From 18 May 1991 when Somaliland announced its independence from the rest of Somalia, numerous achievements have been accomplished. Democracy, economy, security, health, education, infrastructure, trade and other social services have been improved as well.
When the people returned to their homes at the end of the holocaust war between SNM and Somali military government led by Siyad Barre, shelters, schools, hospitals, roads as well as other buildings in major Somaliland cities were completely destroyed. Everything was started from bottom.
Security strengthening has been given the first priority because Somaliland located in unstable region. Police, military, courts, police stations, jails and all relevant branches were set up. Soon the government managed to stabilize and maintain peace in the majority of the country.
Even though most of the educational facilities were missing, the students were taught under trees by using empty milk cans as chairs. The education improved day after day; at the moment there are countless schools and universities. There are also tangible improvements in health and infrastructure.
Somaliland held several free and fair elections which many nations have failed to hold successfully. All in all Somaliland built good governance and showed the world that it is ready to fulfill any condition which can be a barrier in order to become an independent state recognized by international community.
One year ago, Somaliland started negotiations with the transitional federal government of Somalia, and it is expected that those negotiations will be continuous. Starting talks with Somalia doesn’t mean that Somaliland step down its decision. Somaliland will be an existed independent nation for ever, even though any diplomatic recognition is not achieved. Somaliland has its own constitution, while 97% of its people voted YES during the referendum held in 2001.
This decision doesn’t concern or depend on one person, rather it’s a decision made by whole nation, so any change of this decision won’t be easy. Somaliland will attain its goal one day and they are ready to be patient even if it lasts centuries.
Near future Somaliland will be a member of UN, AU, IGAD, Arab League and all other national, international and intergovernmental unions and institutions. Somaliland has precise vision which has no ambiguity. There is nowhere to return, in other words any reunification is not possible.
Last but not least let me quote one of the most valuable speech addressed by the former foreign minister of Somaliland Dr. Edna Adam Ismail. She said “The people of Somaliland have no intention of reuniting with that failed state (Somalia). And who in their right minds would want to unite with Alshabab, pirates, terrorists and warlords. It cannot happen, it will not happen, it must not happen because that will be a loss to the international community”
Muhumed Mohamed M. Baadil (Khadar)


  1. thank muhumad god bless you. That is reality and a message to whoever believes, somaliland will one day join those wanlaweyns. It’s only matter of time that our people will see their flag flying all countries. Probably after may this year when meeting in london fails to achieve what those dreamers think will happdn. Somaliland will a hieve it’s right place soon.

  2. UNION is formed as a result of two states, governments and populations that are able to enter into harmonious coexistence.

    UNION does not mean one state owns the other state.

    UNION does not mean that one state forces the other state, its government and population to exist in a situation of static limbo.

    UNION does not mean the rights of one state, its government and population are deemed irrelevant.

    The Majority in Somaliland-Republic made their choice on the 18th May 1991 and there is no further discussions. Somalia must be made to accept by any means necessary.

  3. Your british master order you to get back with somalia and There Nothing you can do about it !
    There’s no place to go. Who are you Running to now ? Kkkkkkkk

  4. What reunification? that lives in the decorticated brains the of Somalia people. Such nonsense will not ever cross the minds of Somalilanders. Unlike Somalia people we learn from our history and do not chase our tails like playful cats.

    These Somalia people are doing the same thing over and over again and they go from one failure to another without knowing what they did wrong or are doing wrong.

    They can't even think of some other ideas other than what the fascist Italian taught them centuries ago. They shout sacredness of Somalia unity, but they do not even know what sacred means.

    • So Tell me guys what did the imperialist British thought you then??? Just " divide and rule" that is exact what the Triangle territory of Waqooyi galbeed in which Isaaq clan inhabits is dreaming off to exercise over the rest of the Somali people and the rest of the Somaliland inhabitants like Khaatumo and Awdal state. You guys as I followed your behavior you are not Somalis in origins and have not the mentality of Somali person. You are just Jewish origin flaasha came to us from the Ethiopia territory and you deserve to be repatriated to Israel as the Flaashas from Ethiopia. Nanna Naana waanala xasuuqay xabaalo wadareed baannu haynaa War ma adinkaa wax habeynayey imisaad magaca SNM ku leyseen Sow adinkii Dila intaad 100 laaal waayeel, carruur iyo haween isku xirteen dilay xitta xoolihii baad kadisheen dad iska daaye. War wax idinla xisaabtamo oo sidiinnoo kale u ficiltamo ayaad weysantihiine jooga mowjado dacad ha isku kicinine yuhuuud yahay waayuhuude..

  5. Reunification!!!! It is easier said than done. Re-union will never happen again. Keep this out of your mind.
    Do not cry for the moon. Jeeb noom taani, guys.

  6. Until the separatists accept the fact that they only represent the little triangle (Hargeysa, Burco, Berbera, called Waqooyi galbeed and north-west Toogdheer), they will never find peace and progress. Holding hostage, land's that aren't inhabited by you or your people, and arguing for your wishes to be respected, will never happen. You only represent that triangle, nothing more, nothing less. Speak for the destiny of that triangle, or ells soon you will see the IC charging your kinsmen government with terrorists charges and genocide, as your Silanyo was threatened with, in UK. You see, your claim of the genocide committed against you by the military regime, is fading away, and replaced by the genocide you committing against Khaatumo and Awdal, and the funding and creating the terrorists group Al-shabaab.

  7. I wonder I always why Somalilandpress can’t find better writers with logic instead of posting articles based on simple minded opinions. We readers are very disappointed!!!

  8. There is a somali proverb that says "pull me and I pull you is tiresome". The standing for those who are advocating for the reunification of Somalia and Somaliland are wasting their time on an argument that is already decided for the sovereignty of Somaliland by its people. We, Somalilanders, are not envious of any life improvement or development made in the South, because we believe that as neigbours we can mutual good relations for the benefit of the two peoles. We hope that the people Somalia will clean their house first and turn to Somaliland for help.

    • For you to insist that Somaliland secession was decided by its people, shows the level of lies you will to spread just to make a point. I have a question for you: Do the people of Somaliland consist of only the triangle land (Hargeysa, Burco, Berbera, Waqooyi Galbeed and north-west Toogdheer) where your clan hail from and are based? If not, then why are you ignoring the wishes of Awdal and Khaatumo. Combined they reside on the largest land of Somaliland. So their say should count more than yours. Simple. This is about land, and they combined inhabited and own more land than you.

    • M.Khalid there are people from NFD who have accepted to be slaves to Kikuyu in the NFD. Do not waste your energy because they only see Somaliland-Republic as their salvation from Kikuyu abuse…

      🙂 Insha'allah we will go rescue them let them keep waiting till dooms day…

  9. I don't trust those abgaal elders because their snitch and bantu lovers. Somalia is doomed because these abgaal don't know how to run a country. If they were gonna pick a hawiya president why not choose a habar gidir which I believe would have been better suited then uncivilised abgaal.

    Best solution avoid the abgaal elders altogether since they have no authority over somalia.

  10. Separatists in northern Somalia, Puntlanders and Rasmabooni hooligans who abandoned their regions either for lack of natural resources or because it is occupied by foreign country are the ones who oppose restoration of Somali National Army. These parties have taken advantage of the vacuum created by the lack of central government in Somalia either to carve up the country into fiefdoms or to raid other peoples’ lands by brute force. Raskamboni who today create a big problem in Kismayo are mostly from NFD and Ethiopian occupied Western Somalia. Few of them settle in Afmadow and Dooblay in Juba region. Puntlanders are mostly nomadic camel herders and Qubo fishermen from the eastern coast of Somalia. People who migrated from Galcaio and Abud Waaq yesterday are claiming that they hail from Kismayo and are denying the rights of the original inhabitants of the region

    Grabbing someone’s land by force and in the process creating instability in Somalia because of tribal agenda is wrong. Also, separatists want to hijack everyone in northern Somalia to force others who do not see a good reason to dismember Somalia. Restoration of strong and effective army in Somalia is very necessary. Unity is strength. Separatism and division weakens our society.

  11. Wouldn't that be a great idea, if Somaliland and Somalia unites???
    Why don't some people stop deceiving their own?

  12. somaliland will never unite with somalia all somalia stands for is suicide bombing and what have you. on the other hand somaliland stands for peace and development. this article is fake