Sheikhal much later. Your people are mainly found in NFD, and Kismanyo region. Loobage are Swahili in origin and closely related to the people of Mombasa. They are Looma ooyaans and have been abused by every group when the state failed. Hawiye abused them, Marehaan abused them and then Ogadeen are abusing them to this day in NDF and Kismanyo they are used like free slaves.

        Loobage are a Mixed race between Omani slave traders and Bantu slaves.

        Your people have Zero relations to Somaliland-Republic infact you do not even have any land in Somalia or Ethiopia because you have been chased back to your NFD region.

        This will be the last comment i make to a looma ooyan Bantu from NFD.

        Please go free your people in the NFD instead of commenting on a Sovereign and independent State 🙂

        p.s do not ever address me or my people or my country you slave.

        • LOOL @ ''Loobage are a Mixed race between Omani slave traders and Bantu slaves''. You see, you only discrediting yourself. Pleas go and tell that your parents and see if they laugh at you or not. Sahra, was right what she said about you. You are not any more worth my time my friend. You are losing your mind honestly, or you already lost.

  7. YOU sound like someone with mnetal break down. your words have no value.

    DID you know sheikh Abdugadir he was not wanted SAME as Godane, if he was part of extremist group he would be arrested long ago. ppl could understand your fabricated lies, what you wrote here are ALL lies. lying is COMMON is@q land, they been selling to each other lies for the last twenty so lying is part of their culture.

    -Sheikh Abdugadir he was one of the few religious scholers Graduated Azar uni and come back somalia 1969.
    -Sheikh Abdulgadir he taught more than ten thousand students all parts of somalia.
    -sheikh Abdulgadir he was moderate scholer never advocate extremisim.
    -Sheikh Abdulgadir he always against what Al-shabab sheydan "Gogane" they stand for and spoke many times.
    -Sheikh Abdulgadir never believe arm protection thoe Puntland goverm try to give him but now is monetary.
    -TODAY every somali religious scholers and politicians sending condolences.

    I know your very confuse lost person bitter since the british goverment divorce you. get back to reality STOP interetianing fake methodology.

    • LOL. The day that you called Shiikhaal a bantu, shows your level of desperateness of discrediting me. Go and tell that your parents or anyone in the outside, and see how they laugh at you.

  8. There is too much enermiy and somalis are too sensitive and violent to each other. Regardless of enthinic linkage of any founder of any illegal&terrorist group, The founder's opinion and major objective is purely an individual entity, it neither represent that of his tribe, community, kinsmen or relatives. A criminal has no tribe and is a threat to the security of everybody and the development of our somali nation. its not a darod, shikaal or anyother tribe's business. The somali governmengt&somali people interest is more than any one individual, tribe, community or terrorist/gang group. lets appreciate&support the bold efforth of the international community, which invested too much too long in somalia. The had hope against all hope while our very somali community has given up&declared somalia as a failed state.