NAIROBI, 5 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) — Eight people wounded on Thurday’s Mogadishu bombing that ripped through a university graduation ceremony at a hotel were taken to Nairobi for medical treatment.

The wounded, ranging from critical conditions to minor injuries arrived at Nairobi’s Wilson airport and were transferred to African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) medical team for treatment. The eight people consist of three doctors, four students and Somalia’s minister of sports, Mr Sulaiman Olad Roble. The minister, one student, and two doctors are  said to be in critical condition. Mr Olad is believed to be taken to ICU of Aga Khan Hospital.
Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya, Mr Mohamed Ali ‘America’ told Somali-tv, Universal Tv that five more wounded will be brought to Kenya for medical attention.

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Somalia often transfers it’s wounded to neighbouring states for treatment due to lack of proper medical facilities and doctors in the country. Thurday’s blast further shattered any hope for the country’s health system as majority of the victims were medical students and doctors. The attack drew wide condemnation from local communities and around the world.

The bomber disguised himself as a woman and walked to the podium midway the graduation ceremony for Banadir University, killing 22 people including three ministers and three journalists – and left more than 40 other people badly injured.

Meanwhile, Somali government buried the minister of education, higher education and health in a national ceremony held at a Mogadishu hospital. The prime minister and president attended the heavily guarded ceremony by government forces and African Union peacekeepers.

Somalia blamed the Al Shabab extremist group on the attack. The U.N.-backed government has requested international help to combat extremists in the country.

Banadir University was established in 2007 by a group of Somali doctors who felt the need for it due to many qualified either becoming victims of the civil war or fleeing the country.

[Photo: injured Somali man transferred to AMREF medical team – Horseedmedia]

Source: Somalilandpress