BERBERA (Somalilandpress) — Suleiman Al-Jabiri, a Saudi tycoon and livestock investor,  is constructing a second livestock quarantine facility in the Somaliland port town of Berbera worth millions, Berberanews reports.

Somaliland’s livestock minister, Idiris Ibrahim Abdi and Mr Suleiman laid the first foundation stone on Saturday for the new facility which is expected to house more than 1.5 million heads.

“The plant will have international standards and will equally be shared by all Somali livestock traders in the region,” Mr Idiris told local media.

The facility is expected to boost Somaliland’s livestock exports that’s disease-free to neighbouring countries and the Middle East, which accounts for over 90 per cent of its trade.

The ceremony was attended by Somaliland ministers, regional Sahil authorities, local traders and Hassan Al-Hussein, the chairman of Gulf International, the company that will construct the facility.
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Early last year, Al-Jabiri completed a $5-million livestock quarantine station and has since exported thousands of live animals to the Arabian peninsula.

Saudi Arabia relaxed a eleven-year ban on Somaliland livestock last October and Somaliland animals have been steadily on high demand in the Saudi Kingdom ever since. Livestock market is estimated to be worth $250-million annually in Somaliland.

Sources: Berberanews and Somalilandpress, 10 January 2010


  1. He made huge success and this is firm declaration that Somaliland stock trade is here to stay, a big slap on all the haters, now Somaliland has chance to make cool $250 million.

    Well done Somaliland livestock minister, al jabiri and the Saudi Kingdom.

  2. What a dreadful development. Somaliland will be involved in one of the lost cruel and barbaric trades in the world- live animal export.

    Nothing to be happy or proud of.

    So why do it? GREED $$$$

    • Why do the job you do and I am certain it is cruel some where down the chain, if you dont think so then for a moment stop what you doing and ask your self where did the materials, equipment or tools you use on your job came from. I am certain it effects animals directly or indirectly including climate, health, etc.

  3. that is good development which really come in somalinad for building new quarantine facility for livestock which most of people are benefit and get more stock in somaliland livestock that most of world believe our livestock their heath

  4. This is definately a step in ther ight direction and will further improve the livestock trade in somaliland. It is true that processed meat should also be invested in. The cherry on top, would have been if the facility, or at least part of it were to be built by a somaliland company. There is always some kind of improvement to be made.

  5. Truth? more like lies…don’t mind this guy, another Somaliland hater who can’t stand to see its progress..sad, they scour the Somaliland websites, and die a thousands times a day when they see its progress, democracy, stability and development…qirinqiir waa lagu yaqaanaa

    • Abti who you attacking there hehehehe anigabaa ka naxaay.

      If you talking to "Truth" under his name press Reply.

      Also sxb truth is just animal rights activist it wasnt political, theres a lot of animal activists out there who are vegertarians you get me?

      Somaliland livestock is back, hate it or love it!

  6. building new quarantine isnot complete development, do you know purpose of trades in out side building new quarantine for animals health?
    whta is interest of this quarantine?
    think that question before you supporting the action