SANAA, Jan. 10 (SomalilandPress) — Somaliland forces have helped in releasing a Yemeni-flagged container ship held by Somali pirates for nearly three weeks, Yemeni Interior Ministry said on Sunday. Al-Mahmoud ship, carrying 15 crew members on board, was freed from Somali pirates on Friday with the help of the Somaliland naval forces, said the Interior Ministry in a statement posted on its website.

“The Al-Mahmoud ship left Aden port on Dec. 18 and was hijacked during its sail through the Arqabah area in Gulf of Aden,” the Yemeni coastguard was quoted as saying in the statement. The ministry provided no details about the casualties, but said the ship is expected to arrive in the city harbor of Al-Mukalla in Hadramout Province in south Yemen on Sunday.
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Despite international warships patrolling the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, piracy is still rampant in one of the world’s most important and busiest shipping lanes. According to statistics released by the Yemeni coastguard, 41 cargo vessels along with 521 sailors of different nationalities were seized by hijackers in 2009.

Source: Xinhua


  1. Only Somaliland, the unrecognized state, is the only one fighting pirates and terrorists, all the other forces are in the region for other purposes and using the piracy issue as cover.

    We have been by far the most successfull nation to combat pirates followed by France.

  2. Can the International communities show Somaliland an appreciation just by help building it's Navy and armied forces?. It's the only Country who is truly fighting terrorist both on land and sea.
    The highest rewards Somaliland would like and deserve is of course is an out right recognition as a peace loving Independent State.

  3. This is Amazing. All the warships from all over the world and it is only Somaliland that is freeing the ships held by the pirates ?

    Thumps up for Somaliland forces.

  4. It is not the size of the navy, but the will to make things happen..Somaliland's nascent naval forces, helps a recognized nation like Yemen, whilst the might warships of NATO are sunbathing…success like these makes a lot people unhappy, aside from the pirates, of course, UN, Italy, Egypt, tfg, etc..But, Somaliland will keep on keeping on… qoraalkani Shiinihuu ka yimid…

  5. We are helping the Somaliland Coastguard to get both recognition and International Community Funding, but it is very slow progress! The Somaliland Coastguard ARE the only indigenous force combating the threat of Piracy and they are THE most relevant entity for help and assistance! We are totally committed to their assistance and development and we are proud to work with them! We continue to do all we can for their success and support, so they can continue to show the world how to deal with the scourge of Piracy.

    • And what kind of support are you currently offering to them, also would it be possible for ship owners to fund and mobilize Somaliland Coastguards because they will do the job unlike Black Waters and NATO, who go there to over fish, to hunt animals in Somalia and whatever else God knows but they are upto no good. We all know it.

      Time West gave up on this fake war on piracy and be honest to its citizens and to all ship and business owners who are paying millions in ransoms.

      Today the pirates hold two old British couples who are in desperate health situation and all West is doing is hunting wild animals in Somalia.

      They make me sick and God will punish them for all the ill things they have done to the planet.

  6. We are working with them to increase awareness and funding for them and to ensure they have the most current and Internationally recognised Training & Operational Capability possible to be the best for the task in the region and to continue to show the other countries how to do the job properly!

    • That's good and exactly what channels do you provide them these funds and material support. You should try to engage with the UK government and France to fund and support Somaliland coast guards, they could stop possible terrorists not only pirates who are smuggling weapons into and from Yemen and Somalia as well as Eritrea.

      The threats are large and real and Somaliland wants to prove it deserves to be part of the nations of the world.