HARGEISA, 5 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland Islamic leaders have condemned the suicide bombing that killed 22 people in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. During Friday prayer in Hargeisa’s main mosque, prominent Somaliland religious leaders said the attack was un-Islamic and coward.

Somaliland’s religion leaders said the horrific attack is a complete violation of Islamic law and norms and the perpetrators were no way representative of the Muslim people or Islam.

In Somaliland cafes, streets, shopping malls and hotels the discussion this week has been the attack on Shamo Hotel and were shocked at the fact that the bombing targeted a ceremony for graduating medical students.
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The people of Somaliland said they offer their sincere condolences to the family and friends of the victims. The president of Somaliland, Dahir Rayale Kahin, also said he felt sorrow and offered his sympathy and condolences to the relatives of the victims. Somaliland’s opposition leader, Ahmed Silanyo of Kulmiye party also joined the condemnation of the deadly blast.

The bomber disguised himself as a woman and approached the podium midway the graduation ceremony for Banadir University, killing 22 people including three ministers and three journalists.

Suicide bombings were unheard of in the Horn of African nation before 2007, it is now the weapon of choice for Al qaeda linked Al Shabab group – who are battling weak UN-backed transitional government in Somalia’s south.

Meanwhile, Somaliland government has elevated threat levels and has deployed more police and military personnel on university campuses, hotels, government departments and other places. After 9 pm, Somaliland forces also started to petrol the streets, checking cars and monitoring the movement of people. This comes as Al Qaeda linked, Al Shabab group declared to carry out attacks in Somaliland.

The feeling in Somaliland is utter shock and disbelief, many feel now that most Somalis will turn against the terrorist group.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. I will advice Somaliland people NOT to put their guards down at anytime. Because you do not know who is the enemy within.

    Long live Somaliland and it;s people. Amiin ya Allah!

  2. This is the reality, its clear to us all, instead of concentrating on qabil and divisions there is bigger threat than that, its one with a global agenda and the threat comes from abroad but using inner resources and people. Our youth have been brain washed if those in Somalia were brain washed what makes you think the ones in Somaliland, Djibouti, Kenya or Ethiopia are safe from it? There are already reports hundreds of youth from Kenya's NFD region, Somaliland and dozens from Djibouti are in the Al Shabab terrorism group.

  3. Dozens of young and impressionable men are suddenly disappearing from Canada and the United States without the parents' knowledge or approval. And the parents are helpless and don't know how to find them or who is responsible for their disappearance. Rumour has it that they are brain-washed and recruited by terrorist groups. Last month six Somaliland-Canadians suddenly disappeared from a mosque in Canada and nobody knows where they went and took them.

  4. From now on their name shall become "Shabab Mufsideen" and we shall shed their blood where ever we see them. All Somali tribes where ever they shall put their hands together and fight them until they are exterminated.

  5. I gather these young men who are going to Africa are misled by people who has their own agenda. They are musly very upset how things are going in back home. Before, there was an invission but know no one had any idea why they risking their lives. Why are they doing this and what make themto act this way.

    Objective we heard from Shabab is that they want an Islamic country but what they do not know is Islam prohibited suicidal act. There are alternative to get this without harming people. Other people can defend themselves but revenge is not the solution.

  6. From now on their name shall become "Shabab Mufsideen" and we shall shed their blood where ever we see them. All Somali tribes where ever they are shall put their hands together and fight them until they are exterminated.

  7. Al Shabaab are sick animals, many young men from the West of Somali origins and others are joining them because they have fallen behind in these communities and societies many of them are high school drop outs, some former drug addicts.

    Some just pissed with the hosting State for many reasons including failing, lack of social life, academic, news constantly attacking Muslims and Islam, and extremists like Al Shabab know this because they been there so they know how to reach out for these kind of youth. The result is young angry men bombarded with twisted ideologies.

    Many also lost friends or families to the war before and after Ethiopia's invasion, so they are still angry. This guys are willing to die they do not see right from wrong, they have switched off all their feelings and guilt.

    This is very determined enemy of the Somali race, many of Al Shabab leaderships are foreign they often use Somali youth as front men (spokesman, fake commanders etc).

    The orders comes from no other than Al Qaeda, who send every few months a new operative and a new objective, they do not use the obvious routes (Arabia to Somalia via the Indian Ocean), many go to Tanzania, Comoros Island or places like Mozambique as businessmen or holidaymakers or visitors then they either fly to Somalia or travel by car through Kenya, Ethiopia-Somali vast border.

    The explosives and weapons are supplied to them by Eritrea and Iran via the Ogaden region of Ethiopia or are smuggled through cargo ships carrying goods for "Somali investors from the Gulf".

    A lot of the weapons are also smuggled from Somaliland's Burao via the Sool region. These guys are very sophisticated and they have supporters among us.

  8. Sophisticated or not, their actions are alien to the Somali culture, it is Un-Islamic and cowardly. What has the killing of students have to do with anti-American or Anti-west sentiment?..Tell me, where does it say in the Quran to kill anyone in such a callous way? What did those students or any other victim do to deserve this?..