BORAMA (Somalilandpress) — A new factory, Aloe East African Factory, has opened in the city of Borama of Awdal region. The factory will produce both personal hygiene and home maintenance products.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by various dignitaries from the Somaliland government, members of parliament, Awdal regional officials, community elders and businessmen and other members of the community.

The Somaliland minister of Industry, Mr. Ahmed Ali Ubahle congratulated the people and officials of Awdal region for establishing the factory. Mr. Ubahle stated that the factory was the 46th new factory to be opened in Somaliland. Mr. Ubahle praised the owners of Aloe East African Factory for their initiative and pledged the support of the Somaliland government.
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Also speaking at the ceremony, The Minister of Planning, Mr. Ali Ibrahim Muhammad highlighted the benefits that the country will derive from this factory in terms of employment and revenue generation. Praising the people of Borama for lifting the level of knowledge in Somaliland, the minister said, “for forty years Somaliland’s educated people poured into what used to be called Somalia, after that Somaliland’s educated class moved to the Gulf countries until it got to the point where it became difficult to find even teachers in Somaliland, but now thanks to the efforts of the people of Borama, both educational and technological know how are being reestablished in Somaliland.”

The Governor of Awdal region, Mr. Muhammad Sheikh Abdillahi talked about the products of the factory and expressed his belief that these items will surpass imported goods.

Mr. Muhammad Abdullahi Yonis of Aloe East Africa Factory remarked on the start-up process of the new venture and some of the initial challenges.

Mr. Abdi Dahir Ali, from the Amoud Foundation noted that this is a beginning and there will be better days ahead in the economic progress of not just the city of Borama, the Awdal region, but for the whole of Somaliland.

Some of the products

Source: Qarannews, 4 February 2010

Picture: Rays Hotel, Borama


  1. Your investment in your country is very beneficial because you are also creating jobs for your people. I hope that others will follow your examples and wish you all the success in your endeavour.

  2. you know even though im from djibouti but still i love borama city because i got a lot of close realtives in happy to see people live improving as a result of this new factory and i hope one of those somaliland will be recognised as a country by itself. readers dont get me wrong i still love djibouti

  3. Borama has not achieve this level of success under Somalia and the people of Borama know it, they are fully behind Somaliland except few who still have bad memories of the civil war, I hope they let the past be the past and move forward.

    Anyways congratulations to Aloe, weird name but properly Somali reporters made their own spelling and name, they often do that..

  4. Karim, if this was Somalia, this factory would have been shut down already because it was not in Mogadishu, or it was Kacaan enough, or it didn't have the President's son, daughter, nephew, neice, uncle twice removed as a director, or finance manager..Get real, Somalia was an utter disaster, an expirement that failed and to this day eating its own children…Take a look at Borama today in Somaliland, and imagine if we didn't waste thirty years in a disaster of a union with Somalia.

  5. Barama-We Support you all the way…ONE SOMALIA…..S/land will be towed back very soon.. Warfaa, MN

  6. What opening a small factory has to do with Somalia and Somaliland. It's so funny that everything is political in Somali speaking region. First we need to make some research who open this factory. it's not the government of Somaliland or businessman all you see is that they run to the opening day just to show people they have done something.

    Borama wouldn't put its too coins in one place. What Somalia has to do with this it can't clean up it 's dirty insecurity that known around the globe and what Somaliland has to do with, all it brought us is cutting us of to use our sea ports like Saylac. We never see a governem that tell it's citizen not to use their resources. Keep dreaming about Somalia because even our location didn't tell you it's impossible to be part of Somalia. If things don't get better, maybe Putland kind of idea would work for Awdal and only different would be that Putland is waiting Somalia to recover while Awdal don't.

  7. the usual suspects are here, spewing their tired nonsense, look at Ayaanle. Hey buddy, without peace and political stability, you have nothing, just like Somalia. What happened to the Coke Cola factory in Mogadishu? Guys like you have got think about your arguments before you turn up and make fools of yourselves. You can never hurt Somaliland from your lonely places, but, let us get real, without peace and political stability, nothing ever gets done. It is truly amazing that you hold Puntland as an example, a haven of piracy, ignorance, lawless, is not an example for anyone. This shows how bankrupt your ideas. Get educated or get a life.

  8. Putland isn't as bad as you put it. Everyone knows Putland was peacefull for a long time and people like me do support any Somali authority that make progress. Before you painted Putland as a pirate zone, it was created by illegal fishing and poluting the sea by an outsiders.

    It was Putland that peacefully transfered power from Mr.Ade Muse to Mr. Farole and when the election was finished the loser of the election congratuated the winner without a problem. So please don't paint Putland as pirate state because they had done some good things for its citizens.

    Putland does manage its security and everything else just for it self and I say it again that it maybe good for Awdal to do the same. Awdal has gain nothing from Somaliland but security that wasn't above 70% any given time. There is nothing not even one project that developed in Awdal by Somaliland as I know. Yes, I say again Awdal should be atonomous region within Somaliland in the future and I 'm 100% behine for that opinion good or bad. Because Somaliland and Putland have border dispute, doesn't mean we dislike Putland.

  9. Ayanle
    I wish many somalis are level headed like you.

    stop being emotional address the issue or simply say i have got nothing to add and accept defeat. what somaliland have done for to improve the people off awdal? name one single project?

  10. Hi congratulations to all my East African Somali brothers. If you or a group are interested in buying plots or land in Kitengela, Isinya etc are is very safe, water and electricity available. Warm weather and prices are reasonable contact me: for more details. 0722-616389


  11. This is just the beginning, the're waves of Somali entrepreneurs, investors and innovators. This will be the generation that will make and sustain a change. This is the same generation that could careless about separation. And focus on Economic Stability within Somali.
    I believe that there is change to come to Somali with the next 10 to 15 years, with Somalis being all around the world, with skills of all types. This is just the beginning.