By Goth Mohamed Goth

The government of Somaliland has retracted an earlier decision to indefinitely ban on two privately owned television stations, Horyaal 24 TV and Eryal TV.

The Minister of Information Mr. Mohamed Muse Dirye met with the owners of the Horyaal 24 TV chairman Mohamed Osman Mireh (Siyad) and Eryal TV owner Adan Aideed Abdi, at the ministry headquarters and they agreed to work together in safeguarding the national interests.

On the morning of June 19, 2019 police entered the offices of broadcasters Horyaal 24 TV and Eryal TV in the capital, Hargeisa, and ordered them closed indefinitely, allegedly on orders from the Ministry of Information.

At each station, police officers presented a letter allegedly signed by the minister of information, Mohamed Muse Dirie, demanding they be shut down, but did not allow the stations the keep copies of the letter.

The letters accused the two stations of airing content that threatened national security.