ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland Foreign minister, Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Duale met with Ambassador Johnie Carson, United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, in Addis Ababa on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Mr. Mohamed Duale and Ambassador Carson discussed areas of mutual interest between Somaliland and the United States of America, regarding to the stability, security and democracy in the Horn of Africa.
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Ambassador Carson and his delegation were in Addis Ababa to participate in the African Union’s annual Head of State summit.

Whilst in Addis Ababa, the Foreign minister, Mr. Abdillahi Mohamed Duale also met with several European delegations including, Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead, British minister of state at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Mr. Duale also met with Mr. Pekka Haavisto, Special Representative to Sudan and the Horn from the Finnish Foreign ministry, Mr. Mette Knudsen, Head of Africa Department of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a delegation from the Norwegian Foreign office.

Mr. Duale on his side was accompanied by Somaliland’s vice-ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Ayanle Salad Diriye and Amb. Sigurd Illing, head of Independent Diplomat in Ethiopia, an independent organisation based in the United States.

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Source: Qarannews, 3 February 2010


  1. Nin wadani ah oo dalkiisa iyo dadkiisa u dadaalaya, Mudane Abdullahi Mohamed Duale deserves bilad sharaf..

  2. I agree with you Boqoljireh 100 and 10%. I will add to that though lack of charisma and statesmanship.

  3. I strongly disagree with the cost and time you travel at all times. Iam waiting you for 8 years time for only to improve Somaliland’s foreign policy. Just except meetings only. We have not in good trust to your administration.

    I have to say good bye, because you have to leave

  4. I am sorry, Ka la hadhay siyaasadda dibedda ee Waddanku waa isaga,. Hoygiisa labaadi waa Addis Ababa, waxa uu jeclaadayna ha lays weydiiyo?

    We shall be having a new active and bright young man as foreign secretary very soon, and you will see the difference in a short time.

  5. This guy is useless, I am even surprised those men from United States and EU took time with him, perhaps for the sack of Somaliland.

    The only minister doing his job in Rayale government is the Civil Aviation minister and the minister of Livestock, the rest are peanut heads.

  6. I suppose you want Mudane Abdillahi to talk to Congressman Payne..I know you guys are all KULMIYE, but that is fine. If you are honest with yourselves, you know that this man is a wadani, true blooded wadani, and has opened more doors than any foreign minister, since we reclaimed independence in 1991. He is the anti-Silaanyo, and you know it. A future Somaliland President, whether he stays is in UDUB or leaves to rescue KULMIYE..kkk…

  7. Kariye, you got it all wrong. FYI I am neither Kulmiye nor UCID, but yet again I want either Kulmiye or UCID to succeed. UDUB? Forget it, not even under my radar.

    As for Mudane Abdullahi, Wadaninimdiisa waxba lagama sheegin, laakiin xilkiisii kamuu soo bixin. He is actually a sitting duck. His job was to sell and promote Somaliland's cause to the rest of the world. That didn't happen.

  8. Gobaad, rubbish, you are talking total rubbish. Look at the man's track record objectively, and with a clear eye over the past few years since he has been Foreign minister, and there is no denying, that he has help to raise Somaliland image abroad and access to many place. Please, let us be objective, the man deserves respect, beel iyo beel la'aan. Mudane Abdillahi waa wadani, isagoo kale cidna ma siisteen..

  9. Sorry brother, you are alone in your opinion. Like myself, everybody else gave him a failing grade. Convince me Kariye. Markaad saaxiibtinimada iyo qaroobo kiilka iska dhaaftid. Show me what kind of track record you are talking about.

  10. Nothing can convince me Mr Duale is worthy of this portfolio, I have looked at him from every angel possible, checked all his records and it seems some people consider his holidays abroad and in the region to be "success".

    Name one thing that he did? and dont name he visited X and Y because he was there for a holiday, anyone with a ticket can go to those places, can Somaliland passport? It's no, its failed of foreign policy.

    Is he taking active role in the conflict in Somalia? No, failed foreign policy.
    Is he engaging with the NATO and US forces in the Gulf of Aden, no, its failed foreign policy.

    I don't know what you call success that he did.

  11. Cajiib, Mudane Abdillahi Mohamed Duale waa wadani heer sare ah, cidna ma siisteen, weligeenba..You know what a failed policy is "believing in a federal Somalia" at this day and age, and cozying up to Congressman Payne and his ilk. That is a spectacularly failed policy. KULMIYE, keep on keeping on.

  12. am greeting somaliland community am really believe that abdilahi is brave man
    who always makes the efforts of somaliland recognition, am sure he will bring
    the solution of somaliland future

  13. waxan ku raacsanay gobeed fikirka iyo halka ay ka istaactay dawlada ma dhalayska ah ee uu mr ducaale wasiirka kayahay he is one of those la hadhka ah ee somaliland la degay mr ducaale iyo rayaale waxay aad u xiiseeyaan inay u soo nastaan addis ababa waxayna iloobeen ujeedada xilkooda waxan joogay barigii madx wayne cigal ku geeryooday pretoria south africa mr ducale
    markaan ugu galay hotel ay deganayeen he was already drunk i cldnt believe it
    waxan sugaynaa cida bedeli doont a

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