LAS ANOD, 4 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland anti-terrorist forces have arrested six men suspected of planning acts of terrorism in the southern town of Las Anod, the regional capital of Sool on Tuesday [1st December], QaranTv reported.

Somaliland government issued a statement on their website stating the six men were arrested after bomb-making materials and small arms were discovered in their possession.

In a separate press conference in Las Anod, Somaliland’s police chief of Sool region, Mr Farah Awale told local reporters that the weapons consisted of two anti-personnel landmines, mobile phones and bomb-making materials.
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It is not clear if the men have being charged yet but Mr Farah said there was an on-going investigation. The police did not give details of how they arrested the six suspects but said they had been under police surveillance for two weeks.

The arrest comes a month after a roadside bomb killed Somaliland’s 12th infantry division commander, Mr Osman Yusuf and wounded four others in a blast that rocked Las Anod.

Somaliland forces in Sool often combat terrorists who cross the border from Somalia and tribal militants who are opposed to Somaliland.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. Nimankan argagixisada ahi khalad bey fahamsanyihiin. Hamar ama dowlad bey la dagaalamayaan ama koox kale. Waxa ka dhaadhacsan in sidaas oo kale ay samaynkaraan haddii ay woqoyin qabataan. Waxanay fahamsanayn hadda Somaliland isku qaadaan waxa aad la dagaalamaysan ma aha dowlad ama Police e waa shacabka Somaliland oo an ogolayn in Dalkooda la soo weeraro. Waxaasi waa wixii uu Siyaad Barreh ku jabay. Nin kasta oo reer Somaliland ahi qorigiisii buu gurgga ku haystaa oo haddi Somaliland la soo weeraro daggal buu diyaar u yahay.
    Nmankan argagixisada ah ha lala taliyo. War wadankiinii wakaa baaba'ay e hagaajista. Meel kale ha isku qaadina e horta dadkiina dayaca ka saara. Shacabka Somaliland ma ogola innay sidaa Southka noqdaan. Waalidan iska dhaafa.

  2. Well done Somaliland armed forces, your hard work to keep peace will not go unnoticed.

    Insha allah!

  3. I hope now the people of Somalia I understand why Somaliland takes such measures and often monitors people fleeing from the south or crossing into the border via Puntland or Las anod region. It's clear Al shabab terrorist have no regard for human lives and will kill anyone, they are desperate and barbaric, caword and un-Islamic.

    Somaliland needs to do more, we need to monitor all youth movements, new comers and see if people are spying on interests so we can deny them information because in order for their attack to be successfull they have to gain information first and make the plan.

    Somaliland needs new anti-terrorism laws.

  4. The world must appreciate that Somaliland is at the forefront of the war against terrorism. Somaliland deserves international support and international recognition.