HARGEISA, 19 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Two Somalilanders who were prisoners at Guantanamo Bay arrived Somaliland today. The prisoners who arrived in a private jet were handed over to Somaliland authorities by officials from ICRC.

Although the media were not allowed to enter the VIP room at Hargeisa Airport, officials from Somaliland government have officially welcomed the prisoners and immediately handed over the to their relatives who were there at the airport.

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The two prisoners were Mohamed Suleiman Barre and Ismail Mohamed Arrale who spent years in Guantanamo Bay after they were caught by the American forces. The two were accused of having ties with Al-Qaeda network.



  1. This is very bad, the government should not allow these people to disappear inthe public; they can easily join Al-Shabab again… So, if the government allowed them to go, then they should be under watch of the secret intelligence in Somaliland….
    Guys, there are eight Somalilanders in the most senior leaders of Al-Shabab, including the head of Al-Shabab… So, we should watch them very seriously before they explode in our streets.

    Forgive me Allah, if i am mistaken.

    • They were wrongly accused by the American government and they deserve to get their lives back after all they have been through.

  2. i think these are innocent civilians

    why are they realesed if they are not cheryy picked at first place

    civikl lierty distroyed by bush and dick cheney they shoukd be put in front of court
    asl all lawyers dembo

  3. The government should not have just releazed these guys into the main society,they should be interviewed and re-evaluated before letting them go on.__What if they have negative agenda towards Somaliland and it's people?. __

  4. Abdulrahman, Wake up, did you read the story or not? (spent years) in Guantanamo Bay!! and if the Americans believed that they were guilty of anything, do you seriously think that they would be sending the home?

    You need to understand, that you or I, in fact anyone is at risk of being falsely accused and imprisoned in the cause of defeating terrorism! the reality of this is that you loses your freedom, your rights and your family for years on end. And then your released with a blackened name and forced to sign a declaration not to sue the your former host, whom so kindly denied your constitutional rights and who in all-probability tortured you beating you into submission.

    I love America and love the Constitution, but the moment we as a nation undertook an expedition into the dark-side of torturing human beings and caging them like animals, we lost the real war – safe guarding democracy, freedom and true justice!!!

    So, before you think about celebrating the removal of human rights and caging and torturing people, take a deep long look at the bill of rights and the constitution of the United States, I am absolutely positive you'll see that it mentions nothing about caging, beating and torturing anyone let alone a Somaliander incarcerated in Cuba.

  5. Only a fool laughs at his own jokes Martin(Puntland guy)..Shows the maturity of Somaliland. Can't send them to Somalia, they will only join radicals there, can't send them to Puntland, they will only become pirates, send them to a democratic and stable country, Somaliland. I think the detainees requested Somaliland anyway.

  6. Abdulrahman and Obsiye, you two seem bit paranoid and worse than the Americans who humiliated not only these Somaliland nationals but hundrends of other Muslim men. You should be ashamed.

    These two men did absolutely nothing they were basically sold by the Pakistani government led by General Musharaf to America. America did not charge them of any crimes, they kept them behind bars for 8 years, is that not enough for you two sick guys?

    Even non-Somalis non-Muslims have more sympathy for these two innocent men than you two sickos.

    Well done to the Red Cross who took part in freeing these innocent men, and welcome home.

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